How To Save Money On Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

Concerning saving money on your A/C bill, here is one very simple trick that costs nothing that most people forget to do. If you have many rooms in your house that are unoccupied, then it is a good idea to restrict the air conditioner vent going into that room. The picture below shows where the lever is located on your home air conditioning air vent. By sliding the lever a small amount, you will restrict the flow of the air into that particular room. When doing this the A/C unit will still pump air throughout your home but it will reduce the amount of cold air going into that room. Lets say you have a den and a sewing room that is hardly occupied. Those rooms could have the ac vents closed off to about 10% while this will keep the room cool it won’t keep it cold like the rest of your house. By doing this the living room and bedrooms will be cooler and the ac unit will not have to run for longer than it has to therefore reducing your air conditioning bill.

adjust home ac vent to save money

Adjusting your Air Conditioning vents in your house can save you money on your AC bill.

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