Water Is Leaking Behind Refrigerator – 5 Causes – What To Check – How To Fix?

Water leaks from back of refrigerator. I recently noticed a large puddle of water under my refrigerator. I pulled the fridge out and can see the water is coming from the back of the refrigerator and running forward. The refrigerator is leaking water from the back or possibly underneath. What part is the most likely to leak? The water valve on the fridge or the water valve on the wall behind the refrigerator? I cannot figure out which part or area is leaking.

refrigerator water leak - back of fridgeRefrigerator water leak – Back behind fridge – How to fix?

If you have water leaking behind or underneath your refrigerator it could be a few different parts or components causing the leak. First, you will need to check to see if the leak is coming from the refrigerator or the water valve on the wall behind the refrigerator.

Here are 5 components to troubleshoot what may be causing the water leak under or in the back of your refrigerator:
Check the defrost drain in the fridge, the water inlet valve at the bottom of the fridge, the water ON OFF valve on the wall behind the refrigerator, the condensation pan (drain pan), and the water line going from the wall to the refrigerator for damage or the possibility of a loose part or component. See below for a detailed list of parts or areas of the fridge that may be the cause of the leak.


The water supply line (usually a plastic tube) behind the refrigerator may be damaged, slightly loose, or has pulled out from the wall or refrigerator. Use caution when sliding your refrigerator out from the wall as pulling it too far can pull the water line out! Check to see if the refrigerator water line is in good condition with no holes or rips. Check to be sure the water line is secure and has not been pulled out. If damaged, replace it. If loose, re secure it.

plastic refrigerator water line for ice and waterrefrigerator water supply line



The water valve on the wall behind the refrigerator may be leaking. The water valve that supplies water to the refrigerator could be loose, clogged, or damaged. Check the water valve and replace if needed. If you need to replace the water valve on the wall behind the refrigerator, remember to shut the water off to the complete home before doing so. Replace the valve as stated on the instructions that came with it.

water valve behind refrigerator on wallwater shut off valve



The refrigerator water inlet valve may be loose, faulty, or clogged. This is the valve at the back bottom of the refrigerator where the water line attaches into. This valve supplies water into your refrigerator for water and ice. If this valve is damaged, cracked, or the water line is not fully connected, it will leak. If you find the water inlet valve to be faulty, remember to turn the water valve on the wall off and remove power to the refrigerator before removing and installing a new water inlet valve.

water inlet valve for refrigeratorrefrigerator water inlet valve



Check the defrost drain line or drain hole in the freezer/refrigerator. The defrost drain can freeze up or become clogged with debris. If this happens, this causes the water to not be able to drain out and therefore water can drip down to the very bottom of the fridge compartment or overflow onto the condensation pan. When enough water accumulates, the water will eventually drip onto the floor. Fix frozen defrost drain tube in fridge freezer here.

drain hole in freezer refrigeratordefrost drain hole



Be sure the condensation pan (drain pan) at the very bottom of the refrigerator is clean. This pan sits at the very lowest point in the refrigerator near the ground. This pan’s purpose is to catch any dripping water. The condensation pan catches any water dripping and the heat from the refrigerator compressor evaporates the water. If this pan becomes dirty or clogged, it can overflow water and leak onto the floor. Consult your refrigerator manual to find out how to access the pan and clean it out. Once cleaned be sure to place it back in the correct position as if it is not seated correctly this can cause water leakage. Find your refrigerator manual here.

refrigerator drip pan - condensation panrefrigerator drain drip pan – condensation pan

Need assistance with your refrigerator leaking from the back? Write your comment or question below and include your fridge model number and we will be happy to help.

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15 thoughts on “Water Is Leaking Behind Refrigerator – 5 Causes – What To Check – How To Fix?”

  1. I have had the plastic line feed to the GE Cafe refrigerator split twice now. The second time causing substantial damage in my basement (area under the refrigerator). Do I have some underlying problem with my house plumbing caused by water pressure? I checked the pressure to an outside spigot and it showed slightly less than 80 psi – Which should be fine. The first time it happened (around a year after installation) I assumed that it was caused by the pipe being trapped when the refrigerator was moved backed into place during installation. Now 10 years later it has happened again!

