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Low Volume/No Sound From Speakers To Audio Video System

“Low volume from the speakers?” This is a common problem that can occur with connected speakers to audio video receiver systems. If you have this issue, we will go through some troubleshooting methods to help you get the sound or volume level fixed.

low volume to speakersLow volume to speakers – How to fix?

Here are a few steps to take to troubleshoot any issues with low volume or no sound on your TV or Audio/Video system. Each step could mean a possible solution to the sound issue. Check the sound after each step below.

  1. Check the volume level on your TV and Audio/Video receiver. Is the speaker volume turned off or too low?
  2. Be sure that the TV or Audio/Video receiver is not set to MUTE.
  3. Ensure that the Audio/Video receiver is securely connected to your source depending on specific setup. (TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, Cable Box, XBOX, PS4, PS5, CD Player, etc.)
  4. Increase the volume level on all remotes including the Audio/Video receiver to see if one component has an issue. (If using RCA, COMPONENT, COMPOSITE, DIGITAL OPTICAL, or HDMI cables, default sound may be lower vs louder.)
  5. If using a TV with your Audio/Video receiver, be sure all sound settings in the TV sound menu are set correctly to work with the A/V system.
  6. Be sure the speakers are properly connected to the Audio/Video receiver, check the speaker wire for issues.
  7. To confirm whether the speakers are working properly, try sound through each input of the Audio/Video receiver to check if the volume is low on all sources. (radio included).
  8. Set the Audio/Video receiver to a different surround sound mode to see if changes the sound volume. (movie, sports, news, etc.).
  9. Disconnect any headphones that are connected to the Audio/Video receiver as the audio will play to the headphones only.
  10. Use a different input on the TV or the Audio/Video receiver to ensure there are no issues with the input you are currently using.
  11. If the audio is being sent from a television to the Audio/Video receiver, disable the internal speakers of the input source in case of conflicts.
  12. Connect a different set of speakers to your AV system.
  13. Use new speaker wire to be sure the wiring is not the issue.

Low volume or sound can be a result of one certain component that is connected to one of the input sources and causing the issue. Check that the sound settings of the TV are set to STEREO. If your TV has a simulation effect setting in the audio TV menu set it to off. If your television has a volume offset setting, set it to its maximum or highest possible value and do not set the TV speakers as the center speaker.

If you still have issues, watch the video below for how to setup your home theater or AV receiver the correct way, as you may have connected something improperly or forgot to connect one component.

How To Set Up Home Theater System Using Receiver

NOTE: When switching components that use RCA cables to such as a DVD player or Blu-ray player that use HDMI cables, the sound level can vary. RCA cables vs HDMI cables will produce sound at varying levels, you may have to turn up the volume when switching from these different components. Such things as an optical link may have a higher gain than HDMI.

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Have we forgotten any issues that can cause low volume or no sound? Do you have an issue with your speakers you cannot solve? Please leave a comment below and someone can assist you with your suggestion or problem.

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