Hisense Washing Machine Error Codes And Troubleshooting

Hisense washers have digital displays that show information such as wash time and mode, error codes if it encounters a fault or problem. When an Error Code appears on the screen how do you know what this identifies? Here’s our list for all Hisense Washing Machine Error Codes along with some troubleshooting methods.

If you do not find the error or fault code your Hisense washer is displaying, let us know the model number of your washer and the error code it shows. Leave your question below and we will assist you in repairing and or clearing the error code from your Hisense Washing Machine.

HiSense Washing Machine Error CodesHisense Washing Machine Error Codes

Below are error codes that occur with Hisense washers.
If you need a Hisense washing machine Owners or Service Manual, please check here to see a PDF file… HWFE7510 Manual, and the HWFR6510 Manual.

HiSense Washing Machine Error Codes – Digital display (if on your model washer)

HiSense Washer Error Code F01 or F02 Definition = Water Supply Fault

HiSense Washer Error Code F03 Definition = Draining Fault

HiSense Washer Error Code F04 or F05 or F06 or F07 Definition = Electrical Module Issue/Board/Wiring

HiSense Washer Error Code F13 Definition = Door Lock Fault

HiSense Washer Error Code F22 Definition = NA

HiSense Washer Error Code F24 Definition = Water Level Reaches Overflow Level

HiSense Washer Error Code UNB Definition = Unbalance In Washer


Hisense Washer Error Codes Chart

Hisense Washer Error Codes 1



Hisense Washer Troubleshooting 1

Hisense Washer Troubleshooting 2

Hisense Washer Troubleshooting 3Hisense Washer Troubleshooting Guide


Hisense Washer How To Remove FilterHisense Washer How To Remove Filter/Drain 1


Hisense washer remove filter 2Hisense Washer How To Remove Filter/Drain 2

Hisense Washer DrainingHisense Washer Draining Precaution & Information

NOTE: For models with a remaining time that displays, a failure code between F01 to F07 and F13 or UNB appears on the display.

Hisense washer failure error code F01 and F02 appears on the digital display:
Press the start/pause button to cancel the failure code and start the program

Hisense washer failure error code F03 appears on the digital display:
Switch the washer off and Check if drain pump is blocked or drain hose is kinked

Hisense washer failure error code F04 to F07 appears on the digital display:
Switch the washer off and select the desired program

Hisense washer failure error code F13 appears on the digital display:
-Check whether the door is closed or not and press the start/pause button
-Start program for 20 sec and unlock the washer door
-(PTC) to check whether the door is closed
-Open or close it again
-After fault is removed, press “Start/Pause” key. If fault occurs again remove power
-Door Lock faulty

Hisense washer failure error code “F24” Water level reaches overflow level:
-Press “Start/Pause” key and feed water
-Select and start required program. If fault occurs again, remove power

If a failure code “UNB” (UNBALANCED) appears on the display:
-Switch the washer off and rearrange the clothes
-Select the spin programme and start; if the fault persists, unplug the washer

Haier washer care and maintenanceHaier washer care and maintenance
Door Seal – Filter – Detergent Dispenser



Check water hose on washing machineWater hose & mesh on washing machine
Check for cracks in hose and clogs in mesh filters

Need help? Please leave your model number and error code below and we will answer back to assist you in clearing any error codes you may get.

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69 thoughts on “Hisense Washing Machine Error Codes And Troubleshooting”

  1. Hi, My Hisense wtct802 top loader (8kg automatic) machine doesn’t wash but goes ahead to rinse and spin properly… Please help. Thanks

  2. Renecia Meiring

    Hi my washing machine WTQ1602S keeps on giving me the ee error on my washing mashine. Its 2 EE’s but the one on the right is back to front. It wont let me do anything on my machine. I have unplugged it on and off 3 times already and nothing seems to work. My filter is clean… Please help it wont even let me Tub Clean so that I can get rid of the water that is stuck inside after my first load was done.

  3. My Hisense washing machine model WFHV60125 keeps showing the f01 error code and immediately I press the start/pause button to reset it it drains immediately and the timer stops.

  4. Hi, I keep getting Error code F23 on hisense washing machine WFDJ7010S. Please help. The machine would not work….just showing the F23 error code….

  5. Please F13 means door lock and door switch is faulty, but I try to change the door switch to new one, is still showing F13, please what else could I check on the machine, could it be the electronic board is not sending signal to the door switch. Am try to tell my client to not go for hisense, it always give issue and difficult to repair because of un availability of parts

  6. Hi. My hisense washing machine model WFE7010S is giving me a f3 fault. I have taken out the drain pump cleaned it out and checked the drain pipes. All are clear however it still gives me the same fault. The machine is draining the water but still giving me the same fault. What should I do?

