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LG Dishwasher Error Codes – Identify Fault Codes To Fix Your LG Dishwasher

LG Dishwasher getting error code? If you have a newer LG dishwasher, you may see error codes show on the digital display. An error code is the computers diagnostic system telling you there is a problem. The specific error code will tell you what is wrong with your dishwasher. It works in the same way as when you have a light show up on your car’s display panel telling you a potential problem. An error code on your LG dishwasher can help you how to fix the problem yourself if you can identify the code. Usually it is a simple task of resetting something, but occasionally, the error code will tell you that a certain part is bad, clogged, or possibly jammed. See below for all the different error codes your LG dishwasher may display…

LG dishwasher error codesLG Dishwasher Error Codes – How To Identify and Fix?

LG Dishwasher OE Error Code:
OE error code on the dishwasher display is telling you that the unit is detecting a drain issue.
– This is usually from clogged food or possibly an installation issue.
– If there is water at the bottom of the tub in the dishwasher, try a DRAIN ONLY to drain the water.
– To complete a DRAIN ONLY, look at the buttons on the display and you will see a CANCEL & DRAIN under 2 buttons.
– Press those 2 buttons at the same time to start the CANCEL & DRAIN cycle. (See image below)

LG dishwasher panelLG dishwasher display panel

If you do not have a CANCEL & DRAIN option then simply start a cycle, let it run for 45 seconds and then turn the dishwasher off. On LG dishwashers, the first 45 seconds of a wash cycle is actually draining.
This should clear your error code OE. If not your LG dishwasher may require service.

LG dishwasher OE error code - 1LG dishwasher OE error code - 2LG dishwasher OE error code

LG Dishwasher LE Error Code:
LE error code on the dishwasher display is telling you there is an issue with the motor’s proper operation.
The LE error code can be fixed by doing the following steps…
1 – Press power button and turn dishwasher off
2 – Turn the circuit breaker or unplug the dishwasher for 10 to 15 seconds.
3 – Plug the dishwasher back in or turn the circuit breaker back on.
4 – Press the power button to turn the dishwasher on.
5 – Start a new cycle and see if that clears the error.
This should fix the error code LE.

Once you find the part you need for your LG dishwasher
Here is LG dishwasher replacement parts for less.

LG dishwasher LE error codeLG dishwasher LE error code

LG Dishwasher HE Error Code:
HE error code on your LG dishwasher means it has sensed a heating or heater issue.
This can happen if the dishwasher was not able to heat the water or if the water became over heated.
Here is what you can do to clear this HE error code…
1 – Press power button and turn off your dishwasher.
2 – Unplug the dishwasher for 10 seconds.
3 – Plug the dishwasher back in.
4 – Press the power on button.
5 – Start a new wash cycle.
This should repair the HE error code.

LG Dishwasher FE Error Code:
FE error on your dishwasher means that your unit has a water fill error.
Dishwasher has found there is excess water in the unit, and the drain pump is automatically turned on.
This can usually be cleared by completing the following steps…
1 – Press the power button and turn the dishwasher off.
2 – Unplug the dishwasher for 10 seconds.
3 – Plug the dishwasher back in.
4 – Press the POWER button to turn the dishwasher back on.
5 – Start a new wash cycle.
This should repair the FE error code.

 LG dishwasher FE error codeLG dishwasher FE error code

LG Dishwasher CE Error Code:
CE error code on the display of your dishwasher means an error with the motor’s operation.
This can usually be fixed by following these steps…
1 – Press the power button and turn the dishwasher off.
2 – Unplug the dishwasher and wait 10 seconds.
3 – Plug the dishwasher back in.
4 – Press the POWER button to turn the dishwasher on.
5 – Start a new wash cycle.
This should clear the CE error code.

LG Dishwasher E1 Error Code:
E1 error code
means there may be a leak in the unit.
These leaks are a result of improper dishwasher installation, wrong detergent or improper loading of dishes.
To fix this error…
1 – Check the drain hose.
2 – If the drain hose outlet is installed lower than the base of your LG dishwasher, this could cause unwanted draining.
3 – This can cause an E1 error if the drain hose is lower than base.
4 – Check the drain hose for a siphoning issue.
5 – The height of the drain hose end must be over 10” from the bottom of the dishwasher to avoid water being siphoned out of the tub.
6 – Check your drain hose for cracks or damage that may cause water to leak.
7 – Replace dishwasher drain hose if the above issues are present.

