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How To Troubleshoot A Danby Portable Washing Machine

Experiencing problems with your Danby portable washing machine? We will discuss some of the most common issues with these washers, and provide tips on how to fix them.

Danby portable washing machine troubleshootingDanby portable washing machine troubleshooting

We will also cover some basic Danby portable washing machine troubleshooting steps that you can take if you are having trouble getting your washer to work properly. Whether your washing machine will not turn ON, not draining, makes noise, not spinning properly, or just doesn’t seem to be washing clothes correctly, we have solutions.

Table of contents:
Danby washing machine will not turn on
Danby portable washer will not drain
Danby washing machine not spinning
Danby portable washer is noisy

Danby Portable Washer Repair Guide

If your washer won’t start up when you turn it on, there’s a quick solution. Find simple solutions to this problem for solutions to fix your washer.

Washing Machine Will Not Turn ON

The washer lid is not shut

When the top of a washing machine is opened it will stop operating. Examine the lid switch or door switch on your washer for defects. The small plastic switch beneath the lid is where it is located. For the lid switch to operate, make sure the washer lid is shut. Check the lid switch for functionality and its position. If the lid switch has moved because it is loose, it may not make a connection with the lid. Secure the lid switch in the correct position so when the lid closes, it makes contact with the lid.

Washer not plugged In

If your washing machine does not turn on, there might be a power issue. Ensure that the power cable is connected and that the outlet is operational. Make sure the unit is fully connected and there are no exposed wiring issues. Circuit breaker tripped? Check if the problem is with the circuit breaker or fuse as it may have tripped or reset.

Issues with power cord

Check the washing machine’s plug and power cord for any types of damage. The wire may have pulled out from the washer and it needs to be reconnected. If the cord or plug is faulty or has exposed wires, replace it to get your Danby washer to turn ON.

Portable Washer Isn’t Draining

Drain pump filter

Check the drain pump filter for objects that may be restricting water flow. Remove any objects such as hair clips, coins, socks, or foreign objects that are in the filter. Clean out the washers drain filter and run a test wash to see if the clogged filter was the issue. If the drain filter is clean and the washer still does not drain you need to inspect the pump and drain hose.

Check the drain hose

If the drain hose is clogged, the washer will not drain. Check the drain hose to be sure it is not clogged, pinched, or bent. Once you know the drain hose is working properly, check the washer’s pump.

Washer drain pump

Obstructions that block water from flowing or a faulty pump are the two most common causes of drainage problems in portable washing machines. Check to see whether the pump is operating, wait until the water is emptying near the end of the wash. If the pump is operational you will hear the sound it makes when in use. If the pump is making no noise and not draining the water, it needs to be inspected. Check to be sure the drain pump itself is not clogged or blocked by an object stuck inside of it.

Danby Washer Is Not Spinning

Most portable washers have a sensor to sense the present wash load. Because load weights vary from one wash to the next, washing machines of this sort should be able to modify their settings and spin as designed.

Washer is overloaded

The spin sensor will fail to operate correctly if it is overloaded. Remove some clothes to reset the washer if it is overly full. When the extra clothing is removed, test the wash cycle with the proper amount of clothing. Your Danby washer will now spin and wash your clothing.

The washer lid is not securely closed

The washer “spin” starts when the door is fully closed. The lid switch will not make contact if the lid is not fully closed. If the lid switch does not make contact with the lid, the washer will not be able to start a cycle. The washer may stop spinning even during a wash cycle if the lid is not shut properly.

Washer draining issue

The washer will not spin or drain with water in the tub. Because the washer is still full of water and there is most likely a clog somewhere, it won’t rotate. Remove any blockages manually by disconnecting the drain tube and unblocking any obstructions. Install the drain tube in the proper location and be sure it can drain out the water. Water flow is impeded if the hose has kinks or bends.

Portable Washer Is Noisy

The washer needs to be on a level surface. If the floor is not level, your washing machine can be noisy.

Run the washer on a level surface

The washing machine can make strange noises if it not running on a flat level floor. Try adjusting the feet/wheels on the portable washer so the washer is level. You can also move it to an area that has a level floor. Keep the washer away from the wall as it may make contact with the wall when in spin mode.

Unbalanced wash load

If the clothing in the washer is not “balanced”, it may make extra noises. Drum banging? It may vibrate or rattle as the clothing is all on one side or a large blanket may be over to one side. This makes it uneven in the drum and noises or vibration sounds can be heard. To fix this, move the clothing in the drum to even it out so all the clothes are not to one side.

Danby service and support – service manuals and more

Need help with troubleshooting a Danby portable washing machine? Please leave a comment below and someone will get back to you with helpful troubleshooting information.

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