LG Washing Machine IE Error Code – What To Check? – How To Clear?

LG WASHER IE ERROR CODE = WATER INLET ERROR = NO WATER ENTERING WASHER is the definition of the IE or 1E error code on your LG washing machine.

If your LG washer is getting the IE error code, there can be a few reasons why the IE or 1E error code can display. The IE error code on the LG washers display is indicating water did not fill the tub or it did not fill properly in the allotted time. This can be from a faulty water inlet valve, drain hose issue, bent water hoses, the water valves to the washer are not “open”, or there may be a communication or wiring harness issue. All these issues can cause your LG washer to display the error code IE. Below we will show you what to check and how to fix and clear the IE error code.

LG Washer Getting IE Error Code - What Does IE Mean - How To Clear Reset Fix IE Fault CodeLG Washer Getting IE Error Code – What Does IE Mean? – How To Clear Reset Fix IE Fault Code?

When your LG washer shows the IE error or fault code, this means WATER INLET ERROR. This error code is telling you the washer tub did not fill with water in a specific time. The error means the water did not reach the correct level within 8 minutes.


What to check and how to clear the LG washer IE or 1E error code:
1 – Check to be sure the drain hose is not stuck too far down the standpipe. (If it is too far down then the WATER MAY FILL AND DRAIN AT SAME TIME)

Washer drain hose too far down - Washer drains and fills at same timeWASHER DRAIN HOSE TOO FAR DOWN STANDPIPE

2 – Check and be sure the HOT and COLD water supply valves are fully open.
3 – Check that the HOT and COLD water supply hoses are not bent, damaged, or clogged with hard water.

If the above 3 simple fixes all checked out good and no issues, next remove the water hoses to check for proper waterflow…

To check that water is flowing without interruption to the washer:
1 – Turn OFF the HOT and COLD water supply valves on the wall.
2 – Remove the HOT and COLD water supply hoses FROM THE WASHING MACHINE. (Do not remove the water lines from the wall)
3 – While the water hoses are removed, check where the hoses connect on the washer and be sure the INLET VALVE FILTER SCREENS are not clogged.


4 – Get a large bucket to hold a few gallons of water.
5 – Place the ends of both the HOT and COLD water valves into the bucket.
6 – Turn the water valves on the wall to OPEN and run water through the hoses to test water flow and pressure.
7 – If water flows with no issues then you may have an issue with the water inlet valve.

If all the above checked out, next you need to check the water inlet valve. You will need to get to the water inlet valve and check to be sure it is secure and the wire harnesses to power it are secure and connected properly. You can test the valves with a multimeter to determine if it is faulty. If you find that the water inlet valve is not working, you should replace it.


NOTE: If you get water fill and both water inlet valves are working properly and you still get the IE error code, this MAY indicate a problem with the water level pressure switch. So check the pressure switch to be sure it is operating properly.


LG Washing Machine Displaying Fault Code IE or 1E = The official error code is IE but may look like 1E. So if your LG washer shows IE or 1E error or fault code, you know the washer is not receiving water.

Do you have questions about your LG washing machine getting the IE or 1E error code and need HELP? Please leave a comment below and we will be happy to assist.

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48 thoughts on “LG Washing Machine IE Error Code – What To Check? – How To Clear?”

  1. Michelle Parker

    Hi I am getting this IE error code only at the end of a 60° wash. When I do my normal 40° wash it’s fine.
    I went out and it was down to just over 20 mins left when I came back it was showing IE code

  2. Model # WM3700HWA, behind the metal screen at water inlets there is a black rubber seal do I pull this out also? I am getting IE error code on 2 year old washer small amount of debris was in screen cleaned and still getting error code.

  3. Thank you and this forum. Just saved me buying a new washer! Pipe to the
    sensor was off. If it hadn’t been for this chat i would never have looked. Thanks again.

  4. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Barbara Holbrook,
    LG front loader washer is giving an IE code and the tub is filling up with water when then washer is off. I replaced the inlet valves a few weeks ago…

    It sounds as if the new water inlet valve is “stuck” open therefore letting water into the washer. You may have a faulty new water inlet valve.
    Send it back and get an OEM part, you don’t want to use cheap parts when it comes to water as it could flood and cause major issues.
    Get an official OEM LG water inlet valve from the LG website or from a 3rd party, but be sure it is LG approved.