LG Dishwasher PF Error Code:
PF error code on your LG dishwasher tells you a power failure has occurred.
– This feature is to protect your dishwasher in case of a power interruption.
– When power is restored, press and hold any button on your dishwasher controls for 10 seconds to clear the display.
– When the PF error appears many times on your dishwasher and no power outage has taken place, this may be caused by a circuit breaker being unable to handle the electrical requirements of the dishwasher.
– The dishwasher must be powered by a dedicated circuit breaker.

LG dishwasher PF error codeLG dishwasher PF error code

LG Dishwasher tE Error Code:
tE error code on the display of your dishwasher means a thermal error.
– This happens if the water temperature is above 194 degrees Fahrenheit.
– This error code can also happen if there is an issue with the thermistor.
– Usually, the tE error code means that your dishwasher needs a new thermistor.

LG dishwasher tE error codeLG dishwasher tE error code

LG Dishwasher IE Error Code:
iE or 1E error code on the display means water level or inlet error.
Water is not entering the dishwasher properly.
An IE error code on your LG dishwasher indicates that the water level did not get high enough after filling for 10 minutes.
To fix this error…
1 – Make sure the water supply valve is in the open position.
2 – Be sure the water supply line isn’t bent, kinked, or clogged.
3 – Remove the water supply line on the dishwasher and run water into a pail or similar to test the flow of water.
4 – If still washer has error, replace the water inlet valve.

LG dishwasher IE error codeLG dishwasher IE error code

lg dishwasher manualLooking for your LG dishwasher manual?
Call LG Customer Service 24/7 at 1-800-243-0000

Find your manual here at LG Dishwashers Support Manuals and Model Numbers

LG Dishwasher – Understanding Error Codes

Fix the LE Error Code in an LG Dishwasher

Identifying LG Dishwasher Error Codes and Problems

Do you know of more LG dishwasher error codes and how to clear or fix them? Please leave a comment below.

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74 thoughts on “LG Dishwasher Error Codes – Identify Fault Codes To Fix Your LG Dishwasher”

  1. Cathy Mattingly

    I have a LG dishwasher that comes up with an error code of a single digit code 4-1 and no letters and just sits there. After a bit the control panel just turns off. Does anyone have any suggestions about this. I tried to find it in the manual, but had no luck. If you could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated

  2. Good day
    I have the LG dishwasher model:D1452LF
    It switch off by it self while busy washing. When I switch it back on it gave me an error code PF.
    Can some body please gave me some advice on what can be the problem.

  3. Hi Attie, I´m having the same error, apparently it means that the Direct drive motor is getting overcharged. I don´t know Why the error appears near the end of the cycle, The same happens to me, however I´m seeing that the dishwasher is washing worst ant worst over time, and the technician that came to see it said that it needed to get the motor changed…

  4. Please help my dishwasher just started doing the same thing I have the exact same model same codes coming up did you find your answer

  5. Attie Schultz

    My LG dishwasher D1452LF comes up with an error nE nearly at the end of a wash cycle but I don’t see that code in the book.

  6. Our lg DW was showing the AE code and wouldn’t let us do anything as the motor spun trying to clear a leak of water that wasn’t there. We’d switch the breaker off like most people, but would just have the same problem as soon as it was switched off… We Troyes drying it with towels and blow dryers to no avail… then a break through! I poorer a few cups of water in and the DW drained the water out. After about 4 cycles of pouring 3-5 cups of water in and letting it drain, the AE error code was gone! Hope this work for you too!

  7. I too have an LG dishwasher flashing code IE. I replaced the inlet water valve, but to no avail.The unit begins to fill , then stops, the drain pump starts and emptys it out.I read on another site of someone with the same problem. A person that I took to be a repairman said they needed to replace the air guide assembly.That part is another 50 to60 $, so Im tyrying to get more info. before taking that step .Can anyone shine some light on this subject?

  8. I have an LG dishwaher that stops almost exactly in the middle of a cycle without giving any error code. In fact, the dishwasher simply beeps a few times and then powers off (all lights go off). When I open the dishwasher, extremely hot steam comes out.

  9. I have LG LDF5545ST dishwasher that works great until a few minutes ago when I opened the door to unload. Unloaded, closed door and every light came on on the panel, codes n35, U23
    and d17 keeps flashing. There’s nothing on this site nor in the book telling me what this means HELP

  10. My LG dishwasher is only throwing the FE code on the power scrub cycle only. All other cycles work fine. What is causing this?

