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How To Light A Candle If The Wick Is Too Far Down In The Glass Jar?

Candle wick too deep down in glass candle to light it? How do I light a hard to reach candle. I am trying to light my expensive Yankee candle jar and the wick is just way too far down to get a lighter or match in there to light it. I was tilting the glass to get at it but it is still too far down. Is there a trick or an easier way to light it without burning myself? I tried newspaper but it just went out and I don’t want to set off the smoke alarm. The wax is not covering the wick, the wick is just too far down into the jar.

How do I light a hard to reach candleHow do I light a hard to reach candle?

To light the candle with a normal lighter, turn the candle completely upside down. Light the lighter right under the candle so the flame from the lighter goes directly upwards to the candle wick. Once the candle is lit, turn it back to normal position immediately to avoid any dripping wax.
Another way to use a normal lighter to light a hard to reach candle is to use your index finger to slide or press the flint mechanism. Hold the lighter with your thumb and your middle finger at the base and simultaneously pressing the gas on with your index finger. This lighter method can give you 2 more inches of reach and avoids making your fist into a ball to get down deeper into the candle.

how to use a normal lighter to light a deep jar candleUse a normal lighter to light a deep jar candle – follow directions above

You can use a normal match if you hold it correctly. The trick is to hold the match between your middle and ring finger. Hold the match on the tips of your finger to make sure it can go down deep into the candle. Try to avoid bumping your wrists on the inner part of the candle to avoid black soot. Make sure to tip the candle to the side when you light it as this makes it even easier.

how to light a deep jar candle with a normal matchHow to light a deep jar candle with a normal match

If a lighter or normal match will not reach the candle wick, use a stick of uncooked spaghetti. Use a lighter or match and light one end of the uncooked spaghetti stick and quickly put it down into the candle. The flame does not last long but long enough for you to light the candle. This is a safe way to light a candle wick that is way too far down to light it with a normal lighter.

spaghetti to light candleUse an uncooked spaghetti stick to light a deep candle

To avoid this issue in the future, buy a pack of long fireplace matches. These matches are around 12″ inches long and are best to use when you can’t easily get into an area to light it. These matches are made to safely light a fire in your fireplace but work perfectly to light a candle that is too deep.

fireplace matches to light candlesUse fireplace matches to light candles in a deep jar

You could also keep a BBQ lighter on hand too. A BBQ lighter is like a normal lighter but is longer to be able to light a fire at a safe length.

BBQ lighter to light candlesUse a BBQ lighter to light deep jar candles

Video – How to light a hard to reach Candle

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