  5. Barbara Holbrook

    My lg front loader is giving me an IE code and the tub is filling up with water when then washer is off. I replaced the inlet valves a few weeks ago. It worked fine till yesterday. What would cause this?

  6. LG WM2016CW Washing Machine was getting IE error and no water at all was going into the machine.

    Checked hoses/filters/pressure, etc. no problems. Opened it up and cold valve was all corroded. Replaced the cold valve. Now I have the opposite problem. The pre-wash valve turns on and starts filling the tub on every cycle and during every step of the diagnostic. I tried switching the quick-connect over to the main wash valve and now that one stays on all the time. I’ve also replaced the pressure switch.

    Not sure what else to try, seems like the valve connector is getting the wrong signal at startup and just never turning off.

  7. We have an LG waveforce. The ie light comes on but only when it fills the rinse cycle then it trickles. It fills properly when it starts the wash cycle – hot and cold – or when I do a rinse and spin only.

  8. Sonia Mckenzie

    I had a problem with soap coming out back of machine. Mechanic came and said use less soap. Brilliant. He left and now the IE pops up every time I try to do a load. He had the machine apart, top and back. Hoses not linked and drain not too far down. What else could it be!

  9. I’m getting IE code intermittently. Last time checked all above and everything was fine. Now it can happen multiple time during a wash but seems ok if I just restart it. I’m also getting humming sound. I’m thinking drain pump but does not make sense with code, and it is draining. Circulation pump but not sure if there is one. Inlet valve, but why humming? Any insights appreciated.

  10. When I started the program in a front load washing machine it’s run properly few minutes and then suddenly it’s drain the whole water and showing the IE error but every connection are properly how could I fix it

  11. Hello
    Concerning the IE error code. I only get it when there is a load. Ran the machine completely empty with vinegar twice and then nothing the third time. No code, no issue. Put in some.laundry boom code ???
    It is a stacked set that has been working fine for 6 months then out of blue code starts
    Set bought in June, reached out to LG for service unable to locate provider in my area.

  12. LG Dishwasher IE error code. Dishwasher drains then fills (have checked both drain motor and other motors, working) but after the fill the beep then IE code appears and washer immediately empties

  13. THANK YOU! Had a brand new washer giving me the IE code – two different installers, 4 calls to the store, and one call to LG because the store told me it was a “resetting error” (nope, that’s not a thing). I finally got fed up, googled it, found this page and sure enough, the drain hose was too far down the pipe and I fixed it my damn self in five minutes flat.

  14. Lg washers shows 1e error code checked hoses check drain checked the drain filter replace cold water inlet valve still shows code. Once you get through the first wash then the machine will work properly for the next loads.

  15. I had the same issue.
    No problem with water fill (it overfilled then IE Code) so I doubted it had to do with the water inlet valve.
    I suspected a bad water level sensor.
    I opened the top by removing the 2 screws and slid the lid off.
    I found the water level sensor on the top/ side of the machine and noticed the rubber air tube was dislodged from the sensor.
    Reattached and problem solved.

  16. What was your resolution?
    Mine seems to have the same problem.
    Water fills up about 3/4 of the tub even when empty then stops and the IE error code comes up.
    Meanwhile the water starts leaking out the front door at the bottom.
    I run a spin only cycle (14 minutes) and the water drains easily but the tub keeps trying to drain and the timer is stuck at 10 minutes.

  17. Hi Allen,
    I have an LG washing machine F1443KD.

    An error messages keeps coming up stopping the wash.
    “Check water supply and hose.”
    However you can see a good supply of water going in the the machine.
    No pipes are kinked etc Iv cleared the water filter and replaced there water inlet solenoid.

    Any idears please
    Many thanks

  18. hi,
    just wanted to say thanks for posting this…
    your first solution worked for me :)
    the tub would not fill up because as the
    water went in it was siphoned out down
    the drain… pulled back the hose a bit…
    problem solved… easy breezy!… thanks again!

  19. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Ben Stewart,
    Concerning the water issues with your LG washer getting the IE error code…

    First check to see if the water hoses behind the washer are kinked!
    Also, be sure you have the water supply taps FULLY OPEN.

    Sounds like a clog in the line that brings water to the detergent compartment.
    If one side gets water and the other does not, you need to troubleshoot the water lines.
    Check the water lines inside the washer where water flows to the detergent compartment.

