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Kenmore Dishwasher Error Fault Codes | LED Display Blinking

Kenmore dishwasher displaying an error code, flashing LED light or blinking LED lights? Kenmore dishwashers have built in diagnostic systems. If your dishwasher finds, sees, or detects a fault or error in the system, it will show an error, the LED lights will flash, blink, or a fault code will be displayed. The error code or LED lights will display on the panel. When an error code or LED light is blinking, your dishwasher is telling you a specific fault. The error code or the LED light sequence will tell you which parts on your Kenmore dishwasher to replace or check. You can also Search YouTube for Kenmore Dishwasher Flashing Blinking Lights or get advice from your Kenmore dishwasher owners manual when your Kenmore Dishwasher Is Displaying An Error Code or flashing the LED lights.

kenmore dishwasher error codes LED blinkingKenmore dishwasher error codes LED flashing blinking

Error Code = Start Resume light blinking slow
Error Condition = When the dishwasher door opens or electrical power is removed during the cycle then the dishwasher will not start again. The door is detected as being closed and the Start Resume button is being pressed
Repair or Check = Inspect the door latch and switch assembly. A problem with the Start Resume button may also cause this problem
Parts to Test or Replace = Door Switch Assembly – Control Panel – Electronic Control Board

Error Code = Clean light is blinking 7 times
Error Condition = Heater circuit fail. Control panel did not detect the water getting hot. Did not detect heating element was energized to heat the water during the wash cycle
Repair or Check = Check heating element, wiring and control board
Parts to Test or Replace = Heating Element – Electronic Control Board – Thermistor – Circuit Wiring

Error Code = Sanitize LED blinking at end of cycle
Error Condition = Control panel could not detect if sanitation has been achieved
Repair or Check = Check the voltage to the dishwasher and the temperature of the water coming into the dishwasher – Check the diverter motor – Check the heater – Check the Thermistor
Parts to Test or Replace = Diverter Motor – Heater – Thermistor

dishwasher parts location diagramDishwasher parts and location diagram

Error Code = Console light blinking rapidly
Error Condition = There is a stuck button on the control panel
Repair or Check = A bad control panel or electronic control board can cause the console light to blink. Check buttons on the control panel using a multimeter
Parts to Test or Replace = Control Panel – Electronic Control Board

Error Code = Clean light is constantly illuminated
Error Condition = Dishwasher cannot start a wash cycle until it sees that the door has been opened after the previous washing cycle
Repair or Check = Turn off power to the dishwasher by unplugging or removing power and restarting it. If removing from power does not fix the issue, the door switch assembly is faulty and needs to be replaced
Parts to Test or Replace = Door Switch Assembly

Error Code = Control lock LED is ON but not responding to pressing of the keys
Error Condition = Turned on by accident or there is a control detected key pad problem
Repair or Check = Press the Heated Dry button for 5 to 10 seconds. This turns off the control lock feature. If pressing for 5 seconds the problem persists, replace the complete keypad
Parts to Test or Replace = Keypad

kenmore dishwasher partsKenmore dishwasher parts

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Kenmore dishwasher clean light flashing

Kenmore ultra wash quiet guard 3 flashing

Do you have an error code or LED light sequence indicating a problem with your Kenmore dishwasher? Please leave your question below and we can help assist to troubleshoot your dishwasher issue.

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39 thoughts on “Kenmore Dishwasher Error Fault Codes | LED Display Blinking”

  1. I came home today to my Kenmore dishwasher constantly blinking. The specific lights that are blinking are the washing, drying, sanitized, clean, and the 6 hour delay lights. I have tried a hard reset by turning off the breaker for a solid minute and the dishwasher will go into a short rinse cycle and then the blinking will return. I am unsure how to proceed with fixing the problem.

  2. I have a Kenmore elite dishwasher and all of a sudden today it stopped and beeped. When we looked at the control panel there was a picture of a water spout lit up in red. Anyone know what this means?

  3. My Kenmore dishwasher flashes
    E22. I have my manual but there are no explanations of error code meanings. Please help.
    Model 630.1231
    Purchased 2015 Seats Canada

  4. I have a Kenmore Lady Dishwasher that keeps putting out an error code of an E8 or an E9 back to back and the water is still in the bottom of the dishwasher. We have tried to cancel the service memory to restart the cycle to drain the thing but nothing works. Can you help us figure out what is going on before we have to purchase a new.

  5. I have a Kenmore elite dishwasher model 72214673710 only 2 years old. I can set the cycle selections and press start, but it doesn’t work. The wash time just flashes and no water comes in. I can cancel by holding down the start button for 3 sec and it will do a final drain and shut off. Anyone have any ideas. I don’t know how to do the diagnosis. I have no heated dry button, only extra dry.

