Which Way To Turn A Combination Lock To Open? RIGHT – LEFT – RIGHT

Directions for opening a combination lock. If you have a combination lock you need to know which way to turn it first and how many times each way to open it. You may have forgotten which way to turn a combination lock first. You may need to remember how to unlock a lock for a locker or how to turn the dial on a Master lock. Below is the dialing sequence to open a standard combination lock.

How to turn the dial on a master lock - Which way to turn combination lock?Which way to turn combination lock? – How to turn the dial on a master lock?

Follow the simple steps below to open a combo lock:
Combination Locks Turn = RIGHT – LEFT – RIGHT
1 – Have the lock combination code.
2 – Turn the Dial 3 times RIGHT – Stop at the first number.
3 – Turn the Dial LEFT 1 complete turn and past the first number – Stop at the second number.
4 – Turn the Dial RIGHT – Stop at the third number.
5 – Pull on the lock to OPEN.

Right = Clockwise
Left = Counter-clockwise

How to Open a Master Lock


Which way to turn a combination lock?Which way to turn a combination lock?

A combination lock will have a 3 digit lock code.
It should be on the back of the lock.
Have the 3 number code or combination number memorized, write it down, or put it in your phone notes/memo.
Turn RIGHT 3 times to first code number.
Turn LEFT 1 time past first number and stop on second number.
Turn RIGHT to last number.
Pull to open.

Combination Lock Parts IdentificationCombination Lock – Parts Identification


“Set-Your-Own” Combination Locks Instructions FAQs – Step By Step Here for Master Locks.

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