New HE Washing Machine Is Very Loud On Spin Cycle – What Can Cause This?

I just had a new Samsung HE Front Load Washer installed. When the washer goes into the spin cycle, it is very loud. It is louder than any washing machine I have ever heard! I know it is not supposed to be this loud as the reviews for this washer are 5 stars and said “ultra quiet” – “low noise”. The company that installed the washer is coming back in a few days to check it. The shipping bolts on the back have been removed and my floor is completely level. Why would a brand new washing machine that is professionally installed be making so much noise? This washer is rated to be one of the most quiet on the market. Can you tell me what I can check on my own to fix this noise issue?

noisy washer? - level the washer legsNoisy washer? – Level the washer legs.

If the HE Front Loading Washer is brand new and makes a very loud noise on the spin cycle, the washer itself is not level on the floor. Your floor may be level, but when it was installed, the appliance installation company may have not leveled the washer to the floor or may have leveled the washer incorrectly. Also the shipping bolts on the back may have not been removed.

Assuming there is nothing wrong with your brand new Samsung Front Loading HE Washing Machine, if it is extremely loud during the spin cycle, here is what you must do to stop the noise… Gently rock the washer side to side and back and forth. This is to see if the washer is not level and find out which leg may need to be adjusted. If the washer rocks or moves, then you need to adjust the appropriate leg so it makes flush contact with the floor. More info below…

use a bubble level to be sure your washing machine is level on the floorUse a bubble level to be sure your washing machine is level on the floor.

How to level and adjust a washing machine to prevent noise and vibration when running a spin cycle

Put a level on top of your washing machine.
Adjust the washing machine legs until the level shows that the washer is perfectly level.
The washer needs to be correctly leveled from FRONT TO BACK and SIDE TO SIDE.
Adjust the legs on the washer by hand and with a wrench.
Adjust the washer legs a little at a time while you observe the level.
Make small adjustments to the washer legs until you have it perfectly level.
You may have had the washer level from SIDE TO SIDE but make sure it is level from FRONT TO BACK also.
 Rock the washer back and forth and side to side once finished to be sure all 4 legs are flush with the floor.

Once your washing machine is correctly leveled from FRONT TO BACK and SIDE TO SIDE, run a test spin cycle. Your washer should now be ultra quiet and running as designed. If not or while running the test spin cycle your washer still makes noise and vibrates, level the legs while the washer is running. This way you will see which leveling of the legs will fix the issue as it is happening. Be sure to tighten the top locking nut on the washer legs once level. This way they will be locked in place and stay in the desired position.

Adjust washing machine legs to level washer and avoid vibration and noiseAdjust washing machine legs to level washer and avoid vibration and noise.

NOTE: With newer high efficiency washers, it is critical that they are 100% level. If your high efficiency washer is not level, the washer drum will not be completely centered and therefore wobble inside the housing causing the noise you hear when the washer is in a high RPM spin cycle.

Have a washer making too much noise? Need help? Let us know your issue by leaving a question below and we will be happy to assist.

3 thoughts on “New HE Washing Machine Is Very Loud On Spin Cycle – What Can Cause This?”

  1. My top load Kenmore washer makes a loud noise while in spin mode. Like its ready to fly away. What could it be? When I did a fault code test the code was F7-E1 . Seems the spin cycle lasts longer and takes awhile to stop….please help me

  2. michael miller

    my whirlpool washer starts shaking hard at the beginning of the spin cycle thens stops thens continues to finish the wash cycle

  3. The front load Samsung washer was installed and leveled. When it starts the spin cycle it makes a loud banging noise which reduces and eventually goes away completely. Is this the auto leveling working or is something else a problem?

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