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TV Screen Is Black – Powers ON But No Picture – What To Check?

I have an Samsung TV and the screen is black. The TV powers ON but I am unable to see a picture. The TV picture flashes for a second or two and then the screen goes completely black. It is just a black screen with nothing else. I can see the POWER light illuminate so I know the TV is turning ON and staying ON. I do hear sound even though the TV screen is black.

My TV is a 65″ 4K SMART LED HDTV and the black screen just started to appear. I am unable to watch TV as the black screen is constant. Does this mean the screen or main panel is bad? If an LED or LEDs go bad, does the picture flash and then the black screen constantly appears? What are some things I can check myself before I call for repair or warranty service?

TV Screen Is Black - Powers ON But No PictureTV Screen Is Black – Powers ON But No Picture

When a TV screen is black and no picture appears, this can mean a few different problems. Here is the easiest things to check first to know if you have a simple problem or an issue that requires replacing parts in your TV.

Black TV Screen Quick Test 1:
First, attempt to get the TV MENU pulled up using the remote control or the MENU button on the TV itself.
If the TV MENU appears, then the issue is coming from one of your sources or components.

Black TV Screen Solution 1:
This would mean that either a CABLE BOX, SAT BOX, COAX CABLE, HDMI CABLE, ETC may not be working properly, something is loose, or needs reset.
-Reset ALL components by unplugging them for 5 minutes including the TV.
-Be sure all COAX CABLES and HDMI CABLES are tight and properly connected.
-If you CAN pull up the TV MENU when you have the black screen, update your TV’s firmware to be sure your TV is up to date and rule out the TV as the problem.
NOTE: If the TV now works and there is no BLACK SCREEN, the issue was either a loose cable, old TV firmware, or a component that needed to be reset and the issue is now resolved.

Black TV Screen Quick Test 2:
Is the component you are using TURNED ON and the TV INPUT is set correctly?

Black TV Screen Solution 2:
For example, if you are using a Roku to watch TV…
-Be sure the ROKU or the component is TURNED ON.
-Be sure you have the TV INPUT set correctly and it is set to the component you are currently using.
-Switch to all the TV INPUTS one at a time to make sure you have the component connected to the correct input.
NOTE: Sometimes inputs are labelled incorrectly and this can cause confusion. If after turning ON the component and changing the TV INPUT, the BLACK SCREEN is gone and the TV works, the issue is now resloved.

Black TV Screen Quick Test 3:
After resetting and making sure the components are connected properly, if you still get the BLACK SCREEN, you may have a bad COAX CABLE or HDMI CABLE.

Black TV Screen Solution 3:
Try using different or new cables for the component you are currently using.
-Use a new COAX CABLE for SAT BOX and CABLE BOX.
-Use a new HDMI CABLE for ROKU, AMAZON, DVD, BLU-RAY, X-BOX, PlayStation, etc.
-Make sure there is no damage where the cables connect into.
NOTE: If after using a new CABLE the BLACK SCREEN is now gone and you can see the picture and sound, the problem is resolved and the issue was a faulty cable.


Damaged HDMI CableDamaged HDMI Cable

Damaged COAX CableDamaged COAX Cable – Bent Pin

If the above solutions did not work to fix the BLACK TV SCREEN, see below for other reasons that may be causing the issue.

Other issues that can cause the BLACK SCREEN that will require disassembling your TV and replacing parts:
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR SAFETY – Before disassembling your TV, turn it off, unplug the TV, and wait a few hours so the power the TV holds inside discharges to avoid SHOCK.

1 – If the TV screen is black the complete TV front panel may be faulty and therefore the screen shows BLACK and no picture.
Find out if your screen is faulty or cracked and research to see if a new screen replacement is worth buying vs getting a new TV.

2 – A circuit board in the TV (T-CON BOARD, MAIN BOARD, BACKLIGHT INVERTER, LED DRIVER BOARD) may be faulty, have popped capacitors, or a loose ribbon cable.
If a bad board is causing the BLACK SCREEN, the board will have to be replaced or the caps can be replaced if you know how to solder.
Check the ribbon connections of all boards inside the TV to be sure everything is connected and secure.

TV Repair - T-CON BoardTV Repair – T-CON Board

Samsung TV Repair - Main BoardSamsung TV Repair – Main Board

3 – If the LED TV flashes on the screen when you FIRST turn it ON and then the BLACK SCREEN is shown, you may have a FAULTY LED or LEDs.
There may be a few LEDs that are not working behind the panel.
FYI – LED replacement is a total breakdown of the TV to replace the strips of LEDs that are faulty.
Check your TV model number and find the manual to see where the LEDs are located and how to replace.