      1. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

        Hisense Washer with error code F06
        The f06 error lets you know there’s a motor speed feedback issue.
        The motor rotation speed is not set as 0, but no rotation speed is detected within 3 seconds or the rotation speed is below 20 rpm detected by the CCU.
        The motor is used to run-up to the high speeds required for the spin cycle so if the CCU (computer) is detecting that there’s no feedback, this means that the motor is faulty and you’ll need to get it checked.

  7. My Hisense WDBL1014VT is displaying F16 when I try to use the dryer.
    I’ve re inserted all the plugs I could.
    Opened up the condensation chamber (there was some build up there felt like sand) cleaned it out.
    Rechecked all the seals I could find.

    1. robert quantrill

      I have the same washer drier, Ive found i have to clean it out the condensation chamber on a regular basis, mostly down to drying towels and fluffy clothes, most of it sits at the bottom of the chamber so removing the back, loosening the rubber coupling and getting your hands in to pull the blockage seems to work for me (with the power off of course), ive pulled the full thing out a 3 time and it roughly takes me an hour with a little adjustable spanner and a 7mm ring spanner for an awkward bolt to get into at the front.

  8. I have a Hisense HW-G55E5KP washing machine and I started a program, the washer filled with water, and then stopped. It’s been sitting with a full load of water for over an hour and won’t progress. There’s no error message and from what I can see in the drain hose there’s no blockage. I’ve tried turning it off and on, unplugging it, trying to select a new program, and finally just selecting “drain”. Nothing is working.

  9. Jennifer Mckay

    Hi. I have a Hisense smart wash (WTY1802T). It gives an error code of E1. What does that mean and how can I fix it ?

  10. I have a WFU6012 machine.
    The machine fills with water, almost half of the drum. Then the error F1 code appears and pumps the water away?
    Please help!
    Thank you

  11. Have brought a hs60240buk dishwasher that when using for the first time it came up with code e5 weve checked everything we can think of but to no avail help please

  12. Just bought hisense 9kg steam allergy front loader washing machine when it spins it leaks water from the door and the detergent box what could be the problem its only 3days old

  13. Hi my hisense front loader model WFE6010 shows error F07 and I switch off and on after 3sec as per manual trouble shooting, it keep on showing the error what next step to do?

  14. Hi all my hisense washing machine has come up with a f21 fault code I wouldn’t know where to start can you assist me please thank you

  15. I have a 13kg Hisense washing machine model WTX1302S. The machine doesn’t want to rinse or spin. I can see on the display that the time is going down but the machine is doing nothing. What can be the problem?

  16. Christo pienaar

    Hi there, we bought the wty1802t, first couple of washes went great, now it doesnt want to spin, we tried balancing the load like they said on all the threads but still doesnt want to spin, bought it at the local game store.

  17. Good morning.
    I just got a top loader Hisense washing machine and it has been giving me E4 and refused to continue to wash. Please what can i do.

    1. Graham Ladegourdie

      Hi I have a Hisense WTS802 Toploader and it washes but when it comes to spin it gives the E4 fault code and does not continue.

  18. I have a Hisense washing machine WFU6012 it keeps stopping half way through cycle saying F3 I’ve emptied the filter many times but that hasn’t worked can anyone suggest what to do about it?

  19. Hello, my washing machine ( Hisense wtoq132s) has started to make really loud cracking noises when it spins and shakes rigorously too, it’s less than a month old and hasn’t done that before. What could be the problem and what do i do???

  20. Ogbonna Emmanuel

    The Hisense WFHV8012S washing machine we got keep showing error F-06 code. This is even the second time we are changing machines and it still appeared on the new machine after just a minute of working

  21. My HiSense washer hwfl1014v about 6 months old, came up with a control board error that went away now I have the f21 error code?

  22. I’ve had my Hisense washing machine for just over 4 months and I’ve always had problems with Unb faults.
    I thought it was me putting too much washing in and therefore overloading the machine.
    2 weeks ago the machine started making a horrendous noise so I arranged for an engineer to call.
    He fixed the noise problem and I also mentioned about the amount of Unb errors and he said to make sure that the machine is loaded to capacity.
    This morning I have washed a light size duvet cover and a bath towel on the economy cotton wash (max 9kg) and the machine showed a Unb error.
    I have now tried the spin cycle a further 5 times with load as it is and also taking one of the items out and it still won’t spin, each spin cycle also takes 28 minutes rather than than the 12 specified.
    We are a family of 4 working adults and washing is now causing me real issues, this is the only wash I have done so far today it’s costing me lots of time. How can I get over this issue please?

    1. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

      Sue Jones,
      Hisense Washer fault code – error code UNB:
      To try and reset this fault, press the Power Supply key for 3 sec and this will turn the washer OFF.
      Next, open the washer door and move around the clothes, then rotate knob to Single Dehydration Mode.
      Spin the clothing to dry them again.
      If the error shows again then disconnect the power supply for 5 minutes to reset.

