Samsung Washing Machine Displays Error Code tE – How To Clear Error?

Is your Samsung washing machine showing the error code tE? If your Samsung washer is running a wash cycle and the tE error code shows on your washers display, it means that you have a faulty Temperature Sensor, also known as a Thermistor. The Thermistor is a small part in the back of the washer that reads the temperature of the water during a cycle. There are a few things that may or can occur that will cause your washer to display the tE or tE1 fault code.

Samsung Washing Machine Displays Error Code tESamsung Washing Machine Displays Error Code tE

Samsung washer displays tE error code. This indicates a malfunctioning temperature sensor (thermistor). The Samsung washing machine tE or tE1 error indicates the water temp is too low or too high.

Samsung Washing Machine ThermistorSamsung Washing Machine Thermistor

Clear the error code tE on your Samsung washer by using the methods below:

– Unplug the washing machine for 10 minutes.
2 – After 10 minutes, plug the washer back in.
3 – The washing machine’s main control board may have reset.
4 – Test the washing machine by running a small load.
5 – If the tE error code is now clear, resetting the control board has fixed the problem.

If unplugging the washer did not clear the tE error code, try the method below:

1 – Check the wiring on the Thermistor itself.
2 – Check the wires that connect to the Thermistor to be sure they are not loose or broken.
3 – Check the wiring going from the Thermistor to the control board.
4 – Be sure the wires have continuity and the wiring harness is not damaged.
5 – If the wiring harness is found to be damaged, replace the wire harness and test washer.

If the wiring harness going from the Thermistor to the board is in good condition and both wires have continuity, try the next step:

Use DIAGNOSTICS MODE to find out if the Thermistor is faulty.
You will need to put your Samsung washer into DIAGNOSTICS MODE.
This will need to be done to determine what water temp the control board measures.
If the temperature reading is not the same, then you will know the Thermistor is OUT OF RANGE which means the Thermistor needs to be removed and replaced.

In Diagnostic Mode, you can check what error codes have occurred using diagnostic mode.
When you enter into diagnostic mode the letter “d” is displayed.
Turn or jog the dial in a clockwise or counter clockwise motion and you can see which error codes that have recently happened.

(See below for how to get into test mode)

Samsung washing machine tE error code repairSamsung washing machine tE error code repair

Samsung Washer tE Error Code Thermistor Measure Mode Check:
(Note: Some Samsung washing machines will vary getting into diagnostics or test mode, consult your service manual to be sure)

Press and hold Signal + Extra Rinse for 5 sec.
Press Extra Rinse to select the Board Input (in) mode.
Turn knob counter-clockwise to select 1st LED.
– Compare the Temperature Table below to the Sensor Resistance.

Samsung washer tE error code thermistor checkSamsung washer tE error code thermistor check – Temperature table

If after troubleshooting you find you need to replace the Thermistor:
(The Thermistor is located on the back of the washer)


  • You will need to unplug the washer before replacing the Thermistor.
  • The Thermistor is attached to the bottom back of the washer drum.
  • The Thermistor is attached with 2 screws.
  • Remove the screws and the Thermistor will slip out.
  • Remove the wire connector.
  • Replace the new Thermistor by attaching the wire connectors and slipping the new Thermistor into place.
  • Secure it with the 2 screws.
  • Put the washer back together and test washer.
  • The Samsung washer tE error code will now be gone and the washer should have no problems.

Do you have a Samsung washer that displays tE or tE1 on the display? Please let us know if you have comments or questions and we will be happy to assist.

11 thoughts on “Samsung Washing Machine Displays Error Code tE – How To Clear Error?”

  1. Did you check continuity of the wires to the control board, line #3 in the trouble shooting? Mine had a broken wire between the harness and the control board.

  2. I was getting a te code a year ago & replaced the thermistor and it seemed to fix the issue however it’s now back and I’ve tried replacing the thermistor and it did not work I have also replaced the control panel and that didn’t work either. Any other suggestions???

  3. judt replaced my thermisyor and the te code still coming on. what do i do next. i hve a Samsung front loader washer

  4. I have replaced the thermistor twice. I’m still getting the same error code. I have gone into the Board Input mode and nothing is helping. All the water houses are the same. The error code occurred after replacing the rubber boot seal around the door opening that was leaking. Please if anyone has any advice or a way to by pass this control panel I will do all joy laundry on the same cold water setting I can’t care anymore about options. Going to the laundry mat is miserable. .

  5. I know this is a 3 year post, but it’s a helpful thread. If after replacing the thermistor, it could very well be the heater. Run a hot water cycle and see if it’s heating the water to the approximate temp you set the water too.

  6. having the same issue right now I really can’t complain though as the machine has lasted 5 years which is a record for me. I am the death dealer for washing machines.
    I don’t want to fork out for another machine right now so I’ve discovered that it goes through a complete cycle on the super eco cold wash :)
    I *will* buy another one soon. The 5 years parts and labour warranty means I will have the new one working for at least another 5 years, then if this one can be repaired, I will keep it to wash the dog bedding and gritty rugs which normally cause the problems and kill washing machines.

  7. Jason Mccorkhill

    I’ve gone thru the diag of this several times today. Checked the wires visually and for continuity. Was able to get the code to clear for one complete 20 minute wash cycle put in a load of heavy duty clothes for a long wash cycle and the code came back. The thermistor has been replaced and the code still came back. I just want to wash our dang clothes got a big family where do I go from here?

  8. Tamara S Albers

    Samsung Washer mdl#EF306LAW/XAA Ser#227554ALA03507B
    I took the back panel off and looked for washer thermistor and I can’t find it. Could it be that this is a different model than your photo? Is mine somewhere else?


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