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Best Way To Safely Remove Rust From Chrome

Got some rust on something that is chrome that you need removed? Here are many ways to remove the rust from chrome without harmful chemicals. Most of these household items that will remove rust from chrome are already in your home and you can get started immediately.

remove rust from chrome

  1. Aluminum Foil – Make a ball out of the foil and dip it into some water. Use the balled up aluminum or tin foil to scrub the rust off.
  2. Cola – Using Cola works best when used in conjunction with the balled up aluminum foil. Use Cola instead of water if the chrome is extra rusty.
  3. Bar Keepers Friend – Pour a little bit of this into a small mixture of water to form a paste like substance. Using a green scrubby or a toothbrush, apply the mixture and scrub the rust off of the chrome.
  4. Vinegar – Using a soft cloth, apply some vinegar to it and apply it to the rusty area. The acid in the vinegar will help to eat away at the rust.
  5. Lemon Juice – Mix equal part lemon juice with equal part salt to form a lumpy paste. Use a clean cloth and apply the mixture to the cloth. Then rub the mixture onto the rusty chrome and let sit for awhile. After a few minutes scrub the mixture off of the chrome and the rust should be gone.
  6. SOS Pad – This method may damage chrome but if there is so much rust on the part you are trying to clean then it is a risk you have to take. Use an SOS pad in conjunction with lemon juice, cola, baking soda, or any other solutions on this page to help you to remove rust.
  7. Baking Soda – This can be mixed with clean water and made into a milky white solution. Apply the mixture the the chrome where the rust is and scrub until the rust has been removed.

If none of the above ways have removed the rust completely, there are products that are great to help with rust removal. Products like Brasso, WD-40, Evapo-rust, Oxalic Acid, and Turtle Wax Chrome Polish will work also but may be harmful and or expensive.


How To Remove Rust From Chrome Cheap & Easy

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