  11. Hi,

    I have an LG LDF7811ST dishwasher and am getting an IE error. I’ve confirmed the followings:
    – Water supply hose is not kinked or bent (I’ve actually moved the dishwasher out to ensure the hose is straight).
    – Water pressure is 20+PSI
    – Water Inlet Valve works fine (I removed the valve from the dishwasher and connected it externally to an AC power source. The switch worked well and water flowed through the switch valve unrestricted when plugged it.
    – Any other possible cause for this IE code?
    – Coult it be the main board


  12. Mary OSULLIVAN

    My LG dishwasher keeps tripping my electric. You press start and eletric cuts out .

  13. I was able to fix my Lg dishwasher today using your Error Code tips. I was getting an E1 Error and I checked my dishwasher water lines under my sink and these were kinked. I rearranged these dishwasher water lines and now I dishwasher is working. Thank you so much. Terrie Yester

  14. My LG dishwasher has a problem but there are no error codes showing that I have seen.
    I’ve only used it 4 or 5 times and the last 2 times near the end it starts beeping and the light on the front was flashing.

  15. I always run my dishwasher on the Power Wash. Now today when I did a load, the dishwasher made its ding noise like it was done but when I went over to check it the time left said 1 hour and 53 minutes. There is no error code, but the asterick is flashing. What is going on?

  16. This is how I understand it: The soap/moisture overflow portal is in the door, there is a tube that runs down within the door to the right side of the DW, to the bottom… the tube drains into a reservoir that has a float in it. When the float raises, it turns on the error code and shuts down the DW. This reservoir needs to dry out before it will run again. I used a vacuum on the ‘blow’ side and forced the water out, or let it sit for several day with the break-off before we started using less soap (tablespoon or so). Have not had the issue since using less soap!

  17. I had a brand new LG with an AE error code after using too much soap…I couldn’t get rid of the code but finally shut off at the electric box…and left it for about a month and flipped the switch in the box again and every thing works fine once again! I too had called in and they told me to shut off for 10 min or so and it should reset but it didn’t…even left it off for a couple days and still had the AE error…then left it for a month cause when I called back they said it would be at least $250. to send a tec! I figured I’d just rather purchase a new one if it was going to cost me that much…so left it off for all that time and what do you know it works now!

  18. I have an LG dishwasher with an AE Error code also (Leaks).
    Along with the code, the pump continues to run constantly and I am unable to turn it off unless I trip the C.B.
    It ran for hours last night with no water; I’m surprised it didn’t catch fire.
    I also cannot operate the DW through any cycle.
    I readjusted the level, side to side and front to back, which it needed, with no help.
    I have verified it is NOT leaking anywhere (under, around door, etc).
    My wife is using the same soap (the little Kirkland brand disposable packets) that she has used since day one (18 months now) so I doubt that is the issue (and we’ve never had excess suds).
    At this point, I have NO clue and would appreciate any pointers.
    I talked to the LG Customer Service center (VERY Irritating) and was given the number to two LG certified repair techs in the Seattle area and they can’t come out for 3 weeks.

  19. I also had an AE error after the soap (wrong soap) bubbled out of the door.
    Switch it off at the breaker several times and even for a couple days, still AE error.
    Finally left it off for about a month and turned it on and all was a-okay once more!

  20. I have an LG dishwasher model number ldf8764st and i noticed a problem after a load of dishes didn’t come out clean.
    The soap packet was still in the dispenser partially dissolved.. so i tried to run again and it flashed an “ae” error code.
    I have been online and looked for solutions, actually removed the unit for inspection and what i saw online isn’t what the bottom of mine looks like.
    (i understand different model numbers will be different).
    I have heard about a bad flood sensor, read about the code meaning a possible leak.. don’t see any leaks and never had any leak on the floor.
    This thing is shut down, wont do anything.
    I have flipped the breaker off for a few days and back on and it immediately flashes the ae code again and won’t do anything.. any advise?
    I am certain that i could change any part if i knew which one to change.. also if its a reset kind of problem.. how is that performed.
    I would like to make the necessary repairs and reinstall it and be done with it.. would hate to reinstall and then have to remove again to repair more.