    You may have clogged inlet filters that prevent the water from coming in properly.
    Check where the water hoses meet the washer.
    Clean or replace the inlet filters.

    Let us know what you find.

  20. On my LG washer I have had issues with an IE error code for some while now, however we have just pressed ‘play’ and the wash had continued until the next cycle, then another IE code, and we would just press play again and it would finish.
    This was obviously inconvenient as we would have to stay by the machine and couldn’t leave it to wash by itself.
    Now though we changed from liquid to powder detergent and we’ve noticed at the detergent compartment isn’t being used.
    The detergent is staying completely dry.
    I must assume that this was always the case since the first IE error code, only noticed now that we changed to powdered detergent.
    I blew out hoses from inlet valve and they are fine.
    Finally I sat by a wash with the detergent compartment out and noticed that though the water seems to get in, and pushes out of the pre-wash (right ) side, it certainly doesn’t come out on the main wash (left) side.
    It just appears to flow out the back (after the prewash)
    Does that sound like I need to replace the inlet valves or would there be a blockage or something else?
    I had already replaced the drain valve after constant DE error codes about 6 months ago.

  21. When I first power on my LG / Kenmore washing machine you get the sound of what I think is the drain pump running when I try to run a cycle through, the water runs into the machine but never fills the tub after a while I get an IE error code and it shuts off. Appreciate your help with this matter.

  22. So I’m getting an ie error but the washer has over filled. Water all over. I’m guessing the water level sensor. Help

  23. Thanks all for the suggestions. After E1 code on my machine, I found 2 of the inlet nozzles completely plugged with mineral deposits on the water/soap box: main & prewash. Screens were only slightly dirty. Hope this helps.

  24. LG front load washing machine. Error code is IE. It takes water sufficient. And drains immediately without wash.
    And also I can’t use rinse and spin option.
    It only does that spinning.
    What to do. Kindly guide please. Thank you.

  25. I have a LG front load machine and have been getting the IE error code. I have replaced both the inlet valve and pressure switch. I am still getting the error code. I have checked everything else, all ok. I works on the rinse and spin cycle, but not the reg or short cycle. Any suggestions?

  26. Washer was 1 year old and starting showing IE error code. Checked and cleaned the 2 water filters and then looked behind them into the valve and each one had an additional small metal fine filter. Carefully dislodged them with a small screw driver and found that they were partially plugged. Cleaned them with a toothbrush and then compressed air so I could see thru them easily. Replaced them and put the plastic filter back in. The base of the plastic filter holds the fine metal screen in place. Everything works fine again!

  27. It’s a small hose on the drum that comes off but it’s hard to see unless you pull in it a bit, then you see it was barley connected. This will fix the issue of flooding your garage. Mine has done it twice and I made sure I put it on tighter this this time.

  28. I have a lg tromm steam washer 4.0 capacity serial #wm 2487hrm direct drive system; however when I push the button to start the washer it tries to start but then shuts off and gives an error code of DE. This will also happens when in mid cycyle. It will beep and gives this same error code DE. THE FRONT DOOR IS SECURELY LOCKED. P!ease help

  29. I opened the top of the washing machine. There was a rubber flexible pipe not connecting to a tube. I connected it again and the LG waching Machine IE problem was gone. 1 minute work… The rubber went off because the extra heavy drum and shaking moves of the washing machine.

  30. Need help please out machine is giving this fault code and now the floor has flooded!! Washing machine repair guy came out and took it away saying it’s all fine and works well on a full cycle in his workshop so said check the plumbing and water pressure. Got the water guy to comee and he said the pressure is fine, the plumber also came and said there is no problem with the pipes and there is no leaks under the sink so no blockage anywhere and all looks fine. Now the washing machine guy says he will try replace the seal but he doesn’t know about the error code. Nobody is sorting it out and keep passing the buck! I’m getting so frustrated as the machine is only about 5yesrs old and obviously just out of warranty now! I’m going crazy!! Please help it keeps stopping mid cycle!!i don’t know what’s wrong

  31. My brand new lg washer keeps not finishing the load and saying the IE code but the tub is still 1/4 full with water

  32. What does the red circle with a key and line through the circle mean? I can’t locate this info anywhere and this is on my washing machine and nothing will run. How do I clear this? Thank you so much in advance for your help. I have the LG Inverter Direct Drive washing machine.

