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How To Fix A Portable AC? Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Portable AC is not working? You may have a few common air conditioner “not working” problems. We’ll go through common portable AC issues, how to fix power issues and the AC not cooling. This generalized portable AC quick repair guide will get your AC working again.

how to fix a portable ACHow to fix a portable AC

NOTE: Remember to position the portable air conditioner upright for at least two hours before using it when new. When moving the portable unit from room to room, make sure the air conditioner is upright and placed on a flat surface.

portable AC troubleshooting chartPortable AC Troubleshooting Chart

Portable Air Conditioner AC Does Not Work

Reason: There is no electricity.
Solution 1: Remember to turn the AC power button ON after connecting it to a socket with electricity.
Solution 2: Reset the circuit breaker button on the power cord to reset the unit (see image below).

portable AC power plug with reset buttonPortable AC power plug with reset button

Reason: The overflow indicator displays “FL”.
Solution: Remove the water inside to reset the FL code. Connect the drainage hose from the machine or the water outlet to a location where you can empty the water. The machine will return to its original condition automatically after the water has been emptied.
Reason: The temperature in your home is possibly too low or too high.
Solution: Use the portable AC at the temperature of 7-35 °C or 44-95 °F.
Reason: In cooling mode, the room temperature is lower than the set temperature.
Solution: Change the set temperature to the desired setting.
Reason: In dehumidify mode, the ambient temperature is low.
Solution: The machine is placed in a room with an ambient temperature of greater than 17 °C or 62 °F.

Portable AC Air Conditioner is Not Cooling

Reason: Doors or windows are open or there are other sources of heat.
Solution: Close doors and windows and remove or turn off other sources of heat.
Reason: The AC air filter is dirty or clogged.
Solution: Clean or replace the air filter screen.
Reason: The air intake or exhaust may be clogged.
Solution: Clear any obstructions to let the air flow properly.

Portable Air Conditioner AC is Noisy

Reason: The air conditioner isn’t placed on a flat surface.
Solution: Place the AC on a hard surface (to minimize noise) and turn the air conditioner on.

Portable AC’s Compressor is Not Working

Reason: Overheat protection is activated.
Solution: Allow the machine to sit for three minutes before turning it back on. Then restart the machine again.

Portable AC Remote Control is Not Working

Reason: The distance between the machine and the remote control is too great OR The remote control is not pointing in the same direction as the remote control receiver.
Solution: Keep the remote control close to the air conditioner and make sure the remote control is pointed directly in the direction of the remote control receiver.
Reason: Batteries in the AC remote control are dead.
Solution: Replace the batteries in the AC remote control with new batteries.

Portable Air Conditioner AC Shows Error Codes

Reason: Panel displays E1 error = The temperature sensor on the hose is malfunctioning.
Solution: Examine the temperature sensor and associated circuitry on the hose.
Reason: Panel displays E2 error = There is an issue with the room temperature sensor.
Solution: Examine the room temperature sensor and associated circuitry.

portable AC error code chartPortable AC error code chart


Portable AC Troubleshooting

Portable Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air filter is dirty or clogged?
The air filter needs to be cleaned. Clean the filter screen If the dust in the air conditioner’s filter screen is preventing it from functioning effectively, clean it every two weeks. You can clean the filter using a vacuum cleaner or by washing it off with warm water and letting it dry. If the filter screen is damaged, replace it with a new one.

portable AC filter maintenancePortable AC filter maintenance

Compartment is full of water on the portable AC?
Drain the water in the AC when full. When the machine stops after the water is full, turn the machine’s power to OFF and unplug the power plug. To avoid spilling water in the body’s water pan at the bottom, carefully move the equipment. Remove the drainage cover and disconnect the water connection and the water will drain from the container. Once drained, plug the AC back into power, and turn it back on. Give the AC some time to turn back ON.

If you need new replacement parts or need to know what the parts are called on your portable AC, here you will find a generalized portable air conditioner parts diagram.

portable AC parts diagramPortable AC parts diagram

This quick fix guide for your portable AC should have enough information to help you get it running again. If you still have trouble, please let us know the model number of your portable AC unit in the comments below and we can help!

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  1. I wanted to use my portable air conditioner last night, but it wouldn’t start cooling for some reason, so I want to get it inspected soon.
    I appreciate you informing us that it might have been caused by clogged filter screens or something blocking the airflow from the exhaust.
    I’ll keep this in mind and contact AC repair services as soon as possible.

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