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Washer Has Mold In Detergent Drawer

My washing machine has mold in the detergent drawer. Can you tell me how to remove the mold and prevent it? I opened the detergent drawer after washing a load of towels and found black mold in the soap drawer toward the back. Can mold grow easier if I wash in cold water or hot water wash temperatures? How do I prevent mold from forming in the detergent drawer? My clothes are smelly

We will show how to get rid of black mold in a washing machine soap dispenser drawer. 

Washing Machine Has Mold In Detergent Drawer - How To Remove And PreventWashing Machine Has Mold In Detergent Drawer

NEED TO KNOW: Front load washers commonly have mold/mildew growth in the detergent drawer (soap dispenser) and or around the dispenser housing area. The lack of airflow and moisture in the drawer attracts mold and mildew growth. See below for how to remove and prevent.

Here is a quick summary of the “cause”, how to “remove”, and best way to “prevent” mold appearing on a washer soap detergent drawer.
CAUSE OF MOLD: The lack of airflow and moisture causes this type of black mold/mildew to appear.
REMOVAL OF MOLD: Use an old toothbrush and scrub the mold away using white vinegar or a basic cleaner.
PREVENTION OF MOLD: Wipe down the detergent drawer after each wash and keep drawer open when not in use.

Mold In Detergent Drawer HousingCHECK WASHER FOR MOLD
Mold Grows In The Washer Detergent Drawer Housing

1. Wipe soap drawer out after each wash completes
2. Keep detergent drawer slightly open when washer is not in use
3. Wipe down detergent housing after each use
4. Use a high quality HE soap detergent to avoid clumping
5. Use quality fabric softener to avoid clumps/leftovers
6. Avoid cold water wash cycles as hot water keeps mold away

Washer Drawer Mold Prevention TIPSWasher Drawer Mold Prevention TIPS


After each use of the washer, moisture sits in the soap detergent drawer and dispenser housing area. This moisture attracts mold/mildew gunk as no airflow is present. This mold can sometimes block the detergent or fabric softener from entering the washer. The black mold can also be present in the dispenser housing area. Remove the detergent drawer and check the area where the drawer slides into. This housing area usually has mold on the sides, top, and or bottom. This area stays “wet” and mold will grow if not cleaned on a normal basis. See the image below.

Washer Detergent DrawerWasher Detergent Drawer Illustration
(Mold grows in and around the washer drawer)


To remove and clean mold from the soap detergent drawer please follow the step-by-step below:
1. Remove the detergent drawer by pressing the dispenser release button on the back of the detergent drawer and slide out.
2. Remove the inserts from the dispenser drawer.
(The inserts are the detergent selector and covers of the softener and bleach dispenser.)
3. Fill your sink with hot soapy water and soak the detergent drawer in the sink.
4. Let the drawer soak and go back to the washing machine.
(Do not clean the soap dispenser drawer parts in a dishwasher)
5. Check for mold in the dispenser housing area.
(If mold is found, use a basic spray cleaner or white vinegar and spray the dispenser housing area.)
6. Let the dispenser housing area soak in the spray cleaner for 10 minutes.
7. Use an old toothbrush or similar and scrub the mold/mildew to remove it.
8. Use a wet cloth and wipe the gunk out.
9. Once the area is free of mold, wipe with a dry cloth and remove all moisture.
10. Move to the sink and clean the detergent drawer.
11. Scrub the mold and black gunk off all areas.
12. Remove the drawer from hot water and let the drawer air dry.
13. Once the detergent drawer and the dispenser housing area is dry, slide the drawer back into the washer.
14. Add a cup of chlorine bleach to the liquid bleach dispenser.
15. Run a rinse and spin cycle with no load in the washer.

Check For Mold In Washer Soap Dispenser HousingCheck For Mold In The Washer Soap Dispenser Housing

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After every wash cycle, wipe the detergent drawer with a dry cloth. To keep the area dry, leave the detergent drawer open when the washing machine is not in use. Try to avoid using cold water wash cycles. The warmer wash cycles will help deter the mold growth in the drawer. Use a high quality detergent that does not clump or remain in the detergent drawer. Use a quality fabric softener to avoid clumping.

Need more info? Join this washing machine mold in drawer conversation and learn other ways to clean your front load washer drawers and housing.

Do you know of another way to prevent mold growth in your washer? Please share your comments below and help others with the same issue.

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