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How To Find Toll Road Cost Before Traveling – USA and Canada

I have never traveled to different U.S. states before. I do know I will have to drive on many toll highways or roads. I’ll be going from Florida to New York and back. I do not know how much the toll roads will cost me or if I should bring change or bills. I want to be prepared in advance and have no surprises. I do not want to come up short or need exact change and not have it. Is there a way to find out how much the tolls on the roads I will be driving on will cost me?

1 – There is a website called TollSmart that will calculate exactly how much it will cost you to drive on which toll roads. Simply put in starting point to destination and it will calculate toll cost. http://calculator.tollsmart.com

tollsmart cost to drive on toll roads

2 – You can also try Cost To Drive or Cost Of Tolls.

3 – Mapquest will estimate the tolls for your trip. http://www.mapquest.com/routeplanner/

4 – You could just get $30 in quarters and not worry about any of this.

5 – Look into getting an E-ZPass. You can get one at almost all toll booth locations for $25. This may not sound logical but It’s worth it just for the discounts on the bridges and tunnels. (E‑ZPass is an electronic toll-collection system used on most tolled roads, bridges, and tunnels in the northeastern United States, south to North Carolina, and west to Illinois. Currently, there are 25 agencies spread across 14 states) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-ZPass

How to install an EZPass in a vehicle


Any other ideas for getting through toll roads quicker or a better way to find out pricing? Please leave a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “How To Find Toll Road Cost Before Traveling – USA and Canada”

  1. Minoo Mireshghi

    In advance of driving on the toll road, I want to pay its cost.
    Let me know there is any way to pay ( transfer) some money to an account , ONLINE, without installing EZPass or some stuff like this for using of toll road without taking a ticket

  2. Will you be renting a car?
    Currently, many rental car companies will provide you with an EZ Pass transponder for a modest rental fee plus the actual cost of tolls.
    In general, small tolls of a dollar or less may be unattended booths and will require coins – and no change is given.
    Large tolls / variable tolls based on distance usually have some attended booths.
    Also note that many, but not all, higher cost tolls are collected in one direction only (the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel for example.)

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