  6. I have a Kenmore 13749K 24 in. Built-In Dishwasher. My dishwasher would not start or do any functions. I did a reset to the control panel and it started to seem like it was working. During the reset, all my lights came on but the “Washing” one. I am unable to hit cancel during this reset after it stops.Looking to see what this might mean by the “washing” light not turning on.

  7. Kenmore Model 665. Normal wash light is on steady and cycle indicator light frozen on – -. washer will not start. I tried several of the ‘push these buttons’ suggestions found on line but to no avail. Circuit board was replaced last year.

  8. Kenmore Elite dishwashers, outside led light on the right side flashes once, than pauses, then flashes 6 times

  9. Kenmore Elite has error code F4E1 – call for service. What is really going on, can I fix myself, or is there something that I really need someone else for?

  10. Justina Wilmont

    I have a Kenmore 13473 dishwasher, I can’t find my manual so my question is why is the red light on the heated dry button during my normal wash cycle? Is something wrong with my heating element? It is not a flashing red light it is a solid red light.

  11. Cindy and Leslie,
    Thanks for sharing… I have the EXACT same problem with my Kenmore Elite 665.127.
    After diagnostic, I’m getting COMPLETE blinking 6x then 4x and over and over and it goes to black. And I can’t figure what that means.
    About to try the power down- reset strategy. Your experience was not hopeful. How did it end?

  12. I’ve got a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher, model 665.1277 that won’t start (4-5 years old). After selecting any cycle and hitting start, almost immediately the start and washing lights simply blink. I’ve previously run through the test cycle but now when I try to do that all of the lights come on the control panel and it never starts the test cycle.

  13. Kenmore Ultra Wash.
    Loaded. Closed, Press Start button.
    Normal Cycle on, Heated Dry on, Nothing happens.
    Press Start Button again, Start Button led lit, Blue Washing led on, Nothing happens.

    Press Cancel Drain: All lights go off except Red led lit. Press Cancel/Drain again, all lites off, including red led off.

  14. I have a kenmore dishwasher built by bosch and it shows a E24 sign will you please tell me what is the problem and to see if my husband can fix it thanks

  15. I have Kenmore Elite dishwasher model 665.12772K311. Ran diagnostic test which took 14 minutes. It left me with 2 lights “1 hour wash” & “quick rinse”, not blinking just dimly lit. What is this telling me? Don’t know how to proceed.
    Thanks for any help.

  16. e2 f2 flashes on my 665 Kenmore dishwasher. It sometimes works but only after unplugging it. it will run and then lights start blinking again

  17. Our dishwasher is a Kenmore ultra wash quiet deluxe, the lights flashing on it are the normal wash and the stop/reset lights. We can’t find any information on those. Please help

  18. I have the same model. Starts washing then stops after about 10-15 minutes and just starts blinking. Sears repairman came out and said to replace the main computer board. We ordered it on our own, replaced it but that didn’t help. A second repairman came out, confirmed it wasn’t the main computer board and told us to replace the top board (that has all the buttons across the top). We ordered and replaced it. That didn’t work. Now Sears wants to send out a 3rd genius. She did say that if he can’t fix it I will be reimbursed for his fee. Not the first two.
    This is an expensive 2 year old dishwasher. Very frustrating. I’m not putting much hope in the 3rd guy. And if he can’t fix it, I will have missed the Memorial Day sales! Leslie did yours get fixed? If so, what worked? Thanks, Cindy

  19. I have a Kenmore Elite with a continually flashing red Normal Wash button. Have been unable to reset anything.

  20. deborah lariscy

    My Kenmore Ultra dishwasher had the blinking CLEAN button issue. I reset it as you suggested. It went off, but, am I to understand that I now have to find out what the malfunction was or if it turns back on and works well, then its problem solved. Answers to the blinking light did not instruct what to do after or if the blinking light was the only problem. Thanks, you help people and save money. I am not handy with fixes like this, but hate to call for expensive repair if I can do something fairly simple. Deb

  21. deborah lariscy

    My Clean button was flashing. Not sure WHAT the issue was, the troubleshooting guide says “malfunction-get service” I did the reset but wonder IF it is a malfunction signal, will just resetting be the fix? Or when it doesn’t run, I go from there. THANKS, you really help people. Model 665.1372, 73, 82, 83 or 1322.

  22. I have a model 66517772990 dishwasher. Its approximately 1 million years old or there about. Anyway the water heat light started to flash when the dishwasher is not in use. I downloaded the english version of the manual but it did not offer any tips about flashing lights. Please advise.

