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LG Washing Machine Error Code dE – How To Clear?

What does dE code mean on LG washing machine? Is your LG top load washer getting the dE error code? The dE error code on an LG washer is indicating the washer door was not able to properly lock the door. This signifies 3 different issues that may be causing the dE error code.

LG Washing Machine Error Code dE - How To ClearLG Washing Machine Error Code dE
How To Clear? – What To Check? – How To Fix/Repair?

dE Fault Code on LG washerLG Washer dE Error/Fault Code.
The dE code will look like this on the Washer’s Display Panel.

The LG Washer dE error code indicates the washer cannot lock the washer door.

Here are 3 reasons why the washer door was unable to lock:
The door is not aligned properly.
The washer door was not closed properly.
The washer’s door latch may be faulty.

Here is what to check and clear the dE error code:
1 – Press the POWER button to turn washer OFF.
2 – Remove the washer from power.
3 – Press and hold the START/PAUSE button for 5 to 10 seconds.
4 – Apply power to the washer.
5 – Turn the unit back on by pressing the POWER button.
6 – Open and Close the washer door, making sure the door has latched.
7 – Select a wash cycle and press START/PAUSE to test the washer.

To be sure the dE error code does not come back:
DO NOT put weight on the washer door when open.
Pushing on the door when OPEN can BEND the door hinge therefore not letting it shut or close properly.
The washer drum should not be packed with clothing which could cause the door out of alignment.
Put clothing far into the washer drum so no parts of the clothing are trapped between the door and outside the door.

Make sure the door is aligned properly and not bent. If the hinges on the washer door have been bent, you can try bending it back into position. If unable, you will need to install a new washer door hinge.

If the door is shut properly and you continue to get the dE error code, you need to see if the wiring harness that go from the door latch to the control board are secure and not damaged. You may need to remove the door latch and check for damage and use a meter to be sure it is receiving power. If you suspect the LG washer door latch to be faulty, replace it.

LG washing machine door lock switch lock assembly parts

LG washing machine door lock switch lock assembly parts

Have questions about LG washer getting the dE error code? Please leave a comment below and we can assist in troubleshooting.

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21 thoughts on “LG Washing Machine Error Code dE – How To Clear?”

  1. Hello I have a WT5101HV with a de code I’ve changed out the door lock latch and still getting code I’ve done “reset” time after time and it will not reset I hear nothing from the lock at all!! What’s the issue? Please help


    LG Model WF HX 200 GV – 20Kg direct drive inverter WASHING MACHINE, problem is water never stop filling and flows out the drain pipe. I had personally removed the drum and cleaned the interior. Water flows in and flows out. I had a new water level sensor replaced. What is the problem and how you assist?

  3. I have a DE2 code, on my front loading all in one washer dryer. I’ve done the power off procedures, and even replaced the door lock. Still getting a DE2 code! what can I do next

  4. Only have had my front load a little over 6 months and have de code. Door won’t open locked tight. Have tried what was told to do for this several times. ( 8) but still no luck. What can I do now?

  5. I have a DE1 code I have changed out the door lock with a new door lock mechanism the hinges are aligned but as soon as I turned on the power I do not hear 2 clicks at the door lock and I still have DE1 even after leaving on pluged for 10 minutes. Please help. Motherboard?

  6. Hi ours is a Top loader it is an 8.5kg we had dE error but it was not the door. The machine was not spinning and there was some water in it so it was not draining properly either. It was that the drain plug underneath the machine it was blocked by an underwire out of a bra. We unblocked it and now itworks properly in our case dE stood for drain error.
    We used to get this with our old LG as well.

  7. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Chase Mays,
    LG washer dE error code indicates the washer door was unable to lock.
    This can be resolved by resetting the washing machine.
    Try unplugging the washer for 10 minutes.
    This should clear the error code.
    If not the issue may be the door lock.

  8. On my LG Fuzzy Logic 8.2kg Turbodrum , just the ‘e’ is flashing of the “de”.

    What can it be
    Thank you

  9. I have tried resetting my top load LG washer, did not work. Hinges seem ok. Washer sometimes starts and locks but, will only run a short time before the deadline code comes back on. Any assist you can lend will be appreciated

  10. I have an LG washer dryer front loader, when starting the cycle it clicks twice and shows DE code, have tried all methods shown above but to no avail. Bought a new lock but the same happens. Any other solutions?

  11. Cathleen C Adams

    We keep getting the DE error code when we start a load. We followed the instructions and nothing helped.

    Is the washing machine supposed to make 2 clicking sounds?

  12. Hello, just got the dE error and have tried it all and it just keeps clicking and stops.
    All hinges look completely aligned and the lock is getting power since it is clicking twice before giving me the code again.
    Any suggestions before buying a lock for no reason?

  13. I have an LG wm227hw. I keep getting the de error, but not at the beginning of the cycle. It keeps stopping mid-cycle. Sometimes I can get it to go all the way thru the cycle, but not very often. The door seems to be latching just fine. I have not opened it up to check the wiring harness. If it’s a problem with that what part do I need and how can I tell. Someone also suggested that it may be the control panel that needs to be replaced. I’d love to get this part ordered and get it fixed. it’s driving me crazy.

    Thank you for your help!

  14. Ok, I have a LG front load washer. Model #wm2277hw. The tub bearing needed replaced (it was making an aweful racket while spinning) so I replaced them. After getting it back together, I now get the error code “de”. I have checked the door alignment and seal and it all looks good. I replaced the door lock mechanism as well. I am still getting the error. I never even touched the door lock other than to umplug it so I could get the front panel off to replace the bearings. What could be the problem?

  15. Hello,

    My LG Front Load WM2250CW is getting the DE error frequently, but not always. Sometimes, by “playing” with the door I’m able to make it work again…, but sometimes it stops again at the middle of the cycle.

    Would this be a problem in the door lock system, or should it be more a door alignment issue?

    Thanks in advance!

  16. Lg top load washing machine keeps showing DE after it has finished setting water level.

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