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The Easiest Way To Refurbish And Refinish A Wooden Table

Do you have an old wooden table that needs to be restored? Well don’t throw it away. Refurbish that old ugly table with minimal effort. All you really need to invest money in for supplies is wood stain, a tarp, and some sandpaper. Refinishing a wooden table (depending on size) should take you only a couple hours. The supplies for this DIY project cost next to nothing compared to buying a new table. See below for how easy this really is.

refurbish table

refurbish outdoor table_2Here is the ugly faded table that is going to look like brand new very soon.

refurbish outdoor table_1The most labor intensive part is sanding down the top layer of the wood to remove the dirt and wear.

refurbish outdoor table_3Once the table is sanded and super smooth, apply the wood stain of your choice in nice even strokes.

refurbish outdoor table_4Stain the complete table and give it time to dry. Once dry give it another layer of the wood stain for ultra protection.

refurbish outdoor table_5Let the table dry for many hours and apply another layer of the wood stain if you feel it needs it.

refurbish outdoor table_6Once dry, put the table back in place and start using it.
It WILL look like brand new and last you many many more years!

wood stain color chartHere is a WOOD STAIN COLOR CHART to assist you with choosing a wood stain.


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