How To Turn A Wooden CD Tower Into A Wine Bottle Holder

Here is a nifty way to take something that you would usually throw away and put it to good use. A CD music rack repurposed into a wine bottle holding rack! When most of us used to actually still listen to music on CD, we all had these racks in our homes for easy access to our music collection. Now, most people enjoy there music digitally and do not play a music CD anymore. So instead of tossing that wooden CD tower into the trash, why not reinvent its purpose? With a little bit of hard work and about $30 dollars, you can turn your music rack into an LED lighting wine bottle holder.

how to make a wine rack from a cd tower

1 – Can of black paint
1 – Can of wood stain (your choice of color)
10 – Squares cut from MDF (medium density fibreboard)
1 – 3 ft long universal LED flexible lighting strip
1 – Can of paint for exterior (your choice of color)
2 – Bolts (holds wine rack to floor)

Repurposed and Reinvented CD Rack To Wine Rack_02Here is the old CD rack that will be turned into the DIY wine rack.
It will be repainted, stained, internal LED lightning added and more!

Repurposed and Reinvented CD Rack To Wine Rack_01Cut 10 or more 9mm thick MDF board into squares that will fit into where the CD’s went.
These will be used as a small shelf for each wine bottles to lay on.

Repurposed and Reinvented CD Rack To Wine Rack_03Inserted and attached 3 feet of LED flexible lighting to the inside corners of the CD rack.
The LED lighting comes with adhesive tape on the back for easy installation.
Make a small hole at the bottom back of the rack using a drill for the power cord to exit.

Repurposed and Reinvented CD Rack To Wine Rack_04Here is the dark wood stain used to stain the MDF material.

Repurposed and Reinvented CD Rack To Wine Rack_05The 10 pieces of the MDF were cut at the corners to make room for the LED lighting.
The squares were then stained with the wood stain with 4 coats and let to dry for 2 hours.

Repurposed and Reinvented CD Rack To Wine Rack_06Here is a test to see how it looks once the LED lighting was installed.
The inside of the rack was to bright so black paint was applied to darken it.

Repurposed and Reinvented CD Rack To Wine Rack_07Painted the inside black so when the lights are on the attention is directed to the wine bottles.
You do not have to paint the inside black but it will help make the complete project look better.

Repurposed and Reinvented CD Rack To Wine Rack_08The outside of the CD / Wine rack was also painted to better match the surroundings.
The top wood portion was also removed and sanded to make a more natural color.

Repurposed and Reinvented CD Rack To Wine Rack_09Once dry, the now reinvented wine rack was moved into the kitchen.
Wine bottles were then added to complete the DIY wine rack project.

Repurposed and Reinvented CD Rack To Wine Rack_11A closeup of the wine bottles in their new home.
Dark colored wine bottles look the best in this DIY wine rack.

Repurposed and Reinvented CD Rack To Wine Rack_10Added a clear wine bottle and a dark wine bottle for contrast.
Feel free to add any type of paint color or stain to the wine rack to match the room.

Repurposed and Reinvented CD Rack To Wine Rack_12Here is the original CD rack compared to the new DIY wine rack!
What a great way to reinvent something in a very simple and easy way!
NOTE: Make sure to either bolt the wine rack into the floor or add something
to the back and attach it to the wall so it does not fall and cause damage.

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1 Belinda November 26, 2014 at 2:25 am

Great idea! I bet it would look great even without the paint job!


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