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How To Make A DIY Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder

Why keep all of your expensive and brilliantly designed kitchen chef knives hidden in a drawer? Make a unique DIY magnetic knife holder out of wood for under $20 dollars. Showcase your most used and best kitchen knives by creating this fun and easy project!

Magnetic Knife Holder

Materials required for DIY magnetic knife holder made from wood:

  • Wood – Any type or size – Flat on the front and back
  • Neodymium Magnets – 2 or 3 per knife
  • Wood Stain of your choice
  • Superglue or Wood Glue
  • Dremel Tool or Power Drill

magnet holes

How To Make The DIY Wooden Magnet Knife Holder:

Choose your piece of wood. Cut the wood to size, shape it if desired, and then stain the wood to match wherever it will be used. Our piece of wood is approx 10″ inches long.

Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder_4

Drill holes into the wood for the magnets. You will be drilling holes in the back part of the wood for the magnets. The holes for the magnets will not go completely through the wood. Drill the holes so that there is still some wood behind the magnet to be glued into place and close enough so that the magnet has enough strength through the wood to hold the knife. Drill each hole the width of the magnets.

Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder_2

Superglue the magnets in place. Once you have the holes drilled, then superglue the magnets in place. The magnets we used will hold a large chef knife in place with about 1mm to 3mm of distance between the knife and magnet. NOTE: Check the polarity on the magnets so they are in the direction you need, if they are glued in backwards it will repel the knife! You should use 2 to 3 magnets per knife to keep them in place.

Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder_1

Mount your DIY Knife Holder. Once the magnets are glued in place, then mount your knife holder on the wall with 3 wood screws. For an extra clean look, attach it into a cabinet from the back side. Once hung on the wall or on a cabinet, attach each knife vertically and make sure each knife is being held in place securely with the magnets. You are finished!

Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder_3

Neodymium MagnetsThese are the Neodymium Magnets we used for our wooden knife holder.

If making a knife holder is not for you but you would like to have something similar to this in your kitchen, below are a few images of a magnetic bar that can be purchased here and easily mounted on your kitchen wall.

18 Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar

18 Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar organizes your knives.

Aluminum Magnetic Knife BarAluminum Magnetic Knife Bar attaches easily in your kitchen.

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