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Troubleshoot A DVR CABLE or SATELLITE Box That Is Slow To Respond

My cable DVR responds slowly. I have replaced the batteries in my remote control. When I press any buttons to use the DVR it lags. When I go into the DVR recorded shows, it is slow to navigate to the show I want to watch. It takes 15 seconds to move from one selection to another. Navigating through all the menus is also very slow. Using the channel up and down buttons takes forever. What can I do to try to fix my DVR lag?

Troubleshoot A DVR CABLE or SATTELITE Box That Is Slow To RespondTroubleshoot A DVR CABLE or SATELLITE Box That Is Slow To Respond

FAST SOLUTION FOR SLOW CAB or SAT DVR RESPONSE: Power cycle the DVR by unplugging it for about 20 minutes. This can clear some issues and speed up the navigation process. (NOTE: Do not only turn Off the DVR, you have to physically unplug it to reset it)

NOTE: There may be a huge difference in speed when using recorded DVR content vs ON DEMAND. ON DEMAND may take longer to navigate and appear as it is from a different source but the DVR content is recorded on the DVR box which may make it much faster and not coming from another source such as IN DEMAND so keep this in mind when judging speed or lag.

If you have changed the batteries in your remote control, then most likely you have an issue with the DVR itself. If your DVR starts to respond slow, generally it is an issue with the DVR box itself.

How to Reboot Your Cable Box

Here are some issues that may be causing your CAB or SAT DVR to run slow:

1) The DVR box may be in an enclosed area where it cannot dissipate heat. If this is the case, the cable DVR box will run slower than normal as it is too hot to operate properly. To fix this, move the DVR box to an area where it is not as enclosed so it does not overheat.

2) If the DVR is left turned on most of the time it may run a little sluggish. To fix this issue, try to power cycle the DVR by unplugging it for 10 minutes. Plug it back in and see if the DVR operates at the normal speed.

3) On some systems using your DVR with ON DEMAND such as fast forwarding, playing, pausing, and rewinding using ON DEMAND only sometimes this is how ON DEMAND operates since it is ON DEMAND. There is no hard drive buffering so the remote control commands for playing back the show or movie is slower.

4) Something may be blocking the remote from communicating with the box. Make sure the line of sight is perfect, meaning nothing physically is in the way in between your remote and the DVR box.

5) Check to make sure that the coaxial cables are secure and tight. Check the coaxial cable on the back of the DVR sat/cable box and where the coaxial cable attaches into the wall. Be sure they are finger tight and not loose. Do not overtighten.

6) Check the back of the cable box and the wall for coax cable splitters. It could be that you have too many splitters that are unnecessary. If you find a cable splitter that is not being utilized, get a new coax cable and hook it straight from the DVR box to the wall.

7) The DVR box receiver may be faulty such as a hard drive fault. If the hard drive goes bad the DVR will not work at all or may be slow to respond. Call your CABLE or SATELLITE customer support to see if they can replace the DVR box. Swap the DVR for a replacement.

8) Check your internet speed if having issues with ON DEMAND shows. If your internet is slow, the ON DEMAND programs and possibly the navigation may slow down. If internet is slow, pixelation and or freezing of the TV image may occur.

If you cannot find a solution to the DVR issue, see below for the company you have either CAB or SAT and call or go to the proper website for more info…

Call 1-800-934-6489 or take the DVR and the remote to the proper Comcast facility.

Call 1-800-234-3993 for COX or take the DVR to the COX shop and have them test it or replace.

Call 1-800-881-1468 or take the DVR and the remote to the proper ATT facility.

Call 1-833-780-1880 for TIME WARNER CABLE/SPECTRUM or take the DVR to the TIME WARNER CABLE/SPECTRUM shop and have them test it or replace.

Call 1-800-531-5000 or take the DVR and the remote to the proper DIRECTV facility.

Need help with a lagging DVR box? Please leave your comment below and we can help.

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