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How Often Do Fire Extinguishers Need To Be Replaced?

Fire extinguishers are needed in your home or business for fire safety. Extinguishers have a noncombustible gas inside. This gas is a non-combustible chemical liquid or powder that is under constant pressure. A fire extinguisher can depressurize. If the fire extinguisher depressurizes, this will leave the fire extinguisher completely useless. If a fire occurs, your fire extinguisher will be needed to “put out” the fire. Be sure your extinguisher is fully pressurized by reading the pressure gauge. All fire extinguishers need to be inspected periodically and recharged OR completely replaced.

How often to replace fire extinguisherHow often to replace fire extinguisher

There are “one use” fire extinguishers and “rechargeable” fire extinguishers.

If you have a one use extinguisher, it should be inspected monthly for corrosion and to be sure it is properly pressurized. If your one use extinguisher is not properly pressurized, it needs to be replaced. The extinguisher pressure gauge needle needs to be in the green area for proper pressurization.

Fire extinguisher gauge in the greenFire extinguisher gauge in the green

If you have a rechargeable extinguisher, you should check it monthly to be sure it is pressurized. The extinguisher pressure gauge needle needs to be in the green area for proper pressurization. Be sure the extinguisher does not have any corrosion. Corrosion on a fire extinguisher can cause the pressurized contents to leak and depressurization can occur. A rechargeable extinguisher is usually serviced every 5 to 6 years depending on conditions.

If your home or business is humid, humidity can corrode the fire extinguisher at a faster pace. Replace your fire extinguisher more often if this is the case. Corrosion leads to leaks and leaks lead to low pressure in the extinguisher. If your fire extinguisher has low pressure, it will not have the capability to properly “put out” a fire.

Fire extinguisher parts identificationFire extinguisher parts identification

Fire extinguisher checklist:

  1. Check the pressure gauge monthly. (The pressure gauge needle needs to be in the green area)
  2. Check if your extinguisher has corrosion or rust.
  3. Check the hose and nozzle for cracks and rips.
  4. Check to see if the locking pin on the handle is missing or unsealed.
  5. Check the inspection sticker. There should be a record of checks and maintenance.
  6. Replace or service your extinguisher if it has been used.

If your fire extinguisher has low pressure, get it serviced or replace it. If your extinguisher has rust or corrosion, replace it. If the hose or nozzle is loose, cracked or ripped, replace it. If the locking pin is missing or not sealed, replace it. Make sure the inspection sticker on the extinguisher has a record of periodic checks and or maintenance. If your extinguisher has been used, replace it or have it serviced.

How to use a fire extinguisherHow to use a fire extinguisher = PULL – AIM – SQUEEZE – SWEEP

Fire extinguisher label and color codingFire extinguisher label and color coding

Fire extinguisher replacementsFire extinguisher replacements

Have questions about when to replace or recharge your fire extinguisher? Please leave your questions below and we can assist in helping you with your fire extinguisher questions.

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  1. DIY Project Help Tips

    George Ostfeld,
    It will depend on where you live. If you have a refillable fire extinguisher, check Google for “Fire Extinguisher Refill” and you should find a certified company in your local area. Some fire departments do this for free depending on where you live. Call them a call and see if they offer this service free in your area.

  2. George Ostfeld

    Where does one get a fire extinguisher recharged or serviced? This was not addressed, unless I overlooked it.

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