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How To Make A Smartphone Telescope Camera Mount For 5 Dollars

Have you ever taken a picture of the moon with your iPhone or Android phone and it looks too small? For around $5 dollars you can make a phone camera mounting bracket that will fit on any telescope. You will be able to take great pictures of the moon, the planets, and stars! This can even be used for taking great photographs of things far away like from a tall building or similar. Everything you will need to do this yourself is listed in the images below. If you need to purchase a telescope for around $100, there are many low priced and high powered telescopes online. So, have a look below to find out how to make one of these DIY camera mounts for your own phone!

Smartphone to telescope camera mount_1Here is everything you will need to purchase to make a DIY iPhone camera mount for your telescope.

Smartphone to telescope camera mount_3Thread the bolt through the hole in the conduit hanger and screw the nut all the way to the end and tighten.

Smartphone to telescope camera mount_4Thread the wingnut backwards slightly more than halfway up the bolt and then add the washer.

Smartphone to telescope camera mount_5Thread the pivot bracket up the bolt as shown.
Then thread the second washer first and then  the second wingnut through the bolt and tighten.

Smartphone to telescope camera mount_6Attach the case to the front end of the pivot bracket.
Make sure the eye of the camera is aligned when attaching.

Smartphone to telescope camera mount_2Here is what it will look like once the bracket is attached to the telescope with your phone ready to take pictures!

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