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10 Tips To Keep Your Mini Split Air Conditioner A/C Running To Avoid Breakdown

Is your Mini Split AC not cooling like usual? Keep your mini split Air Conditioner A/C system running like new. Use a small amount of time and preventive maintenance can save you time and money in the long run. AC split systems such as LG, Samsung, Fujitsu, Midea, Gree, Panasonic, and DAIKIN are some of the most popular AC split system units. Use the methods below to keep your AC smelling fresh and running in good shape with simple filter changes, cleaning, system checks, and more.

10 Tips To Keep Your Mini Split Air Conditioner AC Running To Avoid Breakdown

Tips To Help You Keep Your Split A/C As Good As New.

With split AC systems, homeowners are now able to enjoy cooling benefits without the noise of the compressor sound, and also the luxury of installing it in any part of your house. However, your split AC needs proper maintenance to prolong it’s longevity and efficiency.

This detailed article is here to help you with a few easy DIY tips and tricks to make sure that your split A/C system is always running as good as new.

Air Conditioner Clean Demonstration


1. Clean the air filters

In order to protect the evaporator core, your split AC has an air filter to collect dirt and dust. Cleaning out your air filters once a month will ensure that your split AC is running at its optimal, giving you the best cooling for your home. Air filters available HERE.

2. Use your fan

If you have a ceiling fan in your home, you should complement the usage of your split AC with it. A little help from the fan will allow the cool air to distribute throughout your entire room, helping you feel cooler even faster. Make sure the fan is turning in the right direction. This way, you will feel cooler without having to overburden your split AC unit.

3. Check your settings

Your split AC unit may come with a variety of settings. For example, many units contain a “fresh air” vent setting. By keeping this setting on, your AC will suck in fresh air from outside your home, cool it, and send it into your room. It is better for your AC to keep this feature turned off in the long term, as your condenser needs to work double time in order to cool the hot air from outside. Without this feature turned on, your AC simply takes in cooler air from your room, cools it to the desired temperature, and then throws it back at you. Keeping the fresh air vent off will give you cooler air faster without overworking your condenser.

4. Dress your room

Maintaining the perfect amount of light and shade in your room can keep your AC unit from overworking and your electric bill low. Try drawing the curtains to cut off any direct sunlight. This will keep your room from heating up. It is also important to maintain the right kind of insulation in your room so that the cool air does not easily escape.

5. Give it some space

The beauty of split AC systems is that you can install it just about anywhere in your room without much difficulty. However, to ensure that your split AC is working at its best, you need to give it some room. Try and relocate any large pieces of furniture or any obstructions that come in the way of your split ac and the rest of your room.

6. The right kind of coil cleaner

It is important to clear the coil condensers at least once a year to ensure that your split ac is working perfectly. However, you will find many types of coil cleaners in the market. It is advisable to opt for the liquid coil cleaner over the foam based cleaners. These cleaners can be very messy, especially if you are attempting to clean the coil condenser on your own. It also does not penetrate the coils properly, thus not cleaning it efficiently.

7. Check for leaks

Every AC uses a refrigerant in the cooling process. This refrigerant is maintained in a closed system. If your refrigerant is leaking, your AC unit is in need of repair. Continuing to run an AC unit without refrigerant can cause it’s early demise.

8. Relocate other electronics

Placing other items like your TV, computer, or even your lights near your split AC can cause overheating making your compressor work even harder for the same amount of cooling. Relocate all your heat-emitting electronics away from your split AC to ensure it works optimally.

9. The right temperature

Yes, there is an ideal temperature to keep your split AC at. A temperature of 72°F to 75°F is said to be the most energy and cost efficient temperature for running your unit.

10. Prevent Water from dripping out of unit

This is from by a clogged primary drain line. To fix this there will be a small white pvc pipe sticking out of the wall outside of your house or apartment, usually low on the wall. This drain pipe is your main drain line. It is most likely clogged and to fix it you simply need to make sure the pvc pipe sticking out of the wall is not clogged. Use a small but long object to clean it out to stop the draining.


These simple tips and tricks will ensure that your split ac can enjoy a long, healthy life with no breakdowns. We will continue to provide you with tips, tricks, DIY home improvement and repair, as well as other fun projects to upgrade your life without damaging your bank account.

Comments or questions? Please leave a comment below and we will assist with problems or repairs.

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  1. Is it better to leave the mini split on 24/7 with the fan on low or on auto? We live in florida so it’s on 24/7 365

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