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How To Remove Paint From This Or That – Paint Removal Guide

This is a brief but helpful paint removal guide. It is for the most common paint removal combinations such as metal, wood, and concrete. The few basic methods (ways) to remove paint is either with a paint scraper, sand paper, heat gun, or a chemical stripping compound designed to dissolve paint. Below we will give you the best option to remove paint from the object with paint on it. NOTE: Some people report that baking soda works to remove paint. This may work for some paint, but we have never had any luck with this method working effectively.

BONUS: Here is a PDF file from Home Depot that explains in step-by-step how to remove paint using a scraper, heat gun, and or chemicals.

paint surface

The easiest ways to remove paint from various surfaces are listed below…

  • Paint removal from metal – Using a paint scraper is the best option. Anything that has a flat edge will work. If the metal will be easily damaged, use a chemical paint remover instead.
  • Paint removal from tools – If the tool is metal, use a paint scraper or chemical stripper. Soak the tool in a paint removal solution overnight for best results. If the tool is plastic, use a paint scraper.
  • Paint removal from clothes or fabrics – Use (aerosol) hairspray. Spray a large amount of hairspray on the area and let soak. After a few moments, use a hard bristle scrubber and try and wipe it from the clothing. Another option is to use a paint thinner. This may damage your clothing so try the hairspray method first.
  • Paint removal from concrete – The best way (environmentally) is to use a water pressure sprayer. These can be bought for relatively cheap and can have many uses. The pressure washer (using high pressure water) will “spray” the paint off the surface. If that isn’t enough, use a hard bristle scrubber on a broom handle and scrub vigorously (while spraying with pressure washer) to remove. Here is a website dedicated to pressure washers of all kinds.
  • Paint removal from (automotive) car – A heavy duty chemical paint remover is needed to remove paint from a car. Rust-Oleum has an Aircraft Remover paint stripper that will remove paint from almost anything.
  • Paint removal from wood – A product called Goof-Off in a spray can is the safest and easiest method to remove paint from wood.

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