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Side-By-Side Refrigerator Freezing Food In The Refrigerator Section

The refrigerator section is getting frozen. My side-by-side refrigerator is freezing the produce, milk, cheese, vegetables, and more. I have adjusted the temperature to bring the temperature up to make the fridge section less cold. Changing the temperature for the fridge section did not help. The refrigerator is running longer than usual. The water dispenser has also stopped working. I recently changed the refrigerator water filter hoping that may help, but it did not make any difference. Do you think the water line is frozen and causing the fridge section to freeze?

Side-By-Side Refrigerator Freezing Food In The Refrigerator SectionSide-By-Side Refrigerator Freezing Food In The Refrigerator Section

Fridge section freezing food? Check Air Damper, Thermostat, and Main Control Board.

Most commonly when the fridge section is freezing food and beverages, it is an air flow related problem (AIR DAMPER / DAMPER CONTROL ASSEMBLY).

The air damper controls the airflow and may be stuck open or faulty. The air damper is the part on your refrigerator that balances the air flow from the evaporator fan housing. The evaporator fan housing is located in the freezer section. Usually the air damper is a mechanically operated flap that controls the amount of cold air that enters the fresh food compartment or the fridge section.

Refrigerator Air DamperRefrigerator Air Damper Assembly

If the air damper is faulty or stuck open, then you will have too much cold air entering the fresh food compartment. This can result in the food in the fridge portion of the refrigerator to freeze. On most all refrigerators, the air damper is located where the cold air enters the fresh food compartment. Inspect the air damper and if you find it to be faulty, replace it.

Refrigerator Air Damper Control AssemblyRefrigerator Air Damper Control Assembly for all brands of refrigerators

More information on the AIR DAMPER:
The housing the air damper is enclosed in is usually made of plastic with a styrofoam lining.
There may be a foam seal to prevent air leakage.
When inspecting the housing, be careful to not damage the seal or the styrofoam.
Locate the air damper in the refrigerator.
You will need to operate the control knob to be sure the linkage is working and it moves easily.
If the air damper is stuck in the open position or does not easily move, you should replace it.

Refrigerator Thermostat Faulty?
If your refrigerator compressor runs more than normal and if your freezer section is colder than normal, you may have a thermostat issue if your model of side-by-side refrigerator has one. Older refrigerators do have a thermostat but most newer refrigerators have the thermostat built into the main control board. If your refrigerator is older, locate and inspect the thermostat. If you find the thermostat to be faulty, replace it.

Thermostat For RefrigeratorThermostats for all brands of Refrigerators

If you have a newer refrigerator and the thermostat is located on the main control board, inspect the main control board and if you find it to be faulty, replace it.

Control Board For RefrigeratorControl Boards for all brands of Refrigerators

Freezer Getting Too Cold?
If the freezer is getting too cold the water line (that is for the water dispenser on the front door of the refrigerator) the water line in the refrigerator door may be frozen.

Check to see if you have a frozen water line in the door:
Disconnect the water fitting under the freezer door (or where it is located on your specific refrigerator)
Push on the water dispenser (if water comes out with pressure that means the water line in the fridge door is frozen)
Keep the refrigerator door open for some time to let it thaw (carefully apply the heat of a hair dryer on the inside door to thaw the frozen water line faster)

Have questions concerning a side-by-side refrigerator freezing the food section of the fridge? Please leave your question below and we will be happy to assist.

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6 thoughts on “Side-By-Side Refrigerator Freezing Food In The Refrigerator Section”

  1. Elizabeth Khaduli

    My fridge is LG stabilizer free. It freezes food in the normal section. It also produces a high sound. The technician said it was the thermostat but he worked with wires behind the fridge but the problem still persists. Could it be the air damper. Am confused. He did not replace the thermostat unless it was the wires behind. Please help.

  2. DLS side by side refrigerator after a low and full power outage now freezing everything on both side. What to do. Vegetables have froze . Milk not yet. Small container of food have.
    Freezer side show ice forming on plastic lids and side on the freezer.
    What to do.

  3. Hi, Frigidaire, side by side, model FRSC2333ASO, made 3/21. Food freezing in fridge side. Temp in fridges stays at 32 degrees, same temp as freezer. Do we need a new temp sensor? Thanks

  4. i have a frigidaire side by side model gpsz28v9cf0.
    I had a problem with the freezer going up to -7 degrees. I took the fridge for maintenance and they said that it plumbs were blocked. They cleaned it, replaced the filter, put new gas etc.
    The freezer now goes to -20. I also enabled the water / ice produced and it was fine for 1 day.
    Today I noticed that the water was not coming out. I also noticed that the fridge (not the freezer) was -7 degrees. I lowered the temperature to 2 to see how it will behave.
    any ideas what could be causing the issue ? NB. I am making last attempt to fix it or buy a new one :)

  5. Maytag Fridge msd6421keb.
    Most recent problem is freezing food in fridge.
    Wanted to check the damper assembly but can’t get it off.
    The rod appears to be attached to the freezer.
    I can find nothing to help for this model.

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