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How To View Websites Based In The USA

A website that is based in the United States may be restricted, blocked, or unavailable from within another country. There are many different reasons why it may be blocked or unavailable. The country you are living in or visiting may not want you to see these websites because of religion, law, or similar.

Another reason is that the website detects your IP address and knows the country you are in and it automatically blocks you. At times, there can be mistakes where the country you are in has blocked a DNS address or website that was not on purpose. Countries around the world have been known to block hundreds of DNS addresses that are based in the USA just to be safe.

Blocked websites can be a social media (Facebook) or news site (CNN) and also streaming media services like YouTube, Hulu, or Netflix. So, assuming there has been an error and you feel you should be able to view the USA website, we have the answer on how to access ANY American website!

access any usa website

The answer to easily access a US based website is?

Method #1:
Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with the Media Hint extension to get past international website restrictions. This is the easiest way to access a US website from outside the US.

Method #2:
Use a proxy website. These websites hide your IP address thus tricking the website into showing you the content from the USA.
Try these different websites to help you hide your ip address automatically (these sites will encrypt your IP address too!):
1. https://www.filterbypass.me/

Method #3:
Using any version of Microsoft Windows, you can go into the start menu and find the exact IP address needed to access the USA website.
1. Hover over the bottom left of the screen “start” button and left click.
2. Click where it says “run” (if it does not say “run”, then type “run” into the text box at the bottom).
3. Type “cmd” into the “run” box then click “ok”.
4. Then type the name of the website in the command prompt which you want to open. Like this = ping website.com (Example for Facebook is = ping facebook.com)
5. Once you enter the website as shown above, the IP address will appear.

make windows access usa websites

6. Copy the IP address and Paste it into the browsers address bar to get access.
7. You should now have access to the USA based website.

Have a better tip or method to access USA based websites? Please leave a comment below.

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