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How To Dry Out A Wet Cell Phone – Dropped In The Toilet & Won’t Turn On?

We recently dropped our Android Motorola cell phone into the toilet. Yep, it happens. We did everything possible and very quickly to get it dry and surprisingly, it now works perfectly. Here are a few ways to dry it off as fast as possible to see if it will ever turn back on.

fix a wet cell phoneHow to fix a phone that has fallen into water or gotten WET!

  1. First, QUICKLY take the cell phone apart by removing every component. The case, the cover, the battery, the SIM card, the memory card.
  2. Dry everything off with a towel. The phone will be wet internally so spin and twist it around in the air to get any excess water out of it.
  3. Get a hair dryer and get some warm air moving over top of the phone. Try and have the hot air flow over the phone and evaporate the moisture. Once you have gotten all of the water and moisture out of the phone you possibly can, fill a large bowl with rice.
  4. Put your phone in the rice and bury it. Rice pulls out moisture and this trick will remove the excess moisture from the inside of your phone. Ever see a salt shaker full of rice? Same principal, the rice keeps the salt dry therefore it can be dispensed without sticking. Give your phone a FULL DAY in the rice.
  5. Take the phone out of the rice and cross your fingers. Put the components back in the phone and try turning it on. If will not turn on, grab an extra battery or charge it up as it may be drained. If your phone won’t turn back on then it may be DEAD. You can try the wet phone drying procedure again and hope for the best.

If you cannot afford a brand new phone, try checking on auction sites like Ebay or free classified ad websites like Craigs List.
You can also buy a prepaid phone from the same carrier you use, stick your previous working SIM card in it and you have a phone to use instantly.


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2 thoughts on “How To Dry Out A Wet Cell Phone – Dropped In The Toilet & Won’t Turn On?”

  1. DIY Project Help Tips

    Hi Chris,
    Once a phone gets wet, always remove the battery. Separate as many pieces of the phone as you can (case, protectors, back panel). Wipe any excess water off all parts of the phone with a towel and place the pieces in the sun if possible. If you have no access to sunlight, use a hairdryer by running it on low and not letting heat directly hit the phone. You just want the warm air to flow over top of the phone to pull away moisture. Give it some time to “dry”… then assemble and turn on power.

  2. Uhmmm… i accidentally put my phone closer to the window and i didn’t know it would rain so i freak out!. i don’t know what to do. i just charged it but it AUTOMATICALLY went ON by itself without pressing the POWER button , so i’m curious why it happened that way. I’ve tried everything to dry it up and make sure it will work NORMALLY after that BUT i can’t touch or move the “touch screen” part of my android.

    Pls help me… i want my phone back and i have important things inside it.
    thank you for you kind consideration.

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