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How To Build A Sofa Table – Easy DIY Step By Step

Here we have a DIY Sofa Table woodworking project that anyone can build themselves. We decided to build this as we looked at a few sofa tables at furniture stores in our area that were extremely overpriced and not unique. We then looked on Craigslist and all we could find was old 1970’s era worn out tables. Our table will have a pine wood top, 2 middle shelves and 3 bottom cube shelves made for adding square wicker (rattan) baskets. The total size of this table will be 16″ deep x 48″ long. Total cost of making this table was roughly $85 dollars depending on what type of supplies you may already have. See below for step by step photos. NOTE: Here is a PDF file with FULL detailed sofa table plans that you can print out from another DIY website.

sofa tableMaterials Needed for DIY Sofa Table:
2 – 2″ x 12″ x 16′ Pine Wood (For Frame)
1 – 16″ x 48″ Pine Wood (For Top)
2 – 1″ x 2″ x 8′ Wood (For Outer Trim)
1 – 1/4″ x 3″ x 6′ Pre-Sanded Wood (Flat Trim For Sides – Optional)
1 – 10′ Length Wood Molding (For Under Top Edges – Optional)
Other Supplies = Wood Glue + Wood Filler + Wood Screws + Primer + Paint + Wicker (Rattan) Baskets

How To Build A Sofa Table_04Here is the wood we purchased from The Home Depot for our Sofa Table Project.

How To Build A Sofa Table_05We cut the wood to size and then attached the 4 frame pieces together with the wood screws and glue.

How To Build A Sofa Table_07We then cut the wood for the inside shelving and attached using wood screws and wood glue.

How To Build A Sofa Table_09Next we added our top portion and added the sofa table legs with wood screws and glue.

How To Build A Sofa Table_03Then we added our wood trim pieces to make for a nice smooth front finish.

How To Build A Sofa Table_08We added wood filler to the wood screw holes and then sanded smooth the complete assembly.

How To Build A Sofa Table_02We had some wood molding in our garage so we decided to add it for a unique touch.

How To Build A Sofa Table_06We then primed and painted our sofa table with black paint and gave it a few coats for protection.

How To Build A Sofa Table_10Here is our sofa table finished and in our living room with the 3 wicker baskets added.

How To Build A Sofa Table_01Another view of our finished DIY Sofa Table and we couldn’t be happier!
It cost us $85 dollars and took us 4 hours on a weekend to complete in total!

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  1. If possible, can I receive the dimensions of all the boards after they are cut? Also, the size of the wood screws you used? I would like to build this table for my wife. Thanks in advance!

  2. Could you give the dimensions of all the boards after they are cut? I’m wanting my husband to make this for me, but we’d love to see the plans for this piece or at least to know the lengths for cutting the boards. Thanks!!

  3. I was just wondering if the baskets you linked are the same ones in the picture? The link looks a bit different and the ones in the picture would look lovely with the table I just had built!

  4. Bravo, je viens de vous découvrir, quelle bonne idée et quelle variété d’articles je n’ai pas fini de tout lire. Merci, on a des projets pour longtemps avec vous…. merci encore….

    (Bravo, I just discovered, what a good idea and what variety of items I have not finished reading everything. Thank you, we have projects for a long time with you…. thank you again….)

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