    1. F17 whilst drying, I took off the top, and there were two black rubber pipes coming from the washing powder drawer, one of the pipes had s kink in it so wasnt flowing correctly, I moved the piped so it opened properly and cable tied it so it wasnt bent. I’ve had no error codes since . Hope this helps. No f17 in the manual that came with the machine which I found odd.

      1. Hi,
        I have read that error F16 and f17 are condensation filter.
        How do you take the top of?
        I’m confused how to do this. Pls advise or help, thanks

  23. Hisense Washing Machine Model WT802 consistent error code E4 – close washer lid. Have checked it and lid is closed.

  24. We have a problem with a Hisense washing machine Model WFEH1014VJT. Fit a new Pc board with drain pumps and the pressure switch. Machine still showing a F22 error code. Can you help with this. Thanks.

  25. Good morning
    Washing hisense wfhv8012s has been displaying f-13 n I have tried all d the method written on ds page concerning the error code it’s still not working . Please what can I do ?

  26. Hi , I Hisense washing machine,(WTCT802) I’m noticing right now that is not pumping water in for washing….. Pls what is the problem?

  27. i have a Hisense WTQ 1602 S
    and its dispaying error code E3

    i literal had to scoop out water after it failed to perform but there is still some left its refusing to start when i switch it on and off it immediatetly says E3.

  28. Magda Esterhuizen

    hisense wts802 top loader washing machine error code e4

    The machine gives an e4 error. In the booklet it indicates a open lid but the lid is clised causing that the water does not drain out completely and does not spin dry

    1. I am also experiencing the exact same issue. MY WTCT802 displays error E4. It will not completely drain the water and not spin it. What can I do?

  29. My Hisense washer dryer was on a dry cycle but gas stopped halfway with an F17 code – not on the list or in the book. Anybody know what’s going on??

  30. Sijuwola Oluranti

    The power button of my Hisense washing machine is working but the start/pause button is not working. And no error code is displayed on the screen

  31. Ojo-Akortha Funke

    The hisense washer model I have is WTCT802, The water stop flowing after 5minutes. The washing machine is just a week old. Am frustrated.

  32. I switched on my HiSense washing machine, chose silent mode and 12 hours have passed and it is still running. What should i do?

  33. Claire Shanahan

    Hi. Washing machine won’t turn on. Display flashes up for a second, when on button pressed, and then disappears. No error codes. Have tried unplugging overnight. Any advice gratefully received!

  34. Nwokedi Tinyang

    Hi. I just bought an 8kg top loader machine. It doesn’t wash nor rinse. It doesn’t even rotate. Please what can I do

  35. Evening. Hisense 9kg washing machine WAFN9012. No error codes but washing soaking after cycle and detergent placed in drum not dispersing. Any ideas please?

    1. We have exactly same issue and its a brand new machine. I think I will ask for a refund and go for a different make, with fewer electronic s. Did you fix yours?

  36. Christian ikenna atuma

    I have a hisense 8kg WTCT802….Spin on machine is usually noisy and also keeps displaying d1 error code…kindly assist

  37. I just bought a hisense WTCT802 top loader. It keeps draining water as the water goes in. No error code is displayed. Please help.

  38. I bought Hisense Washing Machine XQB60-C3006/XQB60-H3568 model 6KGS from China Foshan. I just used it once and now for the second time it just displays E5. How can i fix this as far as i am outside China mainland?

  39. Good day

    I have a Hisense WTS802 washing mashine. When you switch on, the control panel on top display the time cycle and the light is on at Wash, Spin and Rinse, but the control panel froze with this display. There is no lights flashing, I pressed all the buttons but no reaction not even when you switch it of by the power supply and switch on again.Any idea what the problem might be? If it is the child lock, I have pressed the button for 4 seconds with no result.

    1. E4 means that your machine takes too long to fill. Check the inlet hose, also check whether the tap is open and that the water pressure is not too low.

  40. Kristie brown

    Hi my hisense front loader washing machine HWFE7510 has UNB on the screen.ive rearranged clothes,turned the machine off,done everything I’m told to do,and still UNB remains on the screen.help me please.thankyou

  41. Natashia Piccardt

    My Hisense Washing Machine Model Number HWFR9012V displays F22 error code.
    Can you please explain what that is?

    1. Hi Natashia,

      I have the exact same HWFR9012V model and the same F22 error code.

      Did you manage to fix it in the end? I’ve read it’s a “door lock failure”, however, mine door does seem locked when I pull it and I have read that others have replaced the lock, but error persisted.

      I would be very grateful for your reply advising whether you were able to fix it and if so, how?

  42. Hi,

    I have a Hisense washing machine model and it’s displaying the HFWE7510 and it’s displaying the error code f6 can you please help?

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