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How To Fix A TV That Has A Dark Screen – Cannot See Television Picture

If your TV has a dark screen and you cannot see the picture, there are several possible causes. Check to make sure that the TV is turned on and that it is set to the correct input. If the TV is on but you still have a dark screen picture find more solutions on this page.

How To Fix A TV That Has A Dark ScreenHow To Fix A TV That Has A Dark Screen

Check to see whether the power light is on. If this is the case, your TV may be in standby mode. To wake it up, press the power button on the TV or the television remote control.

If you have a dark screen when you turn on your TV, it’s most likely due to your television settings. You may try the following solutions to resolve this:

  • Make sure the “backlight” or “brightness” option is turned up in your TV’s settings.
  • Make sure that the “eco” or “energy savings” option on your TV is switched off.
  • If you leave your smart TV on for an extended period, it may go into “sleep” mode. Check to see whether this option is turned on.
  • If nothing works, try resetting your TV to its manufacturer’s default settings. This will restore the default settings and most likely resolve the problem.

10 Ways To Fix Dark TV Screen

These 10 ways to fix a TV with a dark screen are the most common reasons and solutions to help you fix the problem.

1. TV Power

Check the power source and make sure the TV is plugged into a working outlet and that the connection between the two is secure. If you’re utilizing a power strip, make sure it’s switched on.

2. Cable Connections

Check for loose connections to be sure all of the cables and connections to your TV are secure. Loose connections can cause a dark screen and other TV picture issues.

3. TV Brightness

Check the contrast and brightness of your TV to see if it improves the picture. Adjust the contrast and brightness settings on your TV to see if that makes a difference. If the contrast was turned up in the TV settings then the TV picture will appear dark. Adjust the TV contrast to fix the problem.

4. Picture Mode Of TV

Check the picture mode. If your TV has a picture mode option, be sure it’s the correct format for what type of media you are viewing. Select the cinema or movie mode, for example, if you’re watching a film. When movie or custom mode is selected for picture mode while watching certain media the screen may become dim or dark. If the screen remains dark after changing the picture quality mode, go to settings and change the backlight, brightness, and picture settings to default values.

5. TV Picture Settings

Check the TV settings to see whether they’re at fault. The TV may have an eco mode that’s causing the screen to appear black or dark. Turn off any power-saving features on your television. Eco mode can make your TV dim or appear dark after a certain amount of time.

6. Backlight Brightness

Older TVs and some newer televisions have a backlight that controls the brightness of the TV screen. If your TV has a setting for the backlight, experiment with it to see if it improves the picture darkness.

7. TV Input

Check to see whether the problem is being caused by a device sending the signal to your TV by using another source, such as a CAB, DVD player, or VCR. Use the remote control for your TV and switch the input to another source to test whether it is a TV issue or a connected device issue.

8. TV Image Retention

If you’ve been watching TV for a while, the screen might appear dim because of image retention. This can happen on certain types of TVs so try shutting off your TV for a few minutes and then turning it back on to resolve this problem.

9. TV Screen Burn

Your TV might be experiencing screen burn if you’ve been displaying the same image for a long period. This can usually be fixed by changing the image or turning off your TV for a while. Screen burn is caused by having the same image on the TV screen for too long. Try going into the TV settings and setting up a screensaver to help protect from TV screen burn.

10. TV Reset

Perform a full TV reset. If none of the above solutions work, try resetting your TV. This will restore the default settings and may fix the problem. To reset the TV, unplug the AC power cord for 30 seconds. You also have the option to go into the TV settings and set everything to default or TV factory settings.

Fix Dark TV Picture For Any Brand

Samsung, Roku, Fire, Insignia, LG, Sony, Sharp, JVC, Toshiba

Check the TV manual that came with your TV for any special features or settings to ensure that they are correct.

Contact customer support if you’re still having trouble, contact customer support for your TV. They can help you troubleshoot the problem with some extra help or direct you to a solution by finding the TV manual online and reading how to fix the dark screen with tips from the manufacturer. Help from the TV manufacturers is here: Samsung, Roku, Fire, Insignia, LG, Sony, Sharp, JVC, and Toshiba.

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The TV dark screen information is to help you get your TV screen back to normal. If you have any other questions feel free to leave them in the comments with the model number of your TV and we can help you.

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