  23. My Kenmore elite dishwasher 665.12789K311 when I did diagnostics test the complete light blinked 8 times then paused and then blinked 4 more times. I can’t find what this is diagnosing

  24. The first thing to try is to totally power down your dishwasher. This is generally done at the circuit breaker panel. Allow the machine to be powered down for at least an hour. This should clear the mother board (brain) of the computer of any faults.

  25. Laura Deitrick

    I have a model number 66514793n510 and need to reset. There is no “heated dry” button to push. My choices for buttons to push are:
    Cycles: Smart wash, pots/pans, normal wash, china, express wash, quick rinse
    Options: Turbo zone, Hi temp wash. sani rinse, smart dry.

  26. 587.15413100A Kenmore Dishwasher with “Er” message flashing. Machine fails to complete full cycle.
    Lights illuminated on “Quick Rinse”, as well as the three items under “Er”, “washing, clean, sanitized”, -and the lock symbol.

  27. I have Kenmore 665.15892 dishwasher. I wish to run diagnostic cycle. What is the sequence to push to initiate this? I’ve read to push Heated Dry/Normal/Heated Dry/Normal but I don’t have a Heated Dry button (*)nor a Normal – it is Normal Wash actually.)

  28. There is no “heated dry” on my display. It says sensor dry or some such thing and that doesn’t work. I will try the hold on the start -.

  29. DIY Project Help Tips

    Try Pressing and holding the Start/Resume button for 10 seconds.
    If that does not work, try the reset code: Press Heated Dry, Normal, Heated Dry, Normal and it SHOULD reset your Kenmore Dishwasher.

  30. I have a Kenmore elite 465 dishwasher that has the first red light flashing and the start resume flashing. Cancel doesn’t work. Is there a reset function I could try?

  31. DIY Project Help Tips

    The advise we gave was to try and fix the issue without having to spend mountains of money. We use the troubleshooting methods that are MOST LIKELY THE PINPOINT CAUSE and work backwards and forwards from that point.
    The control panel is not cheap but if you purchase it online and install it yourself it will save you hundreds of dollars.
    Or, buy the part and just hire the repairman to install it. It is an easy job.

  32. We were forced to call a tech to have a look.
    It turns out it was the control board which burnt and has to be replaced.
    Hopefully problem solved.
    I was really trying to avoid calling anyone but having checked everything and coming up empty we decided to call the experts.
    Thank you for your help and support, Much appreciated.

  33. Thank you for your comments and advice. I will check what you have recommended and try it again. Will keep my fingers crossed and hope that it works.

  34. DIY Project Help Tips

    Your Kenmore Dishwasher with a burning smell and not operational could be:

    – An open Heating Element circuit (heater, thermostat, or wiring)
    – Neutral side Door Switch not closing (check switch and door latch assembly)
    – Water not coming in or lack of water (check inlet valve circuit and water pressure)
    – Lack of water circulation (pump motor or restriction in circulation channels)
    – Siphoning of water during fill (check drain hose for proper installation)

    To reset the control, press these buttons in this sequence:
    Heated Dry, Normal, Heated Dry, Normal.
    Let the unit run for 2-3 minutes and then you press the Cancel/Drain button and allow it to completely drain and reset. The dishwasher will run and operate normally unless it does not detect a water temperature rise again.


  35. My friend has a Kenmore Ultrawash Quiet Guard 4 dishwasher. About a year ago the clean light was flashing 7 times. I did the reset normal wash, heated dry a couple of times and it worked great up until a couple of weeks ago when my friend said there was a burning smell coming from the dishwasher. I tried the reset again, but the machine will only do a short cycle, about 20 minutes and the clean light starts flashing again and the dishes are not clean or dried properly. It is model # 665-17033402, serial # F83903682. I have not been able to find a fix specific to this machine. I suspect it is the heating element, but I tried the door and I can pull open the door without much force without releasing the latch. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  36. Mel VanSlageren

    It was recommended to change the control panel if the board still had some functions. I have one on order. The only function buttons working were the cancel and time delay. Thanks for your reply though.

  37. DIY Project Help Tips

    Mel V,
    It should pop off with a flat head screwdriver by lifting where the cover snaps into. Did you replace the control board because of the unresponsive buttons? Have you tested the boards to be sure it is not just a simple fuse or wire harness?

  38. Mel VanSlageren

    I have a Kenmore ultra wash quiet guard dishwasher which is unresponsive to all buttons except the cancel and delay buttons. I have replaced the control board and am ready to replace the function board. Is there a trick to remove this from the molded assembly without damaging it?

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