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How To Reset A Mini Split AC System – Clear Errors And Faults Codes

If your split system AC air conditioner is having difficulties, you can reset it to attempt to get it operating again. This can frequently resolve minor problems and get your AC system back in operation. There is a simple method for resetting your air conditioner mini split system to clear error codes and other faults.

How To Reset Mini Split AC System
How To Easily Reset A Mini Split AC System

How To Reset A Mini Split AC

Reset mini split AC system

Disconnect your air conditioning system from the electricity supply. Unplug your air conditioner from the power outlet. Turn off the isolator next to the outdoor unit. You can also shut down your AC system by turning off the AC breaker in your main electrical box. (Keep in mind that this process may vary depending on the type of unit you have)

Once the power to your AC system is disconnected, leave it unplugged or without power for 30 minutes. This method can reset the AC main control boards, remove any error codes or difficulties you are having with your AC, and clear any bugs or malfunctions.

Now that 30 minutes have passed, you can reconnect the power to your AC unit. Turn on the isolator or breaker, and plug your air conditioner back into the power outlet. Once plugged in, turn on your AC system by pressing the power button. If your AC system turns on successfully, it has been reset.

The mini split may not remember if you were cooling or heating your home after you reset it, so double-check the settings. You’ll also need to retune AC temperatures with your remote control.

Mini Split AC Indoor and Outdoor Units
To Reset: Remove Power To Both Indoor and Outdoor Units

Reset Remote For Mini Split AC System

Reset mini split AC remote control

If your mini-split AC system is not responding to the remote, you can try resetting it. This process will delete all stored data on the remote and return it to its factory settings.

Find the tiny hole on the back or side of your remote to reset it. Inside this hole, you will find a small button. Use a paperclip or other small object to press and hold this button for 3 seconds.

Once you have held the button for three seconds, all data on the remote will be erased, and it will be reset to its factory settings. Now that the remote has been reset, you may start using it with your AC system.

After resetting the AC unit and the remote control, if your AC system does not turn on, or if it turns on but does not work properly, you may need to call a professional for help. A reset may not be enough to solve the problem, and an expert will be able to identify and repair any AC system concerns.

HINT: Other issues that can cause a mini split AC to have errors and not work properly could be faulty wiring, fan motor issues, clogged air filters, or a compressor failure. You may need to clean your mini split AC. Here is how to clean a split system AC

Did this process work for you? Let us know in the comments below. We hope this helps get your air conditioner back up and running smoothly.

If you need to find your mini split AC service and repair manual, this link will allow you to download the specific service manual for your mini split ac unit. AC split system service and repair manuals

If your split system air conditioner still isn’t cooling properly after a manual reset, please let us know the model number of your split AC system in the comments below and we’ll be happy to assist.

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