TV Repair No Picture No Image Screen – Flashlight Test – Fix LCD LED TV

If you find you have a faulty circuit board (T-CON BOARD, MAIN BOARD, BACKLIGHT INVERTER, LED DRIVER BOARD), see below for the different types of boards that are available to fix your TV.

TV Repair - Main Circuit BoardsTV Repair – Main Circuit Boards

If you have suggestions on other easier ways to fix a TV with a BLACK SCREEN, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Also, if you have the BLACK SCREEN issue with your TV and the above solutions did not fix your TV, let us know by leaving your question below and we will help you get your TV working again.

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51 thoughts on “TV Screen Is Black – Powers ON But No Picture – What To Check?”

  1. I have a Seiki model number SE32HY27-D. I have audio but no picture. I have no backlights and can’t see the menu with the flashlight test. What needs to be replaced and is it worth it?

  2. hi I have a samsung TV built somewhere late 2000s over 10 years old the TV worked fine for a couple minutes then started glitching now the TV is just black and white and im not sure what to do

  3. My Sony has that black screen issue, I do get sound. I can run amazon Prime by passing the Onkyo amp and it is coming through WIFI and still sound with no video. I connected another screen to the Onkyo and it shows video so not the HDMI, NOT the amp. Ran a dvd and same thing I get sound but still no video. The weird thing is on the home page I get the tiles, in full screen but that is basically a still shot so I am thinking it is a circuit board for the actual video. This is an 85″ so too expensive to replace after only 5 years.

  4. Phew came here read some of the ideas to see if would fix my issue and I thank the tech gods I did. LG 42″ HDTV that is 8 yrs old, never a single problem with this tv in 8 yrs then boom she shut off on me and neither remote or manual on/off from side of tv would turn it back on, I was like..omg nooo. But followed the simple details here and in 60 seconds we were LIVE once more. Thank you thank you thank you

  5. We have a 65″ HAIER TV. I cleaned it and when turning back on the power, it shows a black screen, but the HAIER word appears on the screen for a second lightly. What might be the problem on it?

  6. Wanda L Blaylock

    I have a 47 inch Hitachi TV when I plug it in it says on the screen please wait then the screen has HDMI2 and makes a flash like it’s coming on and back to black. What could be the problem can’t get it to show anything or hear any sound.

  7. Hi there tv comes on for about two hours the screen goes black still can hear it but black screen. The tv is hooked up through a Telus box. Any ideas? Thanks for the help

  8. We have a vizio 50 inch tv that recently stopped working: no picture or sound. comcast says problem is not cable box, remote, cords, etc., but tv died. it is worth getting fixed? do you know who i could contact in boston area to find out?



  9. I have a Sinotec TV Set it just stopped showing pictures apart from the sound and the black screen. What could be the problem?

  10. Tried all remedies read to no avail. Our Samsung Smart TV still with black screen. Cannot see the menu. The power pilot lamp blinks when a button is pressed. There was a local network channel tv plus connected and it can not be operated normally. How else shall it be troubleshooted before bringing to a costly repair? Thank you!

  11. My TV screen is black. The power is on and we can hear the sound coming from the TV but we’re getting no picture. It’s a SONY TV and we’re not sure how to fix it.

  12. Don’t know the set but as the backlight is also off and gradually got worse my first thoughts are capacitors in the power supply varying with temperature. See if you can source a identical power supply board on ebay or check the electrolytic capacitors for bulging or leakage and replace.

  13. The backlight inverter isn’t working.
    It can be a faulty led in the screen (backlight inverter shuts down in protect mode), backlight inverter not being enabled by the main board or the backlight inverter itself faulty. Further more technical investigation with voltage checks and the use of circuit schematic diagrams would be required to pinpoint what is causing the backlight not to function.

  14. Hi my BUSH led smart tv has the standby light on the tv comes to a dark blue screen for about 2 seconds then goes black the standby button is still on what do i do?

  15. Holy Cow Batman

    TCL Roku LED TVs may have a black screen fix by turning on the TV and pressing the home button 10 times. OR
    Turn on Roku TV, press home 5x, Up 1x, left 2x, right 2x and wait about 30 seconds and the indicator light will do a series of flashes showing the TV is going into a hard reboot. It may take 5 minutes.

  16. I have the same problem. Any solutions I can try? There’s no sound and the TV menu won’t come on. I have turned it off and tried new HDMI wires. Once the power cord to the TV gets plugged back in, the black screen/4 second blinking starts up again. Red power light blinks as well.