  21. My LG dishwasher is showing a flashing E1 error.
    Seems to start filling but then shows the error.
    I replaced the inlet valve part then showed a different error that there was a leak.
    Replaced the drain hose which must have split with the movement of the dishwasher.
    Now it’s back to showing the E1 message.

  22. Deborah Carroll

    All the water lines have been checked and are clear. The solenoid is not opening and allowing water to flow through it.

  23. DIY Project Help Tips

    Deborah Carroll,
    LG dishwasher 1e error code on the display means water inlet error.
    – Make sure the water supply valve is in the open position.
    – Be sure the water supply line isn’t bent, kinked, or clogged.
    – Remove the water supply line on the dishwasher and run water into a pail or similar to test the flow of water.

  24. Deborah Carroll

    We replaced the water inlet valve and the dishwasher is showing the 1E error code.
    All the tubes have been checked and are fine.
    Does the dishwasher/motherboard need to be reset?
    If so, how do we do that?

  25. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the LED screen showing one F or is the error code FF on your LG Dishwasher?

  26. I had a power failure a few day ago, and don’t have power to the dishwasher, trip the breaker for 30 seconds and still has no power.

  27. E1 on an LG LDF5571. Already replaced the drain motor. Still E1. Checked all connections. It WILL drain the water I’m pouring into it but the E1 will not go away. It’s spinning now. Doing nothing for at least 10 minutes straight.

  28. Hi. My LG dishwasher is showing an F error code. After a minute it trips the electricity. I can’t find F code in the manual.

  29. I also have an AE error on my brand new LG dishwasher from too much soap but can’t get it to reset so I can do anything…have it shut off at the box and am washing by hand…any idea’s? We did try flipping the electrical switch several times even letting it sit over night or 2 days but the error code is still there and won’t let me do anything!

  30. My LG dishwasher LDF7561ST has 2 lights on front of door top right – one blue & one yellow. Yellow comes on when started & again at end but goes out after a minute or two at start & end of cycle. Never did before. Have cleaned filters do not know what else to do & manual not helpful. Your assistance is appreciated.

  31. Eric Wicks – Thanks for the input!
    Super bummer that you had to have 3 visits before someone told you that “you’re using too much soap”.
    Oddly enough, I came to that same conclusion after reading some on line information from users and LG.
    I had suds and water on the floor in front of the unit, but no water under it or in the basement.
    I had lots of suds inside the unit.
    My unit was also cycling trying to drain, but I’m thinking maybe the sensor was reading the suds, rather than actual water.
    Once I cleared the inside of suds, and soaked up excess water from the drain with a towel, the unit stopped trying to drain and I could finally turn it off and stop the racket.
    I ran it without any detergent twice after that with no issues.
    Lesson learned!

  32. Beth, we struggled with AE error code as well with our DW under warranty.
    We had two different repair companies out – and they replaced all of the ‘guts’.
    Finally had an official LG Repairman visit, he took one look at the situation and said “you’re using too much soap”.
    We started using only one tablespoon or so of soap (do not fill the Reservoir)!
    Haven’t had the error code again.

  33. Shari, were you able to fix this error code?
    We have this problem (nE) at the moment too so just what you did to fix it. If you got a technician, how much did it cost?

  34. I have a LG LDF7774ST dishwasher that I bought used. It worked fine the first couple of times, but now I have an AE error that I cannot clear. It did leak water and suds on the kitchen floor, but nothing in the basement. I don’t know which circuit breaker it is, so I shut of the main and it is still showing AE and trying to do something. Can I force a shutdown somehow? I am sure it will burn itself out at some point.

  35. DIY Project Help Tips

    Be sure the LG dishwasher is getting the proper amount of water.
    Be sure there is no clog or blockage in the water line.
    Make sure the water valve from the wall to the dishwasher is FULLY OPEN.
    Check the water inlet valve to be sure it is getting the proper power and that all wires are secure.
    Also…Check that the float switch is not causing the OVERFLOW error.

  36. I have a FE error code on my LG LDS5540ST dishwasher…from what I can read it’s an overflow error…but when I open the dishwasher when the error code appears, it’s not overfilled whatsoever…but not dry either…should I replace the water inlet valve?

  37. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the LG dishwasher running properly and cleaning the dishes?
    What does it say under or above the BLUE LIGHT BLINKING?
    Can you supply us with the model number of your LG Dishwasher?

