LG Washer Error Code FE – What To Check – How To Clear

LG WASHER FE ERROR CODE = WATER OVERFLOW ERROR = The drain pump is running constantly when the FE error code is displayed. Most likely solution = Replace WATER INLET VALVE.


What does FE code mean on LG washer? If your LG washer is getting the FE error code, there is usually one reason why the FE fault code will display. The FE error code on the LG washer display is indicating a water overflow issue. This means the WATER INLET VALVE may not be shutting off the flow of water and therefore the DRAIN PUMP is running constantly. This may mean the WATER INLET VALVE has failed to shut off the water to the washer and needs to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced.

LG washing machine water inlet valveLG washing machine water inlet valve

LG Washing Machine has FE code:
FE error code on LG washer means = Water overflow error

What happens when the FE error code appears?
The washer continues to fill with water and the drain pump is constantly running when the FE error code shows.

What to check to fix FE error code?
Inspect the water inlet valves (where the water supply hoses connect into) and see if they shut off the water supply at the correct time. The water inlet valves should always turn the water off after the washer is filled to the set water level. See if the water inlet valves are clogged with debris and causing them to not CLOSE. (You may be able to clean the water inlet valves and get them to work properly again.) If the water inlet valve does not close, the water will keep filling the washer. If the washer continues to get water into the tub after it reaches maximum water capacity, the drain pump should kick on a drain the water out to avoid a water overflow.

If you find that the water inlet valves are faulty, you will need to remove and replace the water inlet valve assembly.

LG washer water inlet valve replacementsReplacement LG washer water inlet valves

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to replace a water inlet valve on a washing machine.

How TO Replace the Water Inlet Valve on a Front Load Washer?

Need help with your LG front Load Washer showing the FE error code? Please leave your question below and we will assist.


9 thoughts on “LG Washer Error Code FE – What To Check – How To Clear”

  1. I have an LG front loader with an error code FE and had a repair technician in who cleaned everything up and said it should be okay. on the second load of washing it came back and the water did not drain but even worse then before i called him. Seems like the pump is constantly running. There is a sketching sound when water filling now too. I constantly now have to shut water off and spin and drain machine to get remaining water out. Machine just 4 years old.

  2. LG front load washer. I have changed both water valves. Still getting FE code. What can I do next?

  3. LG WM3001 washer has FE error code. I’ve shutoff water to the washer. The machine goes into FE immediately upon power on. I’ve tried to press the spin speed button but nothing happens. All leds on selector dial are lit. How do I drain to further troubleshoot?

  4. Hi. I have the LG washer/dryer combo. Model WD12570FD. Initially I had an IE and then an FE error. After checking the inlet solenoid bank, I renewed it. On it’s first wash after renewal of the solenoid valve bank, I had an FE error again. Fill Error. My question. What governs how much water flows into the washer? Thanks in advance. Paul

  5. I have an LG WM2688HNM. I believe we purchased it in 2007, but not certain. Recently, FE error code has been displaying periodically. I just cleaned the filters, although they were not very dirty. If problem continues, how do I know if it’s the cold water valve, the hot water valve, and/or if it’s a computer problem and not a mechanical one?

    Thank you,

  6. Hi I have a LG wm1437bfd washing machine in which the error code fe came on Indicating the inlet valve in which I replaced but it is still showing this error after replacing the new part please help thank you

  7. I am having code issue with my Kenmore Control front load washing machine the FE lights in the panel, but the valve new and it doesn’t fill the washer at all,,

  8. The drain pump is constantly running and the FE error is coming despite the fact that I fill water manually to d machine , the machine has been working fine with this process, pls what can I do?

  9. I just replaced a badly corroded water inlet valve on my lg washer and now the new one will not shut off and I get an FE code. What could be some causes and solutions to this issue?

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