  17. I have a 32” FLUID flat screen and tv can turn on and there are sounds but the screen is nothing but black and when I flash a flash light light on the screen I can see bearly. I wonder what part it might need?

  18. I have exactly the same issue…have sound but no pic…so cannot tell what input screen I am on.
    The Seiki logo comes up, I get sound then nothing!
    The TV was bought 2 years ago so I do not think I can get it fixed under a warranty.
    Did you get yours sorted?

  19. I have a Bolva 55′ 4k Ultra HD Televison, I can hear the sound, but the screen is black. I was watching it a few hours before, and when I turned it back on the sound came on but the Tv screen is black. Please Advise

  20. My TV is on but only a black screen shows. If i press the remote a red light blinks. If i press menu nothing happens.

  21. How do i know which board needs to be replaced?
    Working on a seiki se50uy04, when powered on it will boot past the blue seiki screen with no issue at all. If you already have media playing it will even show a few seconds of that media before the screen blacks out. Never loose sound, can see image with flashlight after screen goes black. I tried tcon board but it made no difference.
    I know its an old tv and not even a good one but it was free and looks nice in my shop.

  22. Dara Rose Filosofo

    How to fix a sony flat screen tv that has no picture at all due to overforce push of the screen?

  23. The tv picture was slowly getting darker and darker . About 6 weeks back when I first turned it on the screen it showed green, it did this 2 or 3 times over a period of 2 weeks and then was fine again except that’s when I noticed the picture was not as sharp or brilliant with color making it hard to see any details of scenes shot in dark settings. Tonight I turned it on and I have sound but no picture at all. I tried the flashlight test nothing. I looked for back lights nothing. I removed the side port cover allowing me to see the inside back screen and the globe light nothing there either, all dark. Is it affordably fixable this is a 73″ Mitsubishi mdl # WD-73737.
    Thanks for You Help.

  24. I have had TWO tv’s fail within a week of each other. Same make and model, same fault, the logo appears when turned on, then the sound comes on but with no picture. One at my caravan, other at my house 80 miles away. Could anyone advise? Thanks, Malcolm.

  25. 46la45rq rca turns on blue light then the screen just goes black I did the flashlight test and I could see the menu and black and white snow images as well like a no signal or when a old TV would not have signal

  26. Good day, a bit of guidance please. I have a Hisense TV, model LEDN40K20DP. About 6 months ago it was struck by lightning and I duly replaced the power board and 100% fine. Last week while I was watching screen went black without any warning, but sound remains. I did the flashlight test and I can see the images on the screen when flashlight is on the screen. Am I correct in assuming that it is the led backlights?

  27. Hi, I have a 55″ Hitachi TV. It has sound and a black screen. When I shine the flashlight on screen I can see the images. The is about 2 years old. It it worth repairing?

  28. I have a sharp , model lc50lb48iu that the screen is black but I have audio. Checked cables box etc put another tv in and all worked with diff tv. Checked and have no back lights, did flashlight test no menu images. Serial number is KSEGBYAO18504 . Thank you for your help

  29. Hi team, i have a Toshiba TV model – 49L621U. When i switch it ON, i get the toshiba logo flash for a second and then the screen turns black, i could still hear audio. I am able to see menu items via flash light test. I already tried replacing power board and T-Con board but i still face the same problem. I am not sure whether this model has a separate backlight inverter board. If anyone faced the same issue, please let me know. Do i also need to replace main board and back light LED strips? i still didnt go deep into the TV upto backlight LED’s. please advise next steps. Thanks

  30. Hi guys i have a samsung modle # un32j525dafxzo. The screen went black but flashes a slight picture every 4 seconds. I cant see any white lights from the vents but i do see blue lights.

  31. Hello, my extra 19″ Visio goes black after I turn it on. When I turn it on the Visio light underneath comes on the channel # is there and blue screen for a second then turns black. I took off back to see if backlights were on but only lights I could see on where the ones from the Visio symbol. sound works and other functions work. Can you tell me what you think?
    I wiped down the screen with a damp cloth and this is what happened??
    Thank you for your time, I understand that you are a busy man, and I really appreciate any knowledge or information you may have on this subject

  32. I have a 65 inch element was sitting watching it and the screen went black, unplugged it nothing happened, we have power to it , did flashlight test to make sure , now what can I do? thanks

  33. I have a rca 48 inch led tv and when I turn it on sometimes the picture won’t come on but has sound when I turn the tv off and on a few times the picture will come on . If the picture doesn’t come on it just turns blue or black , when I turn it off and back on and the picture comes in it will be white and say rca. Do you have any suggestions on what the problem may be.

