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How To Fix A Clothes Dryer “Out Of Balance”

Fix your dryer “out of balance”. When your clothes dryer is out of balance, it can cause a variety of problems. The dryer drum can bang around and make noise, or your dryer will not properly dry the clothing. In a balanced clothes dryer, clothes tumble more consistently and maintains the shape in which they were placed. If the dryer is out of balance, air can’t move around as freely, and it won’t work properly.

fix dryers with out of balance issuesFix dryer with out of balance issue

TIP: When a clothes dryer is out of balance, it may be caused by the appliance having uneven legs. Check to see if one side of the dryer is not level before continuing on…

How To Quickly Level A Dryer

1. Lay a bubble level on the top of the clothes dryer going from right to the left.

2. If you notice the dryer is tilted to one side, use the dryers feet to level the dryer to the floor so the bubble in the level goes to the center.

3. Use a pair of pliers to adjust the feet on the dryer to re-level the dryer so it is level and the out of balance issue will resolve itself.

This page discusses quick and simple techniques that can fix dryers with “out of balance” issues.

How To Quickly Level A DryerAdjust the feet on the dryer to re-level

Quick Tip: Noisy Clothes Dryer Repair

How To Fix An Out Of Balance Dryer

1. Disconnect the dryer from power.

2. Check the dryer’s lint filter to see if it is clogged – this could cause an out-of-balance condition

3. Make sure that the clothes dryer door is not blocked by any foreign objects

4. Make sure there is no clothing tightly packed on one side of the drum, this could be causing an out-of-balance condition

5. Remove all items from the dryer, and look for any objects that may have fallen inside.

6. Slide dryer away from wall to check at the back of the dryer and inside the dryer.

7. Remove the air flow vent line and inspect for any blockages that may be restricting air flow – this could cause your dryer to overheat and damage electrical components.

8. Remove the top or side dryer panel in order to gain access to the inside of the dryer.

9. Vacuum out any lint found inside the dryer that may be preventing any internal parts from moving freely or be binding up its moving parts which can risk overheating.

10. Once the dryer in cleaned out internally, inspect the glide, springs, or weights to identify if something may be off balance and causing your off balance issue.

11. If you find any parts of the dryer off center, loose, or missing, adjust them accordingly. If that doesn’t fix the balancing issue, you may need a new dryer balancing kit or other misc. parts.

12. Replace all parts or panels in reverse order of removal.

13. Plug the dryer cord back in and make sure it functions properly before using again.

The steps above did not help? If you need more help right now, here is a good starting point… How to fix unbalanced dryer.

A clothes dryer is an important household appliance. It’s also an appliance that can cause a lot of frustration when it doesn’t work as expected, due to some basic yet easily overlooked issues like lint buildup or being out of balance. If you’ve been searching for tips on how to fix your out of balance clothes dryer, then this article should have given you a good starting point.

If you need assistance with fixing your dryer off balance, please let us know by using the comments section below. Dryer appliance manuals here.

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