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Toilet Is Clogged And Filled To Top With Water – How To Flush Without Flooding

Clogged Toilet! Are you in an emergency embarrassing situation with a clogged toilet? If your toilet is clogged and filled to the very top brim with water, here is a way to get the water down without flooding the bathroom. If you immediately flush the toilet or use a plunger, the bathroom may flood. The water may spill over the top of the toilet and get all over the bathroom floor. How do you get the toilet unclogged so you can flush normally and it will not cause flooding?

clogged toilet emergencyClogged Toilet Emergency!

Step 1: Turn off the water valve behind the toilet so no more water can enter into the toilet.

turn off toilet water here - toilet water valveTurn off toilet water valve here to avoid more water entering toilet and avoid flooding!

Step 2: Wait a few minutes or as long as possible and the water in the toilet should go down a little.

Step 3: Use a toilet plunger and slowly guide the plunger into the toilet making sure you don’t get water everywhere.

Step 4: Plunge the toilet at the hole at very bottom moving it gently up and down causing a vacuum and shots of water to unclog the toilet drain line.

Step 5: Continue plunging until the toilet water begins to go down and drains out.

Step 6: Flush the toilet to be sure the toilet will drain. (Water valve is off so in case toilet still has a clog, the toilet will not flood)

Step 7: Turn on the water valve behind the toilet and wait until you hear the water stop flowing into the toilet.

Step 8: Flush the toilet again and make sure that water drains and enters the toilet like normal.

Step 9: Wash the toilet plunger head in the clear clean toilet water and flush once again to clean it off, put plunger back where you found it.

Step 10: Wipe up any water spills or leaks with toilet paper from unclogging the toilet that may be on the floor or the seat.

Step 11: Throw away the wiped up water toilet paper into the toilet and flush once more to remove embarrassing evidence.

You have successfully unclogged the toilet and avoided a possibly embarrassing situation.

If you don’t have a toilet plunger and you can see a large mass of toilet paper blockage, this may not be pleasant but… grab the toilet paper blockage and pull it out of the toilet drain so it is able to drain the water out and not flood. After the water drains throw away the glob of toilet paper in a trash can or somewhere no one will see it. Try flushing the toilet again and it should be okay.

If you do not have a toilet plunger and the drain line is clogged, you will have to get one. If the toilet is truly clogged in the drain line, only a plunger will get you out of an embarrassing situation quickly. If you need to go and get the plunger located in another room, keep the bathroom door closed, run to go find the plunger in another bathroom or garage or wherever, and go back to clogged toilet ASAP and follow the steps above.

We realize this type of embarrassing situation happens every now and then to everyone. This article is for you on your mobile phone who is searching for an emergency quick fix to unclog a toilet at either your girlfriends house, friends house, at a party, or in your own bathroom.

If you have a clogged toilet and you cannot unclog it, leave a question below and we can assist you to fix your toilet fast.

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18 thoughts on “Toilet Is Clogged And Filled To Top With Water – How To Flush Without Flooding”

  1. I had the same problem, get a plunger and keep working at it until water goes down let it sit there for a few hours or overnight and it will eventually unclog

  2. This technique worked perfectly. My toilet unclogged in 2 minutes. Thank you for the advice. I did poor bleach in the toilet 2 days before trying this method but the bleach alone didn’t do the trick.

  3. I flushed my toilet but instead of actually flushing, the water just rose. I waited about 20 minutes for it to go down turned the water valve off and tried flushing again. It did the same thing. What should I do? I don’t have a plunger.

  4. we have plungged and plungged again. the toilet overflooded and now we have a mess. it will not go down to no avail. what else can we do?

  5. My toilet is stopped plunging Is not helping when I plug air comes out of the fill line tank and the the flapper this is not any pressure when plunging. I’ve tried hot water and dish soap as well nothing working

  6. Have plugged and nothing. When I plunged I hear a hollow sound and air seems to be coming out oh the little holes where the water normally comes out.

  7. DIY Project Help Tips

    Amy Payne,
    Do happen to know if you have a septic tank or are you using city water?
    Have you tried a simple plunger?
    Try a plunger and if still no go, then rent a pro snake to fully remove the blockage.

  8. Our toilet has been clogged up for over a week.
    Then hubby clogged the second toilet.
    The first one isn’t going down.
    The second one has a slow leak, meaning its going down very slow.
    We have put chemicals down it, hot water and a snake.
    It’s not working.

  9. My toilet if full to the brim and there’s water everywhere. I don’t have a plunger and can’t get one at the moment. But the water is not going to down and it’s been 30mins is there anything else I can do. Please help.

  10. DIY Project Help Tips

    carla parker,
    Keep using the toilet plunger but use it so it goes completely over the hole in the bottom of the toilet.
    Plunge the toilet using UP and DOWN movements and creating a vacuum where you are pulling up and down forcefully until the clog releases.
    If it WILL NOT UNCLOG, call a plumber, but using a simple toilet plunger should unclog your toilet if you do it properly and keep at it until it unclogs.
    Use up and down movements with the plunger right over the hole and moving quickly…. It should unclog.
    Hot water and dish soap really won’t help unclog a toilet…. a plunger used correctly will.

  11. I have a clogged toilet I have plunged and nothing helped.
    I put dish soap and hot water in it and left it but still nothing.
    I have tried plunging it and just mega bubbles coming up and over and it’s still clogged.

  12. DIY Project Help Tips

    Use a toilet plunger and pump the water down into the bottom of the toilet.
    This motion will unclog the toilet and let it flush or drain as normal.

  13. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the water supply to the toilet is OFF, then your toilet cannot keep filling with water.
    Are you turning the correct valve OFF?
    Either way, check the inside of the toilet tank and be sure the float is correctly positioned so the water does not keep filling.

  14. I checked what you said in your message. The flapper is seated down. I turned the water supply value off but it keeps filling up with water.

  15. DIY Project Help Tips

    If your toilet is constantly filling with water: It means the flapper is not in the right position. The flapper may be stuck upward on the chain and therefore constantly continues to fill your toilet with water.
    Take the back top off of the toilet tank and look inside to see if the rubber flapper is seated down and is flat.
    If it is stuck, readjust the flapper, chain, or float to fix the issue.
    Another issue may be the float is up too high and the water is not stopping and overflowing into the tall fill valve.

  16. My toilet keep filling up with water… I have used a plunger but nothing happens. Is there anything that I can pour in the toilet to help??

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