  34. My 46 inch Samsung, I plug it in and it turns on and off continuously. I hear a click in a power board part, plus it makes the on/off regular sound and the red light blinks. Everything at the same time. Please let me know how it can be fixed and where to get the parts.
    Thank you very much.

  35. TV went black screen last night. Sound but no picture. Tried what you suggested to reboot the signal, meaning unplug power to cable box and restart. IT WORKED!!!!!!!

  36. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Pesiki Solomona,
    Unplug the TV from the wall outlet.
    Wait 10 minutes.
    Plug back in and the issue should resolve.

  37. Pesiki. Solomona

    My 55″ UHD TV CHIQ , was working well after 2 wks just out of the blue switch off, thought that it going to come back. The power light is there, when you switch it on its off it recognise but only black screen remains and no sound. Any ideas how to fix it?

  38. My PLASMA TV SUMSANG SMART SCREEN was working fine yesterday just out of the blue screen switched off thought its going to come back on never only power goes on. Power light is there but when I turn it on the power light just flashes on and off (instant) but the black screen remains & no sound. If I press buttons on the remote the tv light flickers so it is recognizing it. But nothing comes on the screen?
    Any ideas please? Am stressed men

  39. My Tv was working fine yesterday. Tonight I’ve come to put it on. The power light is there but when I turn it on the power light just flashes on and off (until turned off by the mains) but the black screen remains & no sound. If I press buttons on the remote the tv light flickers so it is recognizing it. But nothing comes on the screen?
    Any ideas it is an older tv not a smart tv

  40. Brittney Weaver

    I have a 49” Haier lcd tv, it was working just fine and then one day we turned it on and there was sound but no picture. I Took the back panel off and wiggled some cords and things, and was able to get the picture to come back. However, every time I turn it off, then the next day I have to repeat the same thing with wiggling cords and blowing on it. Should I replace the T-Con board for that?

  41. Jonathan Bradshaw

    I have a 55″ Vizio and when you turn it on the screen is fine. Over time it starts getting a little dark on one side until the whole screen eventually gets a dark cross shaped pattern on the whole screen. If I turn it off and right back on the picture is fine again. Then the problem repeats. I didn’t see this issue referenced yet because my screen isn’t just black. Does anyone have any advice?

  42. I have a 55″ Samsung Curved UHD LED TV with a black screen. When I turn the TV on I see mainly gray shaded vertical lines on the right side of the display for about 1 – 2 seconds then it goes dark. I can see the LED backlighting come on and after about 10 seconds the LED backlighting gets brighter but still no picture. I can hear tones when I change the volume but have not been able to get any HDMI video/audio to work. This TV has had the power, main, and T-Con boards replaced as well as the 4 ribbon cables from the T-Con to the buffer boards, but the issue is still happening. There is voltage to the main and T-Con boards (~12.3 volts) when power is turned on. I have also checked all the connector and wiring continuity between power and LED backlighting connection and power to main, and they are all good. I don’t have a schematic so running out of places to check. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  43. My samsung Smart TV have a problem of When power up it shows ‘Smart TV’ Logo and goes off by itself and when click remote the Red light blicks but still black screen.

  44. I have an LG LED t.v. that appears to power on but I have a black screen. A couple of things: 1) When I shine a flash light on the screen, I do not see anything such as a menu 2) I can’t tell if the back lights are on since the t.v. is mounted on the wall; however if there were backlights I would be able to see them in the dark which I don’t see any lights currently 3) there is no volume on the t.v. What to do next?

  45. I have a RCA 39 inch TV with sound but no picture.
    I can see the menu with the flashlight test.
    I’m troubleshooting the boards and I don’t have 12 volts on the power supply board.
    Pushing the on button has no effect.
    All the other voltages check out.
    Do you think the problem is the power supply board?

  46. Hi I have a Element eleft466 we had a power surge Black screen did the flashlight test we have ghost and sound I turned off the lights in the room I don’t see any backlights what can I do I also have a Seiki 47 inch doing the same thing please help Thanks Lee

  47. When the TV has a black screen, go close to the screen and shine a flashlight on it.
    If you see a picture it means the LED lights are the problem.
    I noticed that the soldering on the led strip sometimes gets loose, causing the supply cable not to deliver power.
    Depending on the type of TV you have, you can either buy a new led strip or attempt to repair, but I recommend buying a new one because fixing one is time consuming you have to dismantle the whole screen unit until you reach the leds.

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    Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting.
    I wonder how so much effort you put to create any such wonderful informative site.

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