  38. We have been experiencing the same AE error code with the blinking lights and chiming sounds. It seems to me the ‘sound’ is the sump trying to drain water, but there is none in the unit (this occurs at the end of the cycle, dishes are clean, but sometimes have soapy residue, so final rinse did not occur). We had one repair company out who replaced the main board. Unit worked fine until June when the AE error code occurred again. Only thing that seems to correct it is to turn off the breaker and wait 3-4 days. We had another repair company come out, since the first one became ‘too busy’ to help us. This company ordered two parts, one that goes on the left side, and a complete sump replacement. After wrong parts delivery and attempted installation, we have both parts installed. Still get the AE error code. The repair company told me to remove the flooring that rubbed/touched the bottom of the sump hose, which I did. The unit works once after each repair attempt, and back to the AE error code (probably because the unit is tipped and a small bit of residual water is drained out). Any thoughts?

  39. LG LDF8072ST
    I had an error code for not draining. I replaced the drain pump, that code is gone and pump works fine now.
    Now, when starting a wash cycle the machine begins by draining first, then it fills with water, and then nothing else happens, no sounds of motors or wash arms turning.
    While this is going on, the timer is still counting down normally, the indicator lights blink through there respective cycles and when time runs out it emits it’s normal musical tune.
    Without an error code, or a diagnostic chart, I’m stuck.

  40. DIY Project Help Tips

    LG Dishwasher “IE” blinking error means the dishwasher is not filling with water properly.
    But in your case, when you say the dishwasher turns on by itself, do you mean the lights on the panel come and flash 1E LE, lE, or the dishwasher is flowing water and washing a cycle all by itself??
    You may have an issue with both the water inlet valve and the door switch.

    Check to be sure the water supply valve is open.
    Check to be sure the water supply line isn’t kinked or clogged.
    Remove the water supply line from the dishwasher and run water into a bucket to test the pressure and flow of the water.
    If all of these check out and you have good water pressure and flow to the machine, you should replace the water inlet valve.

  41. DIY Project Help Tips

    You should be able to disconnect the drain hose to remove water from sump.

  42. We have an AE code on a LG LDF7774 dishwasher caused by… wait for it… an overflowing kitchen sink, not the dishwasher. Need help figuring out where to drain the sump to reset the switch.

  43. My LG dishwasher turned the power on all by itself with an “IE” blinking error. I could not turn it off. Had to turn the breaker off. What is the problem and how do I fix it?

  44. DIY Project Help Tips

    LG dishwasher error code tE is a THERMAL ERROR.
    You will need an ohmmeter to check the value of the thermister.
    The thermister is located on the heater assembly mounted to the sump/motor.
    Disconnect power to the dishwasher before attempting.
    The thermister should ohm out between 11-14k ohms.
    If the thermister checks to be okay then you may have a wiring harness issue.
    The thermister harness runs through the door area and has been known to cause issues.
    If the wiring harness & thermister check out to be okay you will need to replace the main control PCB.

  45. My LG dishwasher has the error code tE.
    How can i fix it or do i need a service technician?

  46. DIY Project Help Tips

    LG Dishwasher Error Code = FE
    WATER OVER FLOW ERROR – Water continues to enter dishwasher
    The washer is overfilling due to a faulty water inlet valve.
    The valve may be repaired but may need to be replaced.
    If you replace the water inlet valve and the error code continues… there may be an issue with the main control board.

  47. DIY Project Help Tips

    The safety switch as in the GFCI or the main Circuit Breaker?
    Have you tried plugging it into another outlet?
    If your LG dishwasher trips the breaker, something in the dishwasher is shorting it out and must be troubleshot to find the cause.

  48. Have a LG dishwasher which trips the safety switch. Any ideas what it could be.Model No LD1452W

  49. DIY Project Help Tips

    This LG dishwasher error code nE may mean an issue with the MICRO SWITCH. This micro switch tells the Board the position of the Motor. The motor and switch redirects wash water from the lower wash arm to the middle and upper wash arms and back every 90 seconds. If the main board does not receive confirmation that the position of the micro switch has changed, it will trigger the error code “nE”. Install a new micro switch and possibly (if installed wrong) add a stainless steel flex water line.

  50. I had 1E code and I replace the water inlet valve but it still does or, could it be the.motherboard

  51. I have a new LG LDF7774ST also, and experiencing the exact same problem as Amanda.
    The first occasion, the service man reset the code. Worked fine for three washing, then the same error. I am now waiting on another repair man.
    Do you know the code to reset it?

