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How To Make Your Own DIY Magnetic Spice Rack

If you are searching for a way to make your own unique DIY spice rack then here is a fast and easy way to create one yourself. Using some very simple and inexpensive supplies, you can create this rack for your spices for around $60 dollars total and everything can be purchased online. It is a great way to have easy access to your spices, show off all of your spices in your kitchen and show your creative DIY abilities at the same time. This project will take you approximately 2 hours (from start to finish) including the time to let the Gorilla Glue Epoxy dry and fully set.

Here are the items needed to create your own DIY Magnetic Spice Rack with prices:

1 – Pre-cut piece of Sheet Metal 12 inches x 24 inches = Cost $6.56 dollars (Available online here)
1 – Roll of Black Adhesive Contact Paper = Cost $5.38 dollars (Available online here)
1 – Bottle of Gorilla Glue epoxy = Cost $4.97 dollars (Available online here)
48 – Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets = Cost $7.45 dollars (Available online here)
24 – Square French Bottles = Cost $4.67  dollars each (Available online here)

How To Make A Magnetic Spice Rack_07Here is the 12 x 24″ piece of sheet metal that we purchased at Lowe’s Home Improvement store.
This is the piece that we will attach to our wall and our spice bottles will stick to.

How To Make A Magnetic Spice Rack_01Here we carefully rolled the adhesive contact paper onto our sheet metal.
Make sure to do this carefully as you do not want bubbles under the contact paper.

How To Make A Magnetic Spice Rack_09Cut the contact paper corners so that a few inches hang over the side to make it easily overlap the back.
This will save some extra contact paper if you want to make another spice rack.

How To Make A Magnetic Spice Rack_10Here is what the back of the sheet metal should look like when done properly.
Note: The contact paper on the back does not need to cover the entire back as no one will see it.

How To Make A Magnetic Spice Rack_03Here is our sheet metal with the contact paper properly applied.
Notice how smooth and bubble free it is.
You will need to apply carefully using 2 people to get this perfectly smooth.

How To Make A Magnetic Spice Rack_02Once our contact paper was perfect on the sheet metal we attached it to the wall.
We used 4 drops of epoxy glue to attach the spice rack to the wall.
Feel free to use whatever you want as we had nothing to hang it properly at the time.

How To Make A Magnetic Spice Rack_08Here are 2 of our square french bottles with 2 magnets epoxied to each jar.
Depending on the weight of the spices in each bottle, you may need 3 magnets.

How To Make A Magnetic Spice Rack_06Here we are gluing the magnets on each bottle and giving them time to dry.
If you use a 5 minute epoxy it will be a race against time.
We recommend using a normal epoxy glue such as the Gorilla Glue brand.

How To Make A Magnetic Spice Rack_05We then filled and labelled each bottle with the appropriate spice.
We hung them on our sheet metal piece and it looks great.

How To Make A Magnetic Spice Rack_04This DIY Spice Rack makes it easy and fast to grab the spice you need.
We are really happy with the outcome and would recommend this DIY project to everyone!

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11 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own DIY Magnetic Spice Rack”

  1. DIY Project Help Tips

    You do not need the contact paper, just the sheet metal. Yes, you can use normal spice bottles, just be sure the magnets you use are strong enough to hold them securely in place.

  2. I am going to do on the inside of my cabinet door. Is the contact paper just for looks? Or can I just use the sheet metal without covering? Since it is on the inside I was just going to use the bottles the spices come in. Do you foresee any problem there? (I can refill them as needed.)

  3. DIY Project Help Tips

    We fixed the link, thanks for that. We found cheaper ones too. Only $4.67 each!

  4. I love the idea and going to implement it. However the link to where I can buy the Square French Bottles is no longer working, it’s broken. Please can you send me the link to where I can get these spice jars?


  5. DIY Project Help Tips

    Hi Amanda,
    The 2oz spice bottles are the ones that were used for this project. You can use anywhere from 0.5oz to 4oz spice bottles when doing this. Just be sure that you are using the super strong rare earth magnets and that there are 2 attached to each bottle.

  6. DIY Project Help Tips

    Hi Dianna,
    To answer your question, YES, the epoxy is perfect for this if you are unable to drill holes in your walls. Make sure to add the epoxy in multiple areas including the corners of the metal backing.

  7. Very cool. I’m stealing the idea. :)

    Question though: Was the epoxy enough to hold the metal sheet and all the jars with spices after a while? Or did you start seeing stress on the wall? I’m asking because I want to put my spice rack on a wall that has all the plumbing and electrical work within the wall so I’m trying to refrain from drilling.


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