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How To Build A Workbench For Your Garage To Get Organized

There are many different ways to get your garage organized but one of the easiest is to build a DIY Workbench. This handy organizer will cost you from $50 to $200 dollars (depending on your local prices) and you can build this Garage Workbench in as little as 4 hours. The bench will include a place to hang your tools, a nice bright overhead light, a place to construct and build other projects, and help you contain the mess in your garage once and for all.


Tools Required For The DIY Workbench Project:
1 – Straightedge
1 – Pair Safety glasses
1 – Miter saw
1 – Cordless drill
1 – Tape measure
1 – Circular saw

Materials Needed For The DIY Workbench Project:
15 Pieces – 2 x 4 wood ($38.00)
1 Sheet – 4 x 8 x 1/2 inch plywood ($27.00)
1 Sheet – Pegboard ($21.00)
1 – Hanging light fixture ($14.00)
1 Box of – Pegboard hangers ($8.00)
1 Box of – 3 inch drywall screws ($7.00)
1 Box of – 1 5/8 inch drywall screws ($7.50)
Approximately $122.50 dollars total plus tax for all supplies needed – (Priced in the USA).

Wood Cutting Measurements List:
Quantity of 9 – 71 7/8″ (backer boards, upper shelf legs and rims)
Quantity of 4 – 68 7/8″ (work surface and lower shelf rim)
Quantity of 4 – 35 1/2″ (legs)
Quantity of 4 – 27″ (end rims)
Quantity of 5 – 24″ (work surface joists)
Quantity of 5 – 15″ (lower shelf joists)
Quantity of 7 – 9″ (upper shelf joists)

This 30 inch deep x 6 feet long workbench is the ultimate in garage organization. It is constructed from fifteen pieces of 8 foot long 2 x 4’s and one 1/2 inch thick sheet of plywood. Screw the wood framing together with the 3 inch screws. Then screw the plywood onto the frame with the 1 5/8 inch screws.

how to build a workbench_10

We went to our local Home Depot and had them cut all of the wood for us to make our life easier.
The wood cost was right around $80 bucks and they cut the wood for us for free.

how to build a workbench_02

Here is our wood for our bench neatly organized and labeled to make assembly easy.

how to build a workbench_08

We started out putting the bottom shelf of our workbench together first.
We used the 3″ drywall screws to start to put the framing of the bench together.
It is recommended to drill a few pilot holes in the wood with a small drill bit before screwing in the screws.

how to build a workbench_01

We then assembled the top of the workbench in the same manner as the bottom using the 3″ wood screws.

how to build a workbench_03

Once the top and bottom shelf were assembled we screwed the legs to the bench using more 3″ wood screws.
NOTE: Always put two 3″ wood screws evenly spaced and into the attach areas as shown in the photo above.

how to build a workbench_09

We then attached the 6 foot by 30″ deep top plywood board using the 1 5/8 wood screws.
This will be the area that we do our future projects on that will keep our garage organized.

how to build a workbench_05

We are progressing along as the top pegboard structure and the bottom shelf top has been assembled.

how to build a workbench_06

Here is another view straight on of our workbench.
All we need now is the pegboard and light fixture and it is completed.

how to build a workbench_07

Here is the finished project with our nice bright light and pegboard installed to hang our tools.
This project will take you from 4 to 8 hours depending on your skill level
and your access to the proper tools you have to make this project go faster.

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10 thoughts on “How To Build A Workbench For Your Garage To Get Organized”

  1. Thanks for the helpful instructions. I’m in the process of building my first official workbench and organizing my smallish garage.

  2. DIY Project Help Tips

    Brenton Newell,
    The dimensions of the peg board will be different for each area the workbench will be in. It will all depend on the size you need.

  3. I’m not very gifted at all when it comes to building things. I took this project on for my mother who needed a workbench. Took about 3-3 1/2 hrs but turned out great. Very easy to construct. Thanks for the plans

  4. I am a fairly inexperienced DIYer and I have a few questions: How far apart are the joists, and what are the measurements of the two shelves and work surfaces and I’m assuming they can be cut from the single piece of plywood? Thanks in advance.

  5. RR,
    Finished bottom and about to add upper shelf and pegboard. Just wanted to say thanks because this is turning out wonderful. I excluded the light and pegboard accessories having already had them and I’m at $105 with a soon to be perfect workbench.

  6. DIY Project Help Tips

    Home Depot or Lowe’s will cut pegboard or wood to size. And they will do it free. If you need a smaller workbench, just reduce the dimensions by a certain percentage.

  7. This looks like the answer for me, just curious about the size of the pegboard. I know HD sells small pegboard setups and large yet this looks like somewhere in the middle. Dimensions of it cut and was this available whole to purchase? Thanks for the great knowledge!

  8. Hi,
    thanks for a great article. I notice you specify drywall screws. Should they be fine thread or coarse thread?

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