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How To Make Your Own DIY Abstract Art Using Electrical Tape

We have a very simple and cheap way of making your own diy Abstract Art. All you need for this project is a blank canvas, a roll of electrical tape, some paint (3 colors of oil based paint), a paint brush, a ruler, and your imagination.

diy abstract art_7

Place your canvas flat and layout your electrical tape to form lines using a ruler.

diy abstract art_4

Layout the electrical tape until your canvas is fully covered in tape and you are satisfied with the design.

diy abstract art_5

Squirt the 3 or 4 colors of paint onto an area that can be thrown away after using.

diy abstract art_3

Slide the paint on with the brush using a back and forth motion using all of your colors.

diy abstract art_1

Keep painting the paint on the canvas until it is fully covered.

diy abstract art_6

Let the paint dry and then remove the black electrical tape.

diy abstract art_2

Here is our diy Abstract Art finished and ready to hang above our bed.

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