Huge Nike Sneaker Storage Solution Inspired by Air Jordan Shoe Box

Are you a sneakerhead? Sneakerfreaker? If so where do you organize all your expensive and valuable Air Jordan sneakers? Wouldn’t it be nice to have them stored away nice and secure in a huge over sized Air Jordan Shoe Box?

giant air jordan storage shoe box replica_3Giant sized Jordan Shoe Box for Shoe Storage

This incredible sneaker storage unit can be yours for around $500 dollars. It is designed and built by SoleBox on Etsy. It’s an exact replica of the Air Jordan 3 shoe box. This custom made shoe box has 2 levels of storage which can hold 16 pairs of your Air Jordan’s.

giant air jordan storage shoe box replica_7Custom Over sized Jordan Shoe Box

To give you the exact specs on this giant Jordan shoe box, it hold 16 pairs of men sized 12 sneakers. SoleBox (The company that builds these over sized shoe boxes) use only high end furniture grade wood, high quality piano hinges, soft close drawer slides, and high end enamel based paint.

giant air jordan storage shoe box replica_2Huge Air Jordan shoebox has 2 levels of storage

If you decide to order one of these Air Jordan shoe boxes, it will ship out about a week after purchase. It will ship using FedEx ground. They can make any style of shoe box you want including Jordan, Nike, ect.

giant air jordan storage shoe box replica_1SoleBox can make any type of GIANT shoe box storage you choose

Air Jordan Shoe Box Specs:
Completely Handmade item
Quality Materials Used: enamel based paint, high end furniture grade wood, piano hinge, soft close drawer slides.
Only ships within United States.
Box size (approx) 45in x 29.5in x 18in.

giant air jordan storage shoe box replica_6Comparison of regular size Air Jordan box to GIANT Air Jordan storage box

The Coolest Way to Store All of Your Sneakers

If you have seen other cool ways to store all of your Air Jordan’s, please give us a link in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Huge Nike Sneaker Storage Solution Inspired by Air Jordan Shoe Box”

  1. Elaine do you know how much it cost to make the box ? it cost $25 to make jordans but you spend $120-$250 but you don’t complain about thAT DO YOU

  2. 500 bucks n it only holds 16 pair of my Jordan’s…whatta ya do with the other 35 pair spend another 1,000 $ on ure boxes r u kidding me… Why so much.. Cuz it says Jordan on it ehh.. Well I just keep my boxes when I get a new pair there big nice boxes n the ones I don’t wear any more I have them stacked to the celling downstairs dose not take up much space n I can store a bunch for the others I use 2 of them shoe trees that hold like 20 pair each n I only paid like 25$ for them work perfectly.. I am not a cheap skate person by any means but 500$ come on now

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