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How To Clear The 4C Error Code On A Samsung Washer

The 4C error code indicates the Samsung washer has detected an issue with the water supply. A common reason the 4C error is displayed is because a water hose has a blockage or is bent. See the helpful tips below to fix and clear this error code.

4C Error Code - Samsung Washer4C Error Code – Samsung Washer

What can cause the 4c or 4E error code on a samsung washer? Here are 4 reasons why the error code can be displayed and how to fix and get the error code cleared/reset.

Samsung washer 4C (4E) error code causes:

  1. Water supply hoses are bent.
  2. Water supply valve is not fully open.
  3. Mesh filter is clogged.
  4. Detergent drawer is blocked.

Step 1 – Inspect the water supply hoses

Having an issue with the water supply could mean the water pressure is not as high as needed. This usually means a water supply hose at the back of the washer is bent or blocked. When this occurs, the washer does not get enough water and therefore displays the error code 4C or 4E. Hint: Water pressure to the washer needs to be from 0.5 bar to 8 bar.

How to inspect the water supply hoses on washer?

  1. Unplug the washer from the power outlet.
  2. Slide the washer forward to get access to the back of the washer.
  3. Inspect the water supply lines to be sure they are not damaged, bent, or blocked.
  4. If the water lines are bent, straighten them out, or replace with new hoses.

Step 2 – Inspect the water supply valve

Inspect the water supply valve at the wall where the water hoses are connected to and be sure they are fully OPEN. If the water supply valve is not fully open and unable to supply water to the washer, not enough water is entering the washer and the error will display. Turn the water valves fully open, both hot and cold, to be sure the washer gets the full amount of water needed.

Step 3 – Inspect and remove gunk from the mesh filter

Remove any gunk on the water hose mesh filter to allow water to freely pass.
(HINT: The water hose mesh filter is located between the water hose and where it connects to the washer)

Mesh filter for a washing machineMesh filters for a washing machine

mesh filters for washerMesh filters for washer

Step 4 – Inspect and remove residue from the washer soap dispenser drawer

The 4C error message can be shown if a blockage is found in the washer soap dispenser drawer.
Remove the dispenser drawer and clean it under hot water in the sink.

How to Adjust the Water Pressure in A Samsung Washing Machine

Need help with the 4C error code? Please let us know your Samsung washer model number in the comments below. Please tell us the issue you are having with the error code and any other issues you are having with the washer itself.

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3 thoughts on “How To Clear The 4C Error Code On A Samsung Washer”

  1. The drain hose should be inserted into the drain no more than 6 inches (15.24 cm) and the connection should not be air right. Once we pulled out the drain hose and confirmed the machine was draining correctly the 4C error disappeared.

  2. Maria lynn salvador

    I had followed all the steps but the 4C error still displayed every time it drains. Water supply is ok. Detergent compartment is cleaned already and so is the filter.
    Is there still some other way to troubleshoot it?

  3. Brand new (3 days). Completed 2 loads and stuck on ‘rinse to spin’ for third load. 4C error. Cannot open lid to remove items. Tried deep fill. Unplugged and sat for 5 minutes. Memory not cleared. Lid still locked.
    Model number WA50R5400AV

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