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How To Fix A Squeaky Dishwasher Door

A squeaky dishwasher door can be the result of various factors. There are many possible causes to a dishwasher door squeaking, such as the bearings needing lubrication, spring issues, hinges need adjustment, or the door itself is faulty.

How To Fix A Squeaky Dishwasher DoorHow To Fix A Squeaky Dishwasher Door

What can cause a squeaking dishwasher door?

The parts in the dishwasher that can cause squeaking are: Hinges, Rollers, Door Hinges, Nylon Ropes, Bearings, Springs, Balance Link Cable, Door Off Center, Bent Door, etc. Note that not all dishwashers have the same parts.

The first step in repairing the squeaking noise is determining what type of squeak or noise it makes when you close the dishwasher door. Try to find out what area of the door is creating the squeaking sound, then use a food grade silicone lubricant to stop the squeaking.

Identifying which part or parts on the dishwasher needs adjusting or lubricated is crucial. Make sure all screws and bolts on the dishwasher are tightened before taking any other steps.

Squeaky Dishwasher Door Fix – Easy DIY Hinge Repair

Methods to fix a squeaky dishwasher door:

  1. To repair a squeaky dishwasher door, clean the door seal with dishwasher detergent and a clean cloth to remove any food particles.
  2. Check the screws that secure the door to the hinge, if any have come loose tighten them and check for wear or if a screw is missing. This can cause a loose door panel and cause the squeaks.
  3. The dishwasher may not be sitting level on the floor. This can cause the door to squeak when opening and closing, Be sure the dishwasher is level to the floor. Use a level on top of the dishwasher and be sure it is level.
  4. Apply a food grade silicone lubricant to all moving joints on the hinge sides of your dishwasher door.
  5. The bearings may need lubrication as when they are used often, can produce a squealing sound. Use a food grade silicone lubricant to reduce the squeaking noise.
  6. Lubricate or adjust the springs that assist to open and close the door.
  7. To fix a squeaky dishwasher door, replace the rubber gasket around the door if worn out. If worn, it may not shut correctly and cause issues.

More tips to help fix a squeaking dishwasher door

Always check the “door closing spring assembly” as it may be rubbing and causing the noise. Some dishwashers have a nylon strap attached to the spring running through both a guide and a pulley ring.

The guide assembly is made of nylon and so is the cord. Over time the cord rubs on the guide and this rubbing makes a squeaking sound when you open and close the door. Try lubricating it or possibly replacing it to stop the squeaking noise.

You can also try spraying a dry lubricant on the rope and the plastic pulleys at the bottom of the dishwasher. At times, parts wear out slightly and start to chaff or rub and cause the squeaking noises. Spraying a lubricant on these parts will kill the squeak.

If none of these procedures fix your squeaky dishwasher door, then there might not actually be anything wrong and your appliance. It may be sitting unlevel and thus causing the door to squeak. Pull the dishwasher out from the wall and see if there are any problems that can be causing the door squeaking issues. Level the dishwasher to avoid any door squeaks.

You hopefully fixed your squeaky dishwasher by following these simple steps above. Try the fixes we have suggested before contacting a professional for help. But if you need more assistance or have any questions about what’s going on with your appliance simply ask your question in the comments below and we can help. More help here… Squeaky Dishwasher Door

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