Dryer Is Banging When Drying Clothes

My Samsung dryer makes a banging sound when in use. I notice the dryer drum wobbles. Could something be missing or a part off balance? What can cause the banging noise when I dry my clothes or comforters in the dryer?

Dryer makes banging noises - How to fix?Dryer makes banging noises – How to fix?

If you are drying a large comforter and the dryer is in a high spin heat mode, the dryer drum might wobble. This would be a simple balancing issue. Try to redistribute the clothing or comforter to reduce the wobbling of the drum.

Balance your dryerHow To Balance A Dryer

Drying Comforter Causes Imbalance

Simply try to put smaller but even loads in the dryer. Basically, you do not want to put 1 single wet comforter in the dryer at once, as this will not be “balanced”. If you must dry a large wet comforter, use a low spin mode on your dryer as the heavy weight of the comforter may spin your dryer off balance.

Faulty Dryer Parts Cause Problems

Some dryers have drum rollers/drum glides and other dryer models have different parts. These parts can wear out and cause the dryer to be “off balance”. You will have to find out if the dryer is off balance from what was put in the dryer or if a part is causing the problem.

Level Dryer Legs – Dryer Legs Not Touching Floor

The dryer banging issue can be because the dryer feet are not touching the floor evenly. Check that the dryer legs or feet, are evenly touching the floor. Turn the legs to make them make full contact with the floor. If the legs were uneven, and you evened them out, then the dryer should be fixed and will not make a banging noise.

Level dryer legs to floorLevel Dryer Legs To Floor

Faulty Dryer Parts

If the dryer makes banging noises when you dry clothes or a large comforter and the clothing is distributed correctly, you may have a dryer idler pulley, spring, belt, drum glides, or drum roller that has broken or has come off. If one of these parts is missing or broken (depending on dryer model) the dryer will never be in perfect balance.

Dryer Making Loud Noise – All Dryers Fixes

Dryer Making Noise/Banging Troubleshooting

To find out what is causing the dryer to make banging noises, if you are willing, you can remove the front or rear panel (depending on dryer model) and check out what the issue is. Please remember to remove power to the dryer before you work on the dryer. You may find a broken part or a part that has come loose and you will visually see where to reattach it or what part you need to fix the dryer. Parts that may break or fall apart might be because of a faulty dryer idler pulley, spring, drum glide, rubber belt, or drum roller that guide the dryer drum.

Here are dryer parts that can help you to fix your dryer making banging noises…
Repair a dryer making noisesDryer Repair Kits – Info Here

Check the dryer video below if you have problems fixing your dryer. This is an in depth video to help you to troubleshoot your dryer making noises.

How to Fix a Noisy Dryer – Troubleshooting and Repair

Do you have questions about your dryer making banging noises or your dryer drum off center? Please leave us a comment below describing your issue and we can assist you to fix it.

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  1. Can l still use my dryer that is making a “thumping” noise until my repair appointment? It’s probably a bad roller I am guessing. Or will it cause more damage to it? Please advise.

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