  52. DIY Project Help Tips

    Amanda Anderson,
    Here is the parts manual for your LG Dishwasher. Your issue may be the pump is constantly running because of a pump issue, a board issue, or sensor. All parts you may need to replace after further troubleshooting is in the manual we have linked to. We would recommend taking the machine apart and do some further testing before ordering any new parts.

  53. DIY Project Help Tips

    Paul Brohman,
    The water should reach the float and shut off the water. The float/float switch will determine the depth of the water. Check to be sure the float moves up and down properly with the water depth and that the float switch is operational.

  54. The valve is OEM and it works. I have watched the water enter the inlet assembly. (flow switch and 2 float switches) How deep is the water supposed to be before the inlet valve closes?

  55. Model # is LDF7774ST. Not sure what is running, just hear a constant motor noise, possibly the pump. Constantly blinks with code AE and green and blue lights both on. If I hit power button to turn it off it immediately turns back on. We were quoted between $300-380 by LG for repair. Any idea how much a flood sensor costs? Thank you for taking time to answer my questions.

  56. DIY Project Help Tips

    Paul Brohman,
    IE error for LG dishwasher = Water Inlet Error
    If you have replaced the water line and water inlet valve…
    – Check to be sure the water supply valve is FULLY open.
    – Check to be sure the water supply line is not bent or clogged.
    – Remove the water supply line from the dishwasher and run water into a bowl to test the pressure and the flow of water.
    If the above checks good, make sure the water inlet valve is installed and wired properly. You may have a faulty new water inlet valve.
    Where did you buy the water valve and is it OEM?

  57. DIY Project Help Tips

    Amanda Anderson,
    Yes the AE error code for an LG dishwasher is an indication of a leak. You may have a bad flood sensor if the unit is actually not leaking. If the dishwasher continually runs, what is showing on the control panel? Flashing lights, other error codes? When you say continually runs, what component on the dishwasher is running constantly, the pump, water fill, etc?? Can we have the model number of your LG dishwasher?

  58. My LG dishwasher has code AE. I think I found that means water leak but there is no visible water and unit runs continually and only turns off by turning breaker off.

  59. I have an lg with the IE error code. New water supply line, new water supply valve, unit fills and then stops and codes. The float is 1/2 way up the chamber when this happens. Help!

  60. I have an LG dishwasher and got the HE error code. I pulled the unit out from the cabinet and on the left side is a plastic box with 2 floats that rise with the water and touch these electrical points to start the heating process. The plastic box was full of “gunk” (old food particles) I cleaned it out and now the dishwasher works great! Just passing this along to anyone else who might have the HE error code caused by gunk in that little plastic box.

  61. DIY Project Help Tips

    For the LG dishwasher with the HE error code:
    The HE error code means a problem with the water heating circuit. Unplug the dishwasher for 30 minutes to let it cool. After 30 minutes restart the cycle. If the error comes back check the heating element for continuity. Also check the wiring harness for damage. If the element shows infinite resistance remove and replace it.

    For the Samsung dishwasher with the IE error code:
    The 1E Error Code is caused by a blockage which prevents the dishwasher from draining. Clean the Filter System and the Sump in the dishwasher.

  62. I have two dishwashers, both have error codes. One of them on the LG dishwasher is showing HE error the other one is a Samsung dishwasher showing IE error. Can you please help to rectify?

  63. DIY Project Help Tips

    LG dishwasher error code E1 means a LEAK ERROR. Excessive pump motor RPM due to some water leakage. When the drain pump on your LG dishwasher is running it is not getting the back pressure it should. This indicates that there may be a water leak in the draining system. Check all the hoses and connections. Also, be sure there is a proper loop in the drain hose to prevent it from siphoning. If you have no leaks and there is no water leakage, the drain pump is most likely bad and needs replaced. Test with a multimeter to be sure.

  64. Could you please help me as I have bought an LG dishwasher and the error code E1 has come on. Can you guide me with the best way to fix it?

  65. DIY Project Help Tips

    LG dishwasher error code E1 means = LEAKAGE ERROR Excessive pump motor RPM due to water leakage. LG has assigned this error code to indicate that when the drain pump is running it is not getting the back pressure it expects. This is an indication that there is a water leak in the drain system. Check all hoses and connections.

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