  33. My machine is having this error. I’ve put the outlet pipe into a bin and let the water into there.

    I’m getting 30 litres of water into the system when starting a cycle that then gets chucked into the bucket at the end. That seems way too much which leads me to believe the issue is likely to do with the system not knowing it has plenty of water.

    Is that likely to be the pressure switch?

  34. i have been having an issue with my LG washer it seems to fill then slows not to get filled the way it used to or supposed to i check my lines filter both sets and are clear my washer runs part way through its a hit and miss weather it uses the soap then stops with an IE code and if by chance it does run all the way through the fabric softner is still full what do i do any ideas?

  35. Fred was right, I found a second filter behind the plastic one they show in the manual for my LG WT7200CW Washer. Even though the plastic filters never clogged, the metal fine-mesh one behind it was completely clogged on Cold Water side. Since the metal filter is domed outward, I took the machine apart, hoping I could reach it from the back side to push it out. That was a waste of time, as the water inlet valve is behind the screen, and there is no way to get to the filter. I gently pried my out with a screw driver. I deformed it a little, but I was able to get it back into shape. (There is a black plastic or rubber circular piece under the mesh, but it remains in the tube.) Perhaps you could get the metal mesh filter out with a magnet, but it was in there pretty snugly. I cleaned out the filter and the silt that was in the filter tube area. That seemed to correct the IE error problem. I’m going to have to add a sediment filter where the water line comes into the house, otherwise I’ll have to keep cleaning out the washer’s filter.

    Thanks for the the tip Fred!

  36. Hi
    I have the exact problem. How do i reach and clear the second filter. Would appreciate your response


  37. Fred Bicknell

    Problem solved. The initial fast flow was through the hot water valve (5.76 volts during filling) The hot valve would close after 1 minute and the remaining dribble was through the cold water valve (5.76 volts during dribble). Both hose inlet colored screens were clean and clear. Upon closer inspection with them removed THERE IS ANOTHER SET OF SCREENS behind them. Hot was clear, cold was plugged. After cleaning cold flows full stream while valve is receiving 5.76 volts. NOWHERE IS THERE ANY MENTION OR REFERENCE TO THE SECOND SCREEN SET.

  38. We’ve been getting an IE error often. It seems to just quit during the cycle. But instead of water not filling, it just has too much water in the drum (not draining) when it shuts down. It also takes longer than it should. For example, when set to a quick wash for 28 minutes, you come back 20 or 30 minutes later and it still says 20 minutes left. Could it just need to be replaced. It is 11+ years old.

  39. My LG washer is filling with water, not a problem, but after a few minutes it displays the IE error code and starts draining.

  40. I have checked all that you suggested on my LG Dishwasher.
    And no problems.
    But I have noticed that the drain pump is not shutting off.
    I even put my thumb over drain hose and keep getting pressure?
    Replaced water pressure sensor.

  41. I have an LG Washer.
    When starting a load and when the load starts the rinse cycle the water fills rapidly for approximately 1 minute then it cuts back to a dribble instantly while the drum still turns.
    It continues to dribble with the drum turning for seems like 12 minutes then displays code IE.
    You have to stop and restart the cycle so it will again repeat the rapid fill / cut back to a dribble routine.
    I have cleaned the filters and my water pressure ranges from 20 lbs min to 40 lbs max.
    This machine has done this from day one (about 5 years old now).
    I had a service technician come out while it was still under warranty.
    He replaced the fill valve (did not help).
    I have replaced the fill valve again since then (did not help).
    Is there any way to force the washer to just fill up and stop dribbling?

  42. Our Kenmore Elite washer also experiences the IE error causing the washer to stop. Folks are posting what appear to be short term fixes, but I believe it is a defect with the machine. I tried replacing several parts to no avail. My washer is only 3 years old and maintained well. This type issue should not be happening in a relatively new state of the art washer. Can it be fixed? So they say but it will require a service call at around ($300.00) three hundred dollars with no guarantee. Go Figure.

  43. Although I am getting the IE code my machine doesn’t seem to have a problem filling with water. If anything it is possibly too much water, it fills and then within five minutes of starting displays the IE code and starts to drain.

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