How To Fix A Garden Hose Nozzle That Leaks?

My garden hose spray nozzle leaks. When I turn the water ON for the garden hose it leaks from the spray nozzle. How is this fixed easily? Here is a step by step method with pictures to fix your leaking garden hose nozzle.

How to fix a garden hose spray nozzle leakingHow to fix a garden hose spray nozzle leaking

Some items needed to fix a leaking nozzle:
– Rubber hose washer
– Teflon (plumbers) tape
– Rubber band
– Self fusing repair tape
– Cracked plastic spray nozzle – replace spray nozzle
– Threaded part of hose is bent – replace garden hose

How to fix a leaking spray hose nozzle?

1. Turn the water off at the source.
2. Spray the garden hose nozzle to release water pressure.
3. Remove the nozzle by twisting counter clockwise (lefty loosey – righty tighty).
4. Inspect the threaded area of the nozzle – damaged, cracked, missing rubber washer?
5. If the rubber washer is missing – replace with new rubber washer of try a small rubber band.
6. To leak proof the spray nozzle, apply some self fusing repair tape or teflon tape to the garden hose threads if the nozzle continues to leak.
7. Once completed, thread the nozzle back onto the garden hose.
8. Turn the water on and check for leaks.

If the spray nozzle is plastic and it is cracked or damaged, replace it. If the metal threaded part of the garden hose is bent, smushed, or dented, the spray nozzle will not thread onto the hose. Replace the garden hose to avoid leaks.

Garden Hose Nozzle Leaking – Fix With Rubber Band

Fix your leaking garden hose nozzle
Step-by-step with pictures…

how to fix a garden hose nozzle that leaks1. Garden hose nozzle is leaking between hose and nozzle.
Turn off water and spray the nozzle to release pressure.

how to fix a garden hose2. Remove the spray nozzle by twisting counter clockwise.
If the nozzle will not come off, use a plumbers wrench to remove.

garden hose nozzle leaks3. Unscrew the nozzle from the hose and pull apart.
Be sure the water is turned off at the source before removing.

check rubber washer in nozzle4. Check condition of rubber washer in nozzle – replace if needed.
If the rubber washer is torn or missing, use a new washer.

check the garden hose threads5. Remove old tape from hose threads.
Clean off the threads to avoid leaks.

use a new rubber washer and tape6. Use a new rubber washer and plumbers tape to make a good seal.

insert a new rubber washer into the nozzle7. Insert the new rubber hose washer into the spray nozzle.
Be sure the washer is seated fully flat in the nozzle.

wrap plumbers tape on the hose threads8. If desired, wrap plumbers tape on the garden hose threads.
This is not required but will help if the nozzle leaks with the washer.

thread the nozzle back on hose and test it9. Thread the nozzle back on the hose threads.
Be sure to not cross thread the nozzle on the hose, turn slowly.
Once installed, turn on water and test for leaks.

Do you have a leaking hose that you cannot repair? Let us know your situation and we can help. Ask your questions using the comment section below.

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