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LG Front Load Washer TCL Error Code

I have the tCL Error Code on my LG Washer. I was washing clothes and I noticed the washer was not working and showed the TCL Error Code. What does this error code mean?

My LG washer is 2 years old, was around $1000 US dollars, and the model number is WM1814CW. I have tried to unplug the washer as stated on some other websites, but unplugging the washer did not reset the error code. Please advise me on how to clear or reset the LG washer to remove the t CL error code.

LG Front Load Washer TCL Error - How To Clear The Fault CodeLG Front Load Washer TCL Error – How To Clear The Fault Code

LG Front Load Washer Error Code TCL = TUB CLEAN CYCLE

If your LG front load washing machine is showing the t CL error code, this is telling you to run the tub clean cycle. This means the washer is sensing that the tub is not clean and needs to be properly cleaned to function at peak performance. There is a sensor in the washer that senses the tub is dirty. This sends a signal to the display panel where it shows the error code.

This error code does not show very often but when it does, it is an easy fix. This error code clearing method simply involves cleaning the tub. See below for how to clean your LG washer and clear the TCL error code…


  1. First, completely EMPTY THE WASH TUB (No clothing inside the wash tub)
  2. Next, apply your choice of cleaner such as recommended: Liquid Bleach (Tub Clean Solution)Powder Tub CleanTablet (pod) Tub Cleaner. All Washing Machine Cleaners here.
  3. Once the cleaner is in the right place, go to the LG washer control panel, Turn Power Button to ONSelect the TUB CLEAN CYCLEPress START Button.
  4. Let the washer run and complete the TUB CLEAN CYCLE. After running the TUB CLEAN CYCLE you will be able to wash clothing without the code showing in most cases.
  5. If the error code reappears, run the TUB CLEAN CYCLE once more to fully CLEAN the tub.
  6. The t CL error may continue to show after completing multiple wash cycles but will clear with the next “scheduled” washer tub clean cycle.

NOTE A: If you are using Liquid Bleach or Tub Clean Solution, add it into the compartment that says LIQUID BLEACH.
NOTE B: If you are using a Powdered Cleaner, put it into the MAIN WASH COMPARTMENT. (you may have to remove the liquid detergent cup if applicable)
NOTE C: If you are using a Tablet Cleaner, add the Tablet directly into the washer. Do not add Tablet Cleaner into Detergent Dispenser. Do not add anything else.

Washer Tub Cleaners To Clear TCL Error

Affresh Washer Machine CleanerAffresh Washer Machine Cleaner


Tide Washing Machine CleanerTide Washing Machine Cleaner


Clorox Washing Machine CleanerClorox Washing Machine Cleaner


Glisten Washer Washing Machine Cleaner for Traditional Top Loaders and High Efficiency (HE) Washing MachinesGlisten Washer Washing Machine Cleaner
For Traditional Top Loaders and High Efficiency (HE) Washing Machines


Oh Yuk Washing Machine Cleaner For All Washers (Top Load and Front Load, HE and Non-HE)Oh Yuk Washing Machine Cleaner For All Washers
(Top Load and Front Load, HE and Non-HE)


Kleenite Kleen Machine Washing Machine CleanerKleenite Kleen Machine – Washing Machine Cleaner

LG Washing Machine Cleaning Tips

TIP 1 – To keep your washer running smooth and as designed, use the TUB CLEAN CYCLE once per month to keep your LG washing machine clean and free of detergent build up.
TIP 2 – Wipe the inside of the door and the door seal to remove moisture after washing.
TIP 3 – Leave the washing machine door open to allow the tub to dry so no odors can build up.
TIP 4 – If you find your washer has odors, use the TUB CLEAN CYCLE to remove any odors that can occur with washing.
TIP 5 – Run the TUB CLEAN 3 times in a row to remove heavy odors or if error code reappears.

Do you have questions or cannot clear the TCL error code on your LG washer? Please leave a comment below and we will be happy to assist you.

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3 thoughts on “LG Front Load Washer TCL Error Code”

  1. ChristopherGoins

    Mine is giving the tub clean error code but will not spin or anything. It stopped in the middle of a wash. I have been cleaning my washer with the tub clean tabs every month and haven’t ever had this happen. It seems to be the motor that’s not working because it just makes a humming sound and will not spin.

  2. On machine start up it displays T CL flashes 3 times and clears out. No function works after that and I can’t select T Cl either on the display. Pressed and hold down the button more than 3 seconds and still nothing. The machine wont allow other functions and wont still go to tub cleaning mode. Please help

  3. Hello,
    I’ve been trying to clean the tub of my LG washer dryer combo. I placed a tablet of Affresh into the tub, closed the door, pushed the clean tub cycle pressing it for a few seconds and the tub turned but the water didn’t enter the tub so I stopped. I tried this a few times more. The sane thing happened. I did push the power and start buttons. Is there a delay before the water enters the tub? Now I’m getting dashes when I press the clean tub indicator. Does this mean I can’t clean the tub,etc. because I’ve tried too often? What should I do? Thank you for your help.

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