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How To Change Your Cars Air Filter In A Few Easy Steps

Changing your car’s air filter regularly will keep it running smoothly. The air filter in your car is an important part of your engine. The air filter prevents debris from getting into your engine and causing problems. To make sure this doesn’t happen to your car’s engine, it’s important to change out the old air filter with a new one every time you change the oil or once every 12 months or 10,000 miles. Changing an air filter on a car is not a difficult task. Read below for instructions on how to change your cars air filter. Car won’t start? Help here…

How To Change Your Cars Air Filter

How does the air filter work in a car?

For the engine to run as clean as possible the air needs to be clean (filtered). The air filter catches any dust or dirt so it does not enter the engine. That is why you need to replace it every so often so the air can flow through.

What do air filters look like?

Most filters are rectangular or a similar shape depending on the car and are made of a paper material. You will find that it is folded similar to an accordion. See the difference of a clean air filter vs a dirty one below…

Clean car air filterClean car air filter


Dirty car air filterDirty car air filter

How to change your cars air filter?

1. Open the hood of your car and find where the air intake is located. Look for a black plastic box sitting on top of or to the side of your engine. Location will vary depending on what type of vehicle you have and what year and model it is. Have a look at the image below for an idea of the location of the air filter box.

Air filter box location in engineAir filter box location in engine

2. To change an air filter, open the air filter compartment and remove the dirty air filter. To open the filter box, unclasp the metal clips that hold the top down and then carefully remove the old dirty air filter.

3. Check the old air filter carefully. It may still be usable if it is not dirty. If you observe dirt and dust then it is time to remove and replace it.

4. Put the new air filter in the car’s air filter box. Place the filter securely in the air box and be sure it is not put in upside down.

5. Close the filter box lid and be sure the top of the box is closed. Locate the clips on each end and fasten them securely as it was before you took it apart.

6. Make sure everything is tight and in place. Check the engine compartment for any tools that may have been left before you close the cars hood. The start the car to be sure no strange sounds are heard, such as the filter box is not on properly and your car will be louder than normal. Your engine will now have the proper air flow and better mileage and a slight horsepower improvement.

Questions about how to change your cars air filter? Let us know in the comments below.

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