  2. The line leaks at the valve in the wall when fridge is pushed back to the wall, I pull it out it quits leaking. Is it a clogged line? Doesn’t look like there are any kinks in tubing, (plastic tubing)

  3. My GE Fridge side by side started barely making water or ice. I replaced the water filter. Still the same. Now I notice water behind the fridge from the top black tube. I cleaned out an ice blockage. It had a little water coming out but not much.

  4. I have a whirlpool gold series refrigerator. On the water intake valve it leaks where the refrigerator line attaches. I replaced the intake valve and the new one also leaks. My line has a plastic 90 degree connector that inserts into the valve. In all videos none have that connector, could it be the problem? Could it be cut off? Please advise and thanks

  5. I have a Samsung rf260beaesr French door refrigerator. The ice maker quit working about a week ago and we noticed some water on the floor yesterday. While troubleshooting today, I saw water coming out where the water line goes into the back of the fridge. The water line enters the fridge, goes through the filter, come back out the back of the fridge and then enters again for the ice maker, which empties into a bin in the freezer below (no door dispenser). The second entrance at the freezer is where it leaking. There is a recessed box where the line enters and it is rather stuck in place. Before I go pulling it off, I was hoping for some help in what might be the issue and how to repair it.

  6. Michael Morrison

    I have an orange line on the back of my LG frig that has a split plastic piece that ties into the lower shelves of the unit. Water is coming from behind this fitting. I have taken the fitting off and there was water in a tube that drained out. Not sure why it keeps leaking.

    1. Hi, I have the same issue going on. Orange line leaking water from back of lg refrigerator. Did you ever find out the issue? Would love to find the solution. Thanks

  7. Sandra Whitehair

    I have a LG refrigerator model # LSC27931ST that is leaking from the top corner of the refrigerator side that holds the filter.
    This leak is on the back of unit.
    It has two white lines that come from bottom/opposite side where waterline hooks up.
    When I use water dispenser on the door, I can see the water leaking out the back where the two white hoses enter the refrigerator.

    1. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

      Sandra Whitehair,
      Sounds as if the water line at the back of your LG refrigerator model # LSC27931ST is not secure.
      It may have been pulled out when the refrigerator was put in place or slid out.
      Check the back area of the fridge and see if the water line has simply pulled out.
      Try to slide it back into place.
      It may have a cracked fitting that may need to be replaced.
      If you cannot fix it, take a picture of the issue and show it to someone at your local home improvement store and they can guide you to what part you may need.

  8. Kitchenaid KDTM404KPS0. 5/16 tube sprung several leaks between purple water dispenser solenoid valve and where the tube disappears up into the backside of the refrigerator section. Fix it with a length of 6/16 tubing and a slip coupling. Since the tubing failed at a low-stress point, I assume that the entire length should be considered suspect. How do I access/can I replace the tubing that goes up inside the back of the refrigerator?

  9. Kenmore 106.44439600. 5/16 plastic tube goes from the purple water dispenser solenoid valve, up the back of the freezer compartment, back down, and to the front to join with the line to the door dispenser.
    Leaks I can see are between the solenoid valve and where it disappears up the freezer back.
    I can splice in a new tubing piece using a union coupling.
    But is it possible to replace the entire length, i.e. all the way from the solenoid valve to the coupling to the door tube?
    I don’t see why it is leaking where it is, so would like to assume that the entire length is suspect.

    1. Update: from external measurements, it appears that the tubing goes to the back of the fridge section, not the freezer, which makes more sense. Can I access the 5/16 poly tubing by disassembling the back panel in the frefrigeration section?

  10. I have a Samsung frost free refrigerator freezer model RL4362FBASL. Seems that the fridge is a bit warmer than normal it is still cooling but not like it used to be, also the freezer seems to have a small puddle in front of it every morning. Any help much appreciated?


    I have a Kitchenaid Model # KDDC24CVS01 When the icemaker calls for water I hear the pump start but instead of going to the ice maker the water flows out of the drip line into the defrost pan and flows onto the floor behind the refrigerator. Thanks for any ideas for fixing the problem. Cathy

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