How To Build A DIY Bed Frame Out Of Metal Pipe

Looking to build a DIY bed frame that won’t cost you too much? Build this unique bed frame and headboard yourself out of metal pipes! You can get them at your local home improvement store. For right around $65 dollars you can purchase all of the metal piping needed. The length and quantity of the pipe you will need for your DIY bed frame will vary on your size of bed. Also the height you choose to make your bed will also make the quantity and length of pipe vary. Make sure to do a precise job measuring the bed and headboard area before you buy the metal pipe. This way you can be confident that you will not have to cut any of the pipe to make the perfect fit! NOTE: If you measure correctly, then the pipe that you purchase will be in sizes that should fit your bed perfectly give or take a few inches. See the pictures below for an easy step by step way to make a metal bed frame and headboard yourself.

How To Build A Bed Frame Out Of Metal Pipe_2Here is all the metal piping that was needed to build this DIY Metal Bed Frame.
NOTE: This includes the material for the bed frame and headboard.

How To Build A Bed Frame Out Of Metal Pipe_4The headboard was an odd size and different sizes of the pipe were needed to complete.

How To Build A Bed Frame Out Of Metal Pipe_3The bed frame pipes were easy to fit together as everything was measured prior.

How To Build A Bed Frame Out Of Metal Pipe_5The bed frame and headboard are assembled and together as one piece to make it super sturdy.
NOTE: This picture was not final as legs were not added, photo above was a test fit.

How To Build A Bed Frame Out Of Metal Pipe_6Legs were added to the bed frame and wooden slats were attached for the mattress to lay on.
NOTE: Holes were drilled into the wood and through the pipe then secured with bolts.

How To Build A Bed Frame Out Of Metal Pipe_7Wood was also added to the headboard and the new mattress was placed on the frame.
NOTE: A weight distribution test was made to be sure everything was secure and level.

How To Build A Bed Frame Out Of Metal Pipe_8Here is the finished DIY Bed Frame project!
This took 2 hours and looks great in our newly painted room!

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5 thoughts on “How To Build A DIY Bed Frame Out Of Metal Pipe”

  1. I was curious about the center legs being added since the material for these was not included in the original. Was the pipe cut and a T applied or is there a fitting that slips over the pipe and has a T? Thank you!

  2. Awesome! I’m doing the same project but mine has come to a halt due to the other side of frame not secured to the fittings. I will use a union fitting, thanks to this site but I have a question. When you added the wooden support, you stated that you secured with bolts drilled through pipe and the wood. Are the bolts secured under the pipe because they are hidden in the pics. Also are the bolts secured to the wooden planks that are laid cross-wise only?



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