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How To Fix AC Remote Control That Does Not Work With Air Conditioner?

Is your air conditioner not responding to the remote control? Many types of air conditioners can be controlled using a remote control. When the air conditioner is in use the AC may not be responding to the remote. You may ask yourself, is the issue with the remote or the AC itself? This “not responding” issue can be fixed by simply replacing the remote control batteries.

AC Remote Not WorkingAC Remote Not Working How To Fix

This problem can also be prevented by performing the following techniques: Adjusting the remote control for the AC to make sure it is functioning properly, adopting basic cleaning procedures, and simple maintenance to keep it operating.

1. Change the AC remote batteries
2. Are the AC Batteries installed correctly?
3. Is the sensor on AC remote blocked?
4. Check AC remote control settings
5. Is the AC remote too far away?
6. Check AC unit
7. Reset the AC unit
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1. Change the AC remote batteries

Remove the back cover from the remote control and replace all of the batteries. Try using new batteries again. When battery life on a system remote control runs out, an alert appears on the screen. The symbol means that new batteries are required.

2. Check if batteries are installed properly

If your remote won’t turn on, double-check its polarity. If your remote won’t turn on but the battery terminals appear to be in good shape, inspect the polarities. Examine the polarities inside after removing the rear cover. The “+” and “-” imprints are usually visible or embossed on them. Remove the batteries and replace them with the correct polarities indicated within the battery chamber.

If the batteries still won’t work after you’ve inserted them correctly, there might be dirt or a blockage between the batteries and the metal contacts. Remove and clean any debris from the contacts using a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol if the back cover doesn’t start working again after inserting new batteries.

3. AC remote sensor blocked

If dust is on the sensors of your remote control, it might cause transmission problems. If necessary, clean the sensors on your remote control with a wet cloth. Another frequent reason for remotes to stop working is moisture. Your remotes may be damaged by spilled drinks or other liquids.

4. Check the AC remote control settings

Accidentally pressing the wrong button on the remote control might cause a slew of issues, such as if the system shuts off due to motion-detection features. If the remote has new batteries but still does not work, try to reset the AC remote. Take a look at the product’s user guide if you saved it or find it online to learn about the remote control’s buttons and features, as well as how to use it correctly.

5. AC remote not in range

Is it possible that the remote control is outside of the AC unit’s range? If you aim the remote control at an AC system and push the ON button but get no response, you may be too far away from the AC unit. In certain situations, a minimum sensor distance of 18 feet or less is required. Moving closer to the device try turning the AC on.

6. Check the AC unit

Check whether the remote control is at fault or the AC unit is at fault. To do this, press the buttons on the AC unit to manually check if they work. If the AC works when pressing the buttons on the AC unit, then the remote control is at fault. Change the batteries, or purchase a new universal remote control for your AC unit. In the meantime, use the buttons on the AC unit to turn it ON. Once you get the new AC remote, you may need to set it up to work with your AC unit. AC universal remote control codes here.

7. Reset the AC – Restart the AC system

Turn off the main electrical breaker that powers the AC to attempt to reset the entire system. For a complete reset, leave the AC turned off for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, turn the power to the AC back ON. Test everything and see if the AC remote is now able to control the AC unit.

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Have issues with the AC remote not controlling your air conditioner? Please leave the model number of your AC unit and the issue you are having in the comments below and we can give you help to assist you to get your AC working again.

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  1. Appliance Repair Assistant

    If the other functions work on your AC remote but not the power button, then it would seem that the remote is faulty.
    Can you turn the AC on by pressing the power button on the AC itself?
    What is the model number of your AC unit?

  2. Sometimes AC is not starting by pressing the start button on the remote. Batteries are new and other functions work as usual when AC is running,

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