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Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out In Same Light Fixture?

How to fix light bulbs in a light fixture that keep burning out? If you have one or more light fixtures in your home or apartment that burns out light bulbs fast, here are some solutions. Changing light bulbs that burn out is a fact of life, but what if one certain light fixture constantly burns out light bulbs? What could be happening with the light fixture that causes the bulbs to burn out faster than the rest of the house light fixtures? Could it be an electrical problem? Bad light bulbs to start with? Is the light fixture getting too hot? Could the bulbs be screwed in too tight? Is the light fixture installed properly? We will answer those questions below.

light bulbs keep burning out in light fixtureLight bulbs keep burning out in light fixture

Are my light bulbs screwed in so tight it causes them to burn out faster?

If you screw a light bulb into the socket too tight, this can make them burn out faster. At the bottom of the light fixture’s light socket is a brass tab. This brass tab is flexible. The brass tab should sit a quarter inch or so up from the bottom of the light socket. When you screw a light bulb in too tight it can bend the brass tab so that it is too far down in the light socket. This makes it so the brass tab does not fully make contact with the bottom of the light bulb. If this happens you may get electrical arcing between the brass tab and the light bulb. When this happens the light bulb can burn out faster.

Light socket brass tabLight socket brass tab

If you suspect that you may have light bulbs screwed in too tight:
1 – Turn off power to the light fixture
2 – Remove the enclosure on the light fixture (if applicable)
3 – Remove the light bulb or bulbs
4 – Use pliers to pull the brass tab back up so it is not bent downward in the light socket
5 – Make sure the brass tab sits up about a 1/4 inch from the bottom of the socket
6 – Replace the light bulb
7 – Reattach the light fixture enclosure (if applicable)
8 – The light fixture should now stop burning out the bulbs prematurely

Is my light fixture getting so hot it causes the light bulbs to burn out faster?

Is your light fixture covered by a glass, metal, or other type of enclosure, or you have recessed lighting? If so, the heat has nowhere to go and may buildup inside the covered fixture. This excess heat can make the light bulbs burn out faster. An easy fix for this is to switch out your existing light bulbs for lower wattage bulbs.

Is an electrical issue causing my light bulbs to burn out faster?

The electrical power coming into the average American home is 110 to 120 volts. (In Europe this is 220 volts) The electricity coming in your home can be higher. As for how this effects light bulbs, it can reduce the life span of the bulb therefore causing your problem. If you suspect an electrical issue, use a multi-meter to test the light fixture. If the meter shows over 120 volts, then this may be the issue. You could try using 130 volt light bulbs for that light fixture. 130 volt light bulbs use a thicker filament that places less resistance on the current. This is so the current flows easier. The current moving through the thicker filament meets less resistance therefore it requires less energy to produce light. A small decrease in voltage leads to a huge increase in life span. Why buy 130 volt light bulbs? Buy 130 volt bulbs when you want to change your bulbs less often!

130 volt light bulbs130 volt light bulbs can help you replace light bulbs less often!

Does my light fixture have a loose wire and causing the light bulbs to burn out faster?

Tried all of the above and still having light bulbs burn out too fast?
Check the light fixtures wiring to be sure the electrical wires are not loose or improperly wired.
1 – Remove power to the light fixture
2 – Completely remove the light fixture from the wall or ceiling
3 – Do a visual check to be sure all of the wiring connections are wired properly and secure (If wire nuts are used they can become loose and the electrical connection can fluctuate)
4 – Secure any loose wires or repair any improper wiring
5 – Reinstall the light fixture and test with a new light bulb
Loose wires can also make bulbs burn out faster so check to be sure the wires are properly connected.

Do you have a light fixture or lamp in your home that burns out bulbs faster than the rest of your home and cannot figure out why? Please leave a comment below and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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10 thoughts on “Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out In Same Light Fixture?”

  1. I have a fixture where the bulb burns out on a pretty regular basis (like every 3-4 weeks). Thinking it was the fixture I replaced the fixture and the problem still exists, the voltage of the wiring from the house was checked and found to be within a normal range before installing the new fixture. The first bulb (LED) lasted 5 weeks, the second bulb, again LED lasted 3 weeks. What could be the issue? Thanks!

  2. i have a lamp with a 3 way bulb 2 circuits of the bulb r out same thing happened with new bulb in a few days changed socket same thing happened with new bulb and the new socket

  3. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    If you are willing and able, turn off the power to the light fixture and remove and replace the complete fixture.
    Check the wiring to be sure it is wired properly.
    If this task is above what you are willing to do, hire an electrical professional to replace it.

  4. We moved in to our brand new house in March 2017. We have replaced LED low-wattage light bulbs 3x in one recessed socket. This last time, the base of the bulb was cracked, and the fixture was making noise before I removed the bulb… I’m no electrician, but that seems like a wiring issueto me- what do you think?

  5. Did you ever figure this out? I changed my fixtures too thinking this was the problem but no, now I am replacing 40 dollars worth of bulbs rather than 4 dollars worth every month (I changed from regular bulb to LED).

  6. Karlene verducci

    My ceiling fan light bulb blew out and the base of the bulb is burnt to a black crisp, literally, why? Also the kitchen and bathroom lights flicker even if the switch is off_ why?

  7. One bulb out of three constantly burns out, sometimes immediately, in my ceiling fan light fixture. The other two are okay. This is a replacement fixture as the previous one did the same thing. Can’t be the fixture then, or even the bulbs. What could it be? Socket reads 120 volts. Is something loose? I can’t figure it out.

  8. DIY Project Help Tips

    Could be faulty or loose wiring.
    Also the light fixture itself may have a faulty bulb housing.
    Check all wiring and replace or tighten if needed.

  9. I have “1” particular light fixture at home that keeps burning out light bulbs. I believe it is the original fixture installed in the house. Could the wiring within the fixture be old or would that not be the case?

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