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What Is The Cheapest Fast Way To Secure A Sliding Glass Patio Door?

How to secure a sliding glass patio door? A sliding glass patio door will have a simple latch to lock it. This latch can be vibrated by an intruder and opened. If you have a backyard with a sliding glass door or doors on your patio, you should add more protection to prevent a break in. There are many products on the market to secure a patio glass door. There are metal bars to secure the door that goes on the bottom of the track to prevent the door from being slid open. You can buy these expensive products or simply make your own security bar out of PVC pipe. See below for a cheap way to add more security to your sliding glass doors…

Secure sliding glass doors with PVC pipeSecure your sliding glass doors with PVC pipe – Cheap way to add security

If you have sliding glass doors on your patio, you should use more protection to prevent break ins and burglars by adding a security bar. Security bars can be purchased online or from your local home improvement store. These security bars can cost up to $50 US dollars per door. If you have 3 sliding glass doors, this will cost you $150 US dollars. These expenses can add up and cost too much. See below for the easy and cheap fast way to secure your patio doors.

Patio door security bar lockSecurity Bar For Patio Sliding Doors – Anti Lift

If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to add protection to your sliding glass door, consider using PVC pipe or a wooden dowel on the track so the door cannot be slid opened. Below is the easiest and cheapest way to add protection to your patio sliding glass doors.

Tools and supplies needed to make an effective but cheap DIY security bar for sliding glass doors on patios:

1 – Tape measure

2 – Hacksaw with sharp blade

3 – PVC pipe

4 – Permanent marker

5 – Work gloves

How to make a cheap security bar for patio sliding glass doors:

  1. Use a tape measure and measure each sliding glass door bottom track(s) length.
  2. Measure the depth and width of the sliding glass door track(s).
  3. Once you know the length and depth of the sliding glass doors track, write it down and note the size for each track.
  4. Go to your local home improvement store and purchase already cut PVC pipe, make sure each piece is longer than the length you need. (These PVC pipes are the leftovers from already cut pipe and should be very cheap (around 2 dollars each)
  5. Be sure that the diameter of the PVC pipe will be a good fit in the track of your sliding glass doors.
  6. If in doubt, a 1/2 inch diameter PVC pipe will usually fit all sliding glass door tracks, but use a bigger diameter if you can.
  7. Once you have the PVC pipe or pipes, put on your gloves and use the hacksaw to cut them to the length for each door track.
  8. If you have multiple sliding glass patio doors, be sure to number each PVC pipe so the correct length goes into the right track.
  9. Once the PVC pipe is cut to the proper length, lay them in the tracks of the sliding glass doors.
  10. Be sure they are cut so they fit snug and lay straight and tight in the track.
  11. Keep the PVC pipe in the tracks when you are not using them or when you go on vacation or holiday.
  12. This is the cheapest way to add more security to your sliding patio glass doors.

Cut the PVC pipe to size and number each oneCut the PVC pipe to the proper size and number each one (if multiple doors)


PVC pipe to secure sliding patio doorsPVC pipe lays in patio door track to secure sliding patio doors


Other tips to add security to your sliding glass doors:

  • Consider adding alarm and or security stickers on the sliding doors to ward off break ins.
  • Use drapes on your patio sliding glass doors so burglars cannot see into your home.
  • Apply a dark window film to the glass on your patio doors to prevent anyone from seeing into your home.
  • Get in the habit of always locking your patio doors as most robberies happen from patio doors left unlocked.
  • Use a window glass vibration alarm that will make an loud alarm sound if the glass is broken or hit.
  • Have a security company come out and give you advice on how to keep your patio doors secure.

A PVC pipe will add security to your sliding patio doors cheap and fast but more security is recommended in the long run. A PVC pipe in the track of your sliding glass doors is just the first step in adding protection and security to your doors.

This page is made to give people an easy cheaper option to add security to patio doors but more security is recommended. This is the perfect solution if you have recently moved into a home with patio doors that are only secured with the simple latch and you need extra protection in the fastest cheapest manner possible.

How to secure a patio door

Have questions about this simple way to add protection to your sliding glass patio doors? Please leave your comments or questions below.

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