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Electric Pressure Washer Isn’t Working – How To Fix It?

If your electric pressure washer isn’t working, there are a few things you can do to fix it.

Electric pressure washer isn't working - How to fix itElectric pressure washer isn’t working – How to fix?

Table of contents:
Electric pressure washer power issues
Pressure washer does not get water
Washer clogged and not spraying
Electric pressure washer troubleshooting guide
Pressure washer service manual
Electric pressure washer parts

An electrical pressure washer, sometimes known as a power washer or steam cleaner, is an electrical device that may be used for a wide range of cleaning tasks.

There are 4 main parts to an electrical pressure washer. The pump, electrical cord, water spray wand, and a water pressure hose that connects to the spray wand/trigger gun. These 4 components must be in working order for the pressure washer to work.

Common reasons and solutions to fix an electric pressure washer not working

Is the electric pressure washer receiving power?

Confirm that the electrical cord is connected to the outlet and that the electrical outlet is operational such as GFCI might be tripped on the electrical outlet. Reset the GFCI to get power to the pressure washer.

Inspect the electrical cord to see if the GFCI built into the cord is not tripped. Some electric pressure washers have a GCFI located near the end of the power plug. Press the button to reset the GFCI on the power cord to get your pressure washer electrical power.

A fuse is usually located in the GCFI area of the electric power washer power cord. If this fuse blows, the pressure washer will not get power. Check the fuse and be sure it is not blown. Replace the fuse if you find the fuse to be blown.

Check that the power ON/OFF switch on the pressure washer is turned to the ON position so the washer gets power and the pump turns on.

Is the electric pressure washer getting water?

Check and be sure the water supply is turned fully ON or OPEN and be sure there is enough water pressure going to the washer pressure for it to operate properly.

Look at the pressure hose water line and check it for kinks. A kink or bend in the spray wand pressure hose will cause the pressure washer to not spray water. Unkink the hose to fix the problem.

The water hose that connects to the electric pressure washer might be bent or kinked. Unkink the garden hose going from the water faucet to the pressure washer to get water to the washer. The pressure washer will not spray water if water cannot enter it.

The electric pressure washer is leaking water?

If water is leaking from the pressure washer, it may not have the water pressure needed to work as intended. Check all connections on the pressure washer. If connections are not tight, retighten them until the water leak stops. On some connections, some o-rings might be damaged and cause the leak. Replace any o-rings if needed.

Is the electric pressure washer clogged?

If water is not spraying out of the trigger gun, check the nozzle for debris. If the nozzle is clogged, use the needle tool to unclog it. Use another nozzle if needed as your washer should come with multiple spray nozzles in different colors.

If no water sprays from the spray gun, the unit you are using may have a water filter where the water trigger gun connects into. Check this area for a water filter and clean it to allow water to flow freely.

Electric pressure washer troubleshooting guide

Electric pressure washer troubleshootingElectric pressure washer troubleshooting & help

Need more electric pressure washer help?

If you need more help and guidance, you can check out or download this Electric pressure washer manual in PDF form. You can also watch the videos below to assist in fixing your electric pressure washer to get it working again.

Electric pressure washer fix – Won’t turn on and spray

Electric pressure washer 3 common problems with solutions

Need electric pressure washer parts?

Check for any type of part needed for your electric pressure washer, such as a new water hose, quick connection kits, new spray wand, and more.

Electric pressure washer partsElectric pressure washer parts and accessories – Info here

If the above electric pressure washer “how to” information has not fixed your pressure washer, please let us know the model number and the problem you are having in the comments below and we can help!

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3 thoughts on “Electric Pressure Washer Isn’t Working – How To Fix It?”

  1. My electric power washer will not start. The green light is illuminating on the power cord like it should. But the machine will not work. I switched it to on and it is as if it is switched to off because nothing happens. There must be something that the power cord communicates with inside the pressure washer to let it know to turn on. I dont want to take it apart. I paid over $100 for the pressure washer 3 months ago. It is not fair. I wish they can make better quality electric pressure washers. Thats a lot of money for something that only lasts a few months. I dont think it is an air bubble, I bled the wand and the water shoots out in a nice stream. What could cause the power switch to not work. Would a pressure valve inside the machine really be the culprit, or a safety bypass overload pin? Pressure washers are very important for the cleanliness of a home. They purify and clean everything. I dont know what life would be like without a pressure washer. It is a very good tool.

  2. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Jessica Holt,
    If the Stanley 1900 max psi electric power washer isn’t working, it’s either because there is no water flow or no electricity going to the power washer.
    It’s a water or electrical problem.
    The first thing to look for is water circulation.
    For the equipment to turn on, there must be water flow throughout the system.
    The power button was not pressed. Make sure the rocker switch is turned on by pushing the “—” side down. “O” = Off and “¾” = On.
    Make sure the power cord is inserted straight into a socket and not into an extension cord.
    To connect to electricity, the Reset button on the GFCI module must be pushed down each time the power cord is plugged into an outlet.

  3. Hey I have a Stanley 1900 max psi electric power washer and it will not start. The green light is on the power cord have reset it cleaned out filter on water hose water comes out a little